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of December 22, 1999 No. 778-IG

About highways

(The last edition from 29-12-2015)

This Law establishes general bases of legal, technical and economic and organizational design philosophies, constructions, uses, contents, protection and development of highways in the Azerbaijan Republic and the related engineering constructions, and also management of road economy and governs the main relations arising between subjects of road economy. This Law extends to all highways of the Azerbaijan Republic, regardless of the owner, users and value.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

The concepts used in this Law express the following values:

the highway - system of the designs and engineering constructions providing for all year continuous, safe and convenient motion of the automotive vehicles with adjustable speed having the sizes and weight conforming to state standards, traffic regulations and other regulatory legal acts;

the highway - the highway which is providing free movement of vehicles at the established distance with unrestricted speed, having capability to miss heavy traffic and having separate strip, in the absence of crossings of similar level, and also with the prohibited stop or the parking of vehicles on the carriageway, equipped with special vacation spots and parking areas at distance no more than 50 km.

road activities - set of the types of activity performed for the purpose of creation, construction, road maintenance and management by them;

creation of highways - assignment based on appropriate programs of the parcels of land, carrying out research, design and survey, installation and construction works and works on reconstruction for the purpose of road construction;

content of highways - set of measures for servicing during the whole year of roads and road constructions, to their inspection, check and protection for the purpose of providing according to the project of compliance are expensive to user requirements;

repair of highways - complex of the works connected with strengthening and expansion of road clothes, land soil and engineering constructions, including recovery, replacement of the deformed and destroyed designs or their separate parts with effective and strong elements, improvement of smoothness, contact qualities of road carpet. By the types repair of roads is subdivided on current, average and capital;

reconstruction of highways - complex of the works accompanied with change of geometrical parameters according to requirements of normative and technical documents for the purpose of increase in transport operating characteristics of the existing road and road constructions, transfer of all road or its separate parts in higher technical discharge;

construction of highways - construction according to the feasibility statement and requirements of normative and technical documents between two Items of the new highway and the road constructions steady against earthquakes and other natural and technogenic impacts;

road economy - set of the highway networks existing in the specific territory irrespective of their subordination and pattern of ownership, and also the subjects who are engaged in their development, content and coordinating;

bodies of road economy - the relevant organ of the executive authority and bodies of municipalities performing management functions by road activities;

users of the highway are the owners of vehicles, drivers, passengers and pedestrians performing movement on highways for the purpose of satisfaction of the requirements or servicing of others;

subjects of road economy - the legal entities and physical persons performing road activities and using the road;

highway network - the single system of all highways providing passenger and goods transportation in certain territory;

handling capacity of movement - the maximum number of vehicles which the road or this or that its site can pass in unit of time with ensuring the established speed and safety;

traffic load - the number of the vehicles passing in both directions in unit of time on the road or its site;

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