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of January 22, 1993

About interaction in the field of the prevention and mitigation of consequences of emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature

(Protocol as amended of 30.10.2015)

The governments of the State Parties of this agreement, further - agreement parties,

in view of possibility of emergency situations which effects cannot be liquidated by forces and means of one of agreement parties, and need in this regard for the coordinated actions;

considering possibility of cross-border impact of emergency situations of the natural and technogenic nature requiring implementation of coordinated actions in the prevention and liquidation of their effects;

recognizing need of joint use of rescue forces, material, medical, food, financial and information resources for implementation of actions for the prevention and mitigation of consequences of emergency situations;

aiming at preserving and development of the scientific and technical relations in case of the problem resolution of the prevention and mitigation of consequences of emergency situations;

agreed as follows:

Article 1

This agreement determines procedure for participation and implementation of interaction by the prevention and mitigation of consequences of the emergency situations arising owing to natural disasters, technogenic accidents and catastrophic crashes.

Article 2

Basic principles of interaction of agreement parties:

integration of the systems and bodies intended for the prevention and action in emergency situations including coordination of the national plans of action in such situations;

rapprochement of regulations of the legislation and development of the agreements necessary for interaction and cooperation in special areas;

implementation of collateral actions in the international organizations and participation in the international programs of the corresponding orientation;

responsibility of the agreement party for origin and effect of emergency situation;

preventiveness of actions in case of emergency situations;

independence of decision making at the interstate level.

Article 3

Agreement parties perform interaction in the following main directions:

coordination (organization) of works on creation and enhancement of system of interaction according to the prevention and mitigation of consequences of emergency situations;

development and implementation of interstate target and scientific and technical programs for questions of the prevention of emergency situations, including questions of protection of the population, material and cultural values, the environment;

control of condition of potentially dangerous objects, environment, forecasting of emergence of emergency situations and their scales;

the mutual notification about condition of potentially dangerous objects and the environment, the arising emergency situations, the course of their development and possible effects, the taken measures for their liquidation;

mitigation of consequences of emergency situations and taking measures to accommodation of affected population in the territories of agreement parties;

preparation and advanced training of specialists in questions of the prevention and mitigation of consequences of emergency situations.

Article 4

Agreement parties are developed and realize interstate target and scientific and technical programs which are approved and affirm those agreement parties which take part in their realization.

Article 5

Agreement parties provide each other information on forces and means which can quickly be attracted for carrying out wrecking in the territories of agreement parties in case of receipt of the corresponding request.

Agreement parties in case of large-scale emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature can ask for necessary assistance other agreement parties, specifying specific types and amounts of the required help.

The management raised for assistance by forces and funds performs the agreement party in the territory of which wrecking is carried out.

In need of attraction of other forces and means for building-up of efforts on mitigation of consequences of emergency situations, agreement parties develop solutions of questions of life support and represent to Council of Heads of Government of the Commonwealth relevant proposals.

Forces and funds of agreement parties are raised for accomplishment of rescue, emergency and recovery and other works on the terms of subsequent compensation of the performed costs at the expense of the Party requesting the help or in other agreed form.

Article 6

Agreement parties shall provide quickly each other information necessary for accomplishment of this agreement.

Article 7

The procedure, rules and procedures concerning damage liability, caused as a result of emergency situation will be regulated by the free standing agreement.

Article 8

Agreement parties resolve disputes on interpretation and application of this agreement by negotiations or by means of other peaceful means at the choice.

Article 9

For the purpose of practical implementation of provisions of this agreement Interstate council on emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature as a part of plenipotentiaries of agreement parties, on one from each state is created.

Interstate council on emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature in the work is guided by the Provision which is integral part of this agreement.

Article 10

This agreement is open for signing by all gosudarstvamiuchastnik of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Any other state can join this agreement with the consent of all his participants.

Article 10.1

In the consent of agreement parties changes and additions which are drawn up by the relevant protocols can be made to this agreement and are integral part of this agreement

Article 11

Each State Party of the Agreement can leave the Agreement, having sent the adequate written notice to depositary. The Agreement for such participant is terminated after 12 months from the date of obtaining by depositary of the mentioned notification.

Article 12

This agreement becomes effective from the date of its signing.

It is made in the city of Minsk on January 22, 1993 in one authentic copy in Russian. The authentic copy is stored in Archive of the Government of the Republic of Belarus which will send to the states which signed this agreement, its verified copy.

For the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic

joined with clause 15.06.94

For the Government of the Russian Federation


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