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of June 22, 1999 No. 694-IQ

About National Archive Fund

(as amended on 09-06-2023)

This Law governs the relations connected with forming, storage, use of National Archive Fund and activities of archives in the Azerbaijan Republic.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

The basic concepts used in this Law express the following values:

archive - set of archive documents, the archival organizations or structural divisions of organizations, the companies performing their completing, registration, storage and use;

National Archive Fund - set of documents irrespective of their type, the place of creation and storage, pattern of ownership which are reflecting the material and spiritual life of people, having historical, scientific, economic, political, social and cultural value, considered as integral part of cultural heritage of the Azerbaijani people;

archival fund - set of the archive documents connected with each other from the historical and logical points of view;

archiving - completing, storage, registration of archives and the organization of archive agency;

the archive document - the document stored or which is subject to storage, having historical, scientific, cultural value for the state, society or the owner irrespective of data carrier type;

the Public Records Office - the state organization of archive agency, the performing archiving;

temporary storage of archive documents - storage of archive documents by state bodies and local government bodies, public and non-state institutions, companies and organizations in time, provided by this Law;

permanent storage of archive documents - dead storage of these documents in archives, the museums and libraries;

documentary monument - the archive document having rare or special historical and cultural value, referred in accordance with the established procedure to category "documentary monument";

the owner of archive documents - the subject having right of possession or uses of archive documents;

the owner of archive documents - the subject performing in full right of possession and uses of archive documents, orders them in the limits determined by the legislation;

the organization of the public archive agency - the Public Records Offices of the Azerbaijan Republic, branches of the Public Records Office and the district (city) Public Records Offices with variable structure of documents;

the district (city) Public Records Office with variable structure of documents - the organization of the public archive agency providing completing, use of the documents relating to the National Archive Fund created as a result of activities of the state and non-state organizations for the corresponding administrative territory and temporary storage of their part which is subject to permanent protection;

departmental archive - structural division or the structure performing completing, registration, protection and use of set of the archive documents resulting from activities of one department or group of the organizations in its structure;

documents on personnel - set of the documents reflecting employment relationships between the employer and the worker.

Article 2. Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on National Archive Fund

The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on National Archive Fund consists of this Law, other corresponding legal acts of the Azerbaijan Republic and interstate agreements supported by it.

In case of contradictions between this Law and interstate agreements supported by the Azerbaijan Republic these international agreements are applied.

Article 3. Tasks of the state in the field of archiving

Tasks of the state in the field of archiving consist in the following:

forming and implementation of state policy in the field of archiving;

determination of the single principles of the organization of archiving;

control of observance of rules of completing, registration, document storage of archival fund and use of them;

the state guarantee on storage and development of archives, preparation of archival personnel;

completing, registration, storage, use of archival funds and the state archive documents and regulation of the questions of property connected with these documents;

strengthening of material and technical resources of archives;

regulation of questions in connection with temporary export from the Azerbaijan Republic abroad documents of archival fund;

control of delivery of the foreign countries of documents (their copies) relating to history and culture of Azerbaijan which are stored in the archives reflecting the material and spiritual life of people in the Public Records Offices of the Azerbaijan Republic, behind their registration and storage.

Chapter II. Structure and organization of National Archive Fund

Article 4. National Archive Fund and its structure

Irrespective of source of creation, the storage location and pattern of ownership, archive documents in the Azerbaijan Republic join in National Archive Fund.

The archival funds and archive documents which are state-owned property constitute part of the National Archive Fund belonging to the state.

The archival funds and archive documents which are not state-owned property constitute non-state part of National Archive Fund.

Rules of completing, storage of National Archive Fund and use are established by it the provision approved by relevant organ of the executive authority.

Article 5. Classification of the documents included in National Archive Fund

The National Archive Fund joins the following documents:

legal acts, managerial documents of the Azerbaijan Republic, documents of bodies of court and prosecutor's office;

statistical, scientific, technological, geological, normative and technical, project, design, patent, cartographical documents and other documents;

film, photo, phono - (sound recordings), video records, design developments and architectural projects;

the manuscripts having special value, books and brochures, periodicals materials;

works of art, scientific, literary and pieces of music;

documents of the party, public and non-state organizations;

diaries, memoirs, letters and other documents of personal nature;

electronic documents;

the copies replacing the original document;

copies of the archive documents connected with Azerbaijan in the foreign states.

Article 6. Sources of creation of archives and forming of National Archive Fund

The state, public, religious and other organizations, citizens in the Azerbaijan Republic have the right to create archives in the procedure established by the legislation.

The National Archive Fund is completed from documents:

bodies of legislative and executive power;

judicial authorities;

prosecutor's offices;

military units and connections, military educational institutions;

local government bodies;

organizations, companies and organizations of the industry, construction, agricultural industry and other industries of economy;

companies of science, culture, medicine, education and sport;

subjects of media and publishing houses;


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