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Contract between the Russian Federation and Republic of Belarus on the equal rights of citizens

of December 25, 1998

The Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, hereinafter referred to as "Contracting parties",

for the purpose of increase in level of living of the people, creating favorable conditions for all-round harmonious development of the personality, providing the equal rights of citizens of the Union in the territory of each of the Parties,

relying on aspiration of the people to unification,

in pursuance of the purposes and tasks assigned to the Union of Belarus and Russia by the Charter of the Union of Belarus and Russia

based on the Agreement on the Union of Belarus and Russia of April 2, 1997 and developing its provisions for the purpose of further rapprochement of the people and ensuring efficient integration in different spheres of the state and public life, agreed as follows:

Article 1

Citizens of Russia and Belarus have the equal rights to choose and be elected to elected bodies of the Union.

Article 2

Citizens of Russia and Belarus have the equal rights to participation in economic activity in the territories of Contracting Parties.

Article 3

Citizens of Russia and Belarus have the equal civil laws and freedoms as it is provided by legislations of Contracting Parties.

Article 4

Contracting parties provide availability and the equal rights of citizens in receipt of secondary, secondary vocational, higher and postgraduate professional education. Entrants arrive in educational institutions on the basis of the existing Regulations of Admission.

Article 5

Exchange of premises between citizens of Russia and Belarus is performed freely according to the national legal system and is the basis for issue of permissions to permanent residence to them in the territories of Contracting Parties.

Article 6

Contracting parties provide the equal right of their citizens to acquisition, ownership, use and the order of property in the territories.

Non-paid receipt of the state-owned and municipal property by citizens or its acquisition according to the privileges operating in the course of privatization is regulated by the national legal system in the field of privatization.

Contracting parties provide the guaranteed protection of the property right of their citizens.

Article 7

Contracting parties provide to citizens of Russia and Belarus the equal rights to employment, compensation and provision of other social legal guarantees in the territories of Russia and Belarus.

Citizens of Russia and Belarus have the equal rights in compensation, the mode of working hours and time of rest, protection and working conditions and other questions of employment relationships. The labor activity is regulated on the basis of the employment contract (contract) according to the legislation on work. Contracting parties provide mutual recognition of working life, including the years of service estimated in preferential procedure and the length of service in the specialty acquired in connection with labor activity of citizens.

Article 8

The equal rights to social security, medical care and access to services of medical and improving organizations in the territories of Contracting Parties are provided to citizens of Russia and Belarus.

Settlement for rendering ambulance and emergency medical service and treatment of socially important diseases is not made.

Article 9

Contracting parties will bring during 1999 the current legislation into accord with this Agreement.

Article 10

Contracting parties will take necessary measures for implementation of decisions of the Supreme Council and Executive Committee of the Union of Belarus and Russia for providing the equal rights of citizens of Russia and Belarus.

Article 11

Contracting parties create Commission on Human Rights.

Competence, conditions of forming and procedure for activities of the Commission are determined by the free standing agreement of Contracting Parties.

Article 12

The separate provisions of this agreement which are not contradicting the legislation of Contracting Parties and their international obligations are applied temporarily since January 1, 1999.

The agreement is subject to ratification and becomes effective from the moment of exchange of instruments of ratification.

It is made in Moscow on December 25, 1998 in duplicate in Russian


For the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin 

For the Republic of Belarus A. Lukashenko

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