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of December 31, 2008 No. 1353

About approval of the Technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan of "The requirement to safety of metal designs"

(In edition of the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 23.07.2013 No. 735)

For the purpose of implementation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 9, 2004 "About technical regulation" the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Metal Designs".

2. This resolution becomes effective after six months from the date of the first official publication.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

K. Masimov

Approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 31, 2008, No. 1353

Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Metal Designs"

1. Scope

1. This Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Metal Designs" (further - the Technical regulation) establishes requirements to safety of metal designs, to processes of their production and installation, transportation and storage, use in construction and utilization.

Objects of technical regulation of this Technical regulation are:

1) the metal designs given in appendix 1 to this Technical regulation;

2) production processes and installation, transportation and storage, use in construction and utilization of metal designs.

This Technical regulation considers possibility of manifestation of dangerous characteristics in processes of lifecycle of metal designs.

2. Identification of metal designs is made by use of codes of the Commodity nomenclature of external economic activity of the Republic of Kazakhstan (the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity of RK) and the codes corresponding to them on products Qualifier by types of economic activity (KP of foreign trade activities) of RK Group 04-2003, on marking and accompanying documents, parameters, indicators and requirements which are in total sufficient for recognition.

4. The major dangerous factors (risks) which it is necessary to avoid in processes of lifecycle of metal designs are:

1) in case of production and assembly of metalwork the dangerous production factors connected with non-compliance with occupational safeties and health regulations can take place;

2) the increased noise level and vibrations;

3) the increased or lowered ambient temperature, the surfaces of the equipment, materials;

4) mobile parts of the equipment, tool, the moving products, procurements, materials;

5) the flying-away splinters and particles of metal and abrasive materials;

6) sharp edges, agnails, roughness on the surfaces of procurements, tools, the equipment, waste;

7) the increased dust content of air metal and abrasive dust, welding aerosols;

8) insufficient illumination of the working area;

9) possibility of impact on the worker of electric current;

10) availability of dangerous radiations (radioactive, x-ray, ultra-violet, thermal);

11) negative impact on organs of vision and faces of beams of electric arch during the welding works;

12) the fire-dangerous and explosive chemical components and connections which are present at liquids, means for decorative/protective metal working and construction solutions capable to do harm to health of the person or wound, incompatible with life;

13) release of the solutions, varnishes, paints and other materials of specific smell and toxic substances capable to cause poisoning;

14) in case of installation and operation of metal designs highly located and poorly fixed objects and low-strong parts of designs capable to fall or fall upon the workers who are under them;

15) at the initial stage of construction bolts can be exposed to excessive loadings, and without installation of the corresponding temporary communications in the form of struts, delays there is danger of collapse of design;

Uneven distribution of load can lead 16) in case of transportation to loss of management during the braking or movement on turn, and the swaying cargo during movement can be displaced or stall;

17) emergence of the fire on site carrying out welding works;

18) danger from moving vehicles, hoisting machines, mechanisms and their parts within production sites and construction platforms.

5. The requirement of This Technical regulation does not extend to the metal designs which were in the use and reusable in construction.

2. Terms and determinations

6. In this Technical regulation the basic concepts used in legal acts in the field of technical regulation and in the field of architectural, town-planning and construction activities are applied, the following terms and determinations are in addition used:

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