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of June 8, 1999 No. 678-IQ

About environmental protection

(as amended on 17-02-2023)

This Law determines legal, economic and social basis of environmental protection. The purpose of the Law consists in providing ecological safety in the field of protection of ecological equilibrium of the environment, elimination of harmful effects of economic and other activity on natural ecological systems, preserving biological diversity and the rational organization of environmental management.

This Law regulates interrelation of society and the nature for the purpose of strengthening of legality and legal rules of improvement of quality of the environment, rational use and recovery of natural resources, environmental protection.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Main terms and concepts

In this Law the following main terms and concepts are used:

the environment - surrounding the person, irrespective of its activities, all live and inanimate nature;

ecology - the science studying balance of the environment and natural factors influencing violation of this balance and anthropogenous (activities of the person) and physical processes;

natural resources (inventories) - the earths existing in the environment for requirements satisfaction of people, minerals, vegetable cover, flora, fauna, water and energy sources;

environmental protection - non-admission of initial high-quality and quantitative changes of the material values which are naturally existing in the environment and their preserving;

environmental management - rational and economical use of natural resources without assumption of ecological disruption of the environment for the purpose of satisfaction of social and economic requirements of society taking into account needs of future generations;

monitoring of the environment - implementation on scientific bases of control of quantity and quality of the harmful gases, liquid and solid waste spreading in the environment as a result of natural and anthropogenous impacts;

ecological system - unity component of the environment of vegetable cover, the flora, fauna, fauna, the earth, water basins and rivers, mineral resources, air and energy sources which are in interaction and forming;

normalization of ecological equilibrium of the environment - determination of qualitative indexes of the environment for human life and providing preserving biological diversity, stable use of ecological systems;

harmful effects on the environment - the activities which are followed by violation of technologies when carrying out chemical and biological, harmful physical, technical, mining operations, wasteful use of natural resources, leading to quantitative and high-quality change of separate components of ecological system, ecological disruption;

qualitative indexes of the environment - products meeting the requirements approved by authorized state bodies and providing health of the person and environmental protection of normative and technical documents and standards, and initial indicators of balance of the environment;

environmental assessment - for the purpose of establishment of impact on the environment of objects of environmental assessment, provisional estimate of compliance of the specified objects to the ecological requirements established in the corresponding standard, the technical regulation and other regulatory legal act, and sales opportunity; the state environmental assessment - the environmental assessment which is carried out by the body (organization) established by relevant organ of the executive authority, according to the procedure and the cases established by this Law; public environmental assessment - the environmental assessment which is carried out by physical persons, non-governmental organizations, initiative groups of citizens and domestic committees of municipalities (further - organizers of public environmental assessment) taking into account requirements of this Law; the conclusion of the state environmental assessment (further - the conclusion of environmental assessment) - the official document about result of the state environmental assessment; the conclusion of public environmental assessment - the document of advisory nature on result of public environmental assessment.

Other concepts used in the present by the Law matter, established by the laws on public participation of the Azerbaijan Republic "About environmental impact assessment", "About ecological safety", "About licenses and permissions" and other regulatory legal acts.

Article 2. The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic in the field of environmental protection

2.1. The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on environmental protection consists of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic, this Law and other regulatory legal acts.

2.2. The relations in the field of environmental protection in the Alyatsky free economic zone are governed regulated according to requirements of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About the Alyatsky free economic zone".

Article 3. Basic principles of environmental protection

Environmental protection is based on the following principles:

mutual solution of social and economic, moral and esthetic problems;

providing in the territories of ecological equilibrium and recovery of the broken natural ecological systems;

rational use and recovery of natural resources, application of economic incentives of environmental management and environmental protection;

ensuring protection of biological diversity of the environment;

the state control, responsibility for violation of this Law and other regulatory legal acts in the field of environmental protection;

prevention of drawing environmental damage and assessment of the caused damage;

participation of the population and institutes of civil society in the field of environmental protection;

international cooperation in the field of environmental protection;

to completeness and correctness of the data provided on environmental assessment; law enforcement, publicity and transparency in implementation of environmental assessment; acceptance in attention of potential danger of non-regulated use of the nature; informing population on environmental measures.

Chapter II. The rights and obligations in the field of environmental protection

Article 4. The rights and obligations of the state in the field of environmental protection

1. In the field of environmental protection enters the rights of the state:

1.1. Preparation of the main directions of state policy, strategic measures for its implementation;

1.2. Development of high-quality standard rates of economic and other activity of rather ecological equilibrium in the field of environmental protection and establishment of rules of their approval;

1.3. Approval of regulations on the state funds of environmental protection;

1.4. According to the legislation decision making about provision of natural resources in use, establishment of limits and quotas of environmental management, the conclusion of agreements (contracts);

1.5. No. 1176-VQD is cancelled according to the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of 12.06.2018

1.6. Approval and implementation of concepts in different cases of conservation, comprehensive programs on use, protection and recovery of natural resources, establishment of rules of maintaining the state inventory and the state accounting of natural resources;

1.7. Establishment of rules of conducting the state monitoring of the environment and natural resources;

1.8. Approval of the list is obligatory for the standardized and certified ecologically dangerous products (works, services) in the field of environmental protection;

1.9. Approval of the list of objects of environmental protection of special scientific and ecological and biological value, creation of the national parks, state national and natural parks, other natural territories and objects requiring special protection;


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