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It is registered

in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

January 29, 2009.

No. 88/16104


of December 29, 2008 No. 301

About approval of Industrial safety rules in hardware production

According to the Law of Ukraine "About labor protection" PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve Industrial safety rules in hardware production (further - Rules) which are applied.

2. With entry into force of the order to consider such which are not applied in the territory of Ukraine, the "Safety rules for hardware production" approved by Minchermet of the USSR 18.04. 78, and OST 14.67-80 "SSBT. Production of nails from wire. Safety requirements", the USSR approved by the order of Minchermet of 29.12.80 N 1230.

3. To the head of department of the organization of the state supervision in metallurgy, power, construction and Ivanchenko V. I. boiler inspection. in accordance with the established procedure to provide submission of this order on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

4. To the head of department of normative and legal and legal providing Prokhorov V. V. to include this order in the State register of regulatory legal acts on labor protection.

5. To provide to the assistant department head of personnel, clerical work and special work of Kravtsyu V. Yu. publication of the order in mass media.

6. To impose control over the implementation of this order on the Acting First Deputy Chairman of Gosgorpromnadzor Dengin A. P.


Chairman of Gosgorpromnadzor S. Storchak

Approved by the Order of the State committee of Ukraine on industrial safety, labor protection and mountain supervision of December 29, 2008 No. 301

Industrial safety rules in hardware production

I. General provisions

1. Application industry

These Rules determine safety requirements for the companies and the organizations during designing, construction, installation (dismantle), development of machines and the equipment, operation of objects, repair, reconstruction and production of hardware.

Action of these Rules extends to all subjects of managing who perform works concerning designing, production, reconstruction, installation, repair, technical diagnosing and operation during production of hardware.

2. Terms and determinations of concepts

Terms and determinations which are used in these Rules have such values:

the nerd - one of the main mechanisms of the metalweaver's machine which is used for movement (surf) of utokovy wire to the upper part of grid and giving of utokovy core in grid;

berdo - one of the main working bodies of the metalweaver's machine in the form of comb with narrow metal plates which are fixed by both ends in metal levels;

tub - the device which is used for lifting (lowering) of freight;

voloka - the tool for bar metal processing to drawings due to its drawing via the device in the form of similar to watering can of the channel;

cupola - the furnace of mine type for fusion of cast iron in foundry departments;

roasting - heating and keeping of hardware in case of high temperature for receipt of necessary durability;

galtel - detail which has transitional curve from one surface to another;

training - one of engineering procedures during production of thin tapes and sheets of steel - cold rolling with small stavings of hot-rolled strips after their protravlivaniye;

endogas - is produced in special installations, for example EH-60, also is used for endothermic control of the atmosphere. The atmosphere from endogas protects average and high carbon steels from oxidation and loss of carbon when heating products in furnaces of thermal hardening;

pharynx - interval between basis wire which is formed in the metalweaver's machine during lifting of one group of wire and lowering of the second for passing through this opening of utokovy wire;

the carriage - node of the machine or mechanism which, as a rule, moves on guide; in the metalweaver's machine the carriage is part of the mechanism for formation of pharynx in case of production of grid;

the tilter - the mechanism for turning (kantovaniye) of procurements, details, products during their processing, survey, packaging;

hardware - the standardized metal products of general purpose of the various nomenclature;

hardware products - are conditionally carried to hardware products tapes of cold hire, wire and products from it (for example steel ropes and nails), fasteners - forelocks, screws, bolts, nuts, rivets;

hardware production - set of technological transactions during production of hardware, as a rule, at the companies of mass production;

guides - the devices used for ensuring rectilinear or curvilinear movement of procurement which is processed;

new - the coil of the big sizes on which the basis wire before production of grids on the metalweaver's machine is reeled up;

scissors - the device for cutting of tapes, sheets, wire, twigs and so forth;

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