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of October 28, 1999 No. 727-IQ

About police

(as amended on 02-05-2023)

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

In this Law the following concepts are used:

police - the single centralized law enforcement agency belonging to the executive authority of the Azerbaijan Republic;

the police officer - the government employee holding certain position in police agencies and performing the powers established by this Law;

detention - content of person in places of temporary content with short-term restriction of its freedom in cases and according to the procedure, stipulated by the legislation the Azerbaijan Republic;

arrest - content of person in the appropriate place of detention with temporary restriction of its freedom as administrative punishment for making of administrative offense or as measure of restraint in cases and according to the procedure, provided by the Code of penal procedure of the Azerbaijan Republic;

physical force - the capability of rendering mechanical impact by use of force taking place as a result of muscle strain of the person;

special means - the bludgeons, means of binding of hands and electroshock, tear gases of special purpose, rubber bullets which are water spraying means, means of forced stop of transport and other special means established by the laws of the Azerbaijan Republic;

the dwelling - the place which is used for temporary or permanent residence of one or several persons, including the house, the apartment, the dacha, the room in hotel, sanatorium, boarding house, the hostel, rest house, camping, tourist base, verandahs, adjacent to it, terraces, galleries, balconies, places public (their components used for ensuring rest, storage of property, or other needs of people), cellars and attics of structures, except for the apartment house and also cabin of the ocean ship or compartment of the long distance train (in addition, for the purpose of this Law concept the dwelling covers the office office of physical person belonging to it the fenced parcel of land, the river and ocean ship).

Article 2. Legislation on police

The legislation on police consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law, other regulatory legal acts of the Azerbaijan Republic, international treaties supported by the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 3. Appointment and fundamental obligations of police

I. Appointment of police in the Azerbaijan Republic consists in protection of life, health, the rights and freedoms of people, legitimate interests and property of the state, physical persons and legal entities against illegal actions.

II. Treat fundamental obligations of police:

1) to protect public order and to ensure public safety;

2) to take measures for prevention of crimes and other offenses;

2-1) to perform activities in the field of the prevention of offenses of minors;

3) to protect the personality, human rights and freedoms and property from illegal actions;

4) in the cases established by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic to protect public institutions and other objects;

5) to solve the committed crimes;

6) to record and the crime reporting;

7) to reveal and detain criminals;

8) to carry on inquiry and the investigation of the cases referred to their powers;

To apply 9) within the powers established by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, measure of administrative punishment or other impact, to contain detainees and persons arrested for administrative offense;

To perform 10) according to the procedure, established by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, operational search activities;

11) to provide conducting criminalistic and other investigations;

To perform 12) according to the procedure, stipulated by the legislation the Azerbaijan Republic, operational search activities together with relevant organ of the executive authority in pre-trial detention centers;

13) to sign agreements for the purpose of protection of property of legal entities and physical persons against illegal actions;

14) to run stipulated by the legislation visa registration business of the Azerbaijan Republic;

15) to exercise supervision of observance of traffic regulations and traffic safety;

16) to take measures for traffic safety;

17) to organize single system of the state accounting of indicators of traffic and its safety.

III. It is forbidden to attract police to execution of the obligations which are not established by this Law.

Article 4. Principles and activities of police

I. The police performs activities on the basis of the principles of respect of rights and freedoms of man and citizen, legality, humanity and one-man management.

II. Treat the main activities of police:

1) protection of public order and ensuring public safety;

2) prevention and disclosure of crimes and other offenses;

3) traffic safety.

Article 5. Activities of police in the field of protection of rights and freedoms of man and citizen

I. Carrying out the obligations, the police protects provided by the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic and interstate agreements of the right supported by it and legitimate interests of all persons, irrespective of race, nationality, religion, language, floor, origin, property status, official position, beliefs, belonging to political parties, labor unions and other public associations, from illegal actions.

II. Manner of police with this or that person in the form degrading human dignity, inadmissibly. Force persons who committed crime or suspects of crime execution to making the indication or recognition of guilty of making of criminal acts, to threaten for this purpose them and other persons, to torture them, it is forbidden to render on them this or that physical or moral impact.


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