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of February 3, 2009 No. 10-XVI

About the state supervision of public health

(The last edition from 27-07-2018)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Subject and purpose of the law

(1) This law regulates the organization of the state supervision of public health, establishing general requirements to public health, the rights and obligations of physical persons and legal entities, procedure for the organization of system of the state supervision of public health.

(2) the Purpose of this law is providing optimum conditions for the maximum realization of potential of health of each individual throughout all life by means of organized efforts of society on the prevention of diseases, protection and promotion of health of the population, improvement of quality of life.

Article 2. Basic concepts

For the purpose of this law the following basic concepts are determined:

competent authority of supervision of public health - subordinated to the Ministry of Health, work and social protection the legal entity performing technical and methodological coordination of industry activities for the purpose of reasons, developments and strategy implementations of protection and promotion of health, the prevention and control of the transmitted and not transmitted diseases, and also the politician in specific areas of public health at the national and/or territorial levels;

sanitary authorization - the procedure of official assessment of products, services and activities from the point of view of their impact on health;

sanitary permission to functioning - the act issued according to the law competent authority of supervision of public health, confirming compliance to the sanitary legislation of one or several types of activity performed by business entity;

the sanitary conclusion - the act issued according to the law competent authority of supervision of public health, confirming compliance or discrepancy of processes, services or products to the sanitary legislation;

contagious disease - the infectious disease which is transmitted from the person to the person or from animal to the person;

infectious disease - the disease caused by live organism or other pathogenic agent including fungi, bacteria, parasites, protozoa or viruses which can be transferred or not be transferred from the person to the person or from animal to the person;

not transmitted disease - the disease of the person caused by determinants of the state of health which is not transmitted from the person to the person or from animal to the person;

occupational disease - the deterioration in health resulting from harmful effects of the physical, chemical or biological factors characteristic of place of employment or as a result of overload of some bodies or systems of human body owing to any occupation or implementation of professional activity;

the transmitted disease - the disease extending among people and/or animals by direct or indirect transfer from the subject to the subject, caused, as a rule, by live organisms and/or products of their metabolism;

quarantine - movement restriction, isolation and/or department from other people of persons suspected of contamination who are not patients, or the baggage, containers, vehicles, values suspected of contamination so that to prevent possible spread of infection or infection;

the state control in the field of public health - the activities performed by competent authority of supervision of public health within supervision for the purpose of the prevention, identification and elimination of violations of the sanitary legislation by physical persons and legal entities;

determinants of the state of health - the factors causing the state of health of the population: social and economic, biological, the environment, behavioural, and also customs, providing services in the field of health, their quality and availability;

risks assessment for health - assessment of level in case of which exposure to the risk factors connected with the environment, life, work and rest and caused by individual and collective lifestyle influences the state of health of the population;

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