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The document ceased to be valid since March 24, 2018 according to Item 2 of the Order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan of February 16, 2018 No. 208


of December 30, 2008 No. 636

About approval of technical requirements and forms of compliance to technical requirements of cash registers

(as amended on 04-12-2015)

According to article 651 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About taxes and other obligatory payments in the budget" (Tax code) of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve:

1) Technical requirements and form of compliance to technical requirements of the cash register which is not providing transfer of data on cash calculations in bodies of state revenues according to appendix 1 to this order;

2) Technical requirements and form of compliance to technical requirements of the cash register providing transfer of data on cash calculations in bodies of state revenues according to appendix 2 to this order.

2. To the Tax Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Ergozhin of E.) provide state registration of this order in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its subsequent publication in mass media.

3. This order becomes effective from the date of the first official publication and extends to the relations arising since January 1, 2009.


B. Zhamishev

Appendix 1

to the Order of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 30, 2008 No. 636

Technical requirements and form of compliance to technical requirements of the cash register which is not providing transfer of data on cash calculations in bodies of state revenues

(name of model of cash register)



Technical requirements to

to cash register

(further - KKM), not

the being computer system

Data about




to requirements



KKM models


General requirements

For filling

this column

are used



the plant -


with obligatory


pages in



Have the program password (there is at least

four categories) or number keys

(at least 99 options), entering in

set of delivery of KKM (quantity

keys it is determined by specific



provide registration check and

control tapes (electronic

the magazine) in single job cycle in case of

registration of purchase (sale)


have fiscal memory


provide blocking of KKM in case

lack of tape, wrong

accomplishment of transaction by the cashier, in case of

emergence of emergencies or

reversal (cancellation

the performed operations), in case of

defects, shutdown of fiscal

or random access memory, and also

unauthorized access to

fiscal or random access memory in case of

to work of KKM in the fiscal mode


in case of overflow of fiscal memory

prevent registration of trade

transactions and issue of the control check


have word length of the counter of main

Z-reports at least four categories


ensure safety of information in

operational memory device

KKM in case of shutdown of network food not

less than 1 month (720 hours)


provide programming of the main

operating modes


have automatic testing


have the casing supplied with the device

excluding its uncontrolled removal,

and sealed up by the plant -

the manufacturer or person who is carrying out

maintenance of KKM


designations on the keyboard, information,

printed and indication,

shall be on state or

Russian languages.

Requirement to marking of KKM


KKM shall have marking,

the containing following information:

1) name of model

2) serial number

3) date of issue

4) logo of the producer.

At the same time in the name of the KKM model

there shall be distinctive

sign for consumers of the Republic

Kazakhstan "KZ" specified also in

operational documentation on

KKM this model.


The method of drawing marking shall

ensure its safety during

service life of KKM.

Requirements to checks and other

to the documents created by KKM


KKM shall provide forming

following documents:

1) check of KKM

2) fiscal report (short and complete)

3) report on cashiers

4) report on sections

5) replaceable (daily allowance) report


KKM provides seal in the control check:

1) names of the taxpayer

2) business and identification number / individual identification number

3) serial number of KKM

4) registration number

5) sequence number of the check

6) descriptions of goods, works, services

7) date and time of making of purchase of goods, performance of works, rendering services

8) prices of goods, work, service

9) purchase amounts

10) fiscal sign

11) KKM applied in foreign exchange office, acceptance of scrap of metals, glassware pawnshop shall provide seal on the control check of information, both about amount of sale, and about the amount of purchases

12) the KKM models included in the state register of KKM after January 1, 2009 shall provide seal in the control check of the details specified in this Item including in Kazakh, with use of specific letters of the alphabet of Kazakh.


Sample of the report of FP and sequence

actions for its obtaining shall be

are specified in operational the document -

tion on the KKM specific model.


Receipt of the report of FP shall include


1) introduction acting (it is established -

leg earlier) password of access to FP

2) introduction of initial date (or

initial number of closing of change)

the period for which the report turns out


3) introduction of final date (or

final number of closing of change)

the period for which the report turns out


4) introduction of sign of report type of FP

(complete or reduced).


Generally it can be set

obviously bigger period, than

actually registered in FP.


The report of FP shall contain the following


1) name of the user

2) fiscal sign

3) end-to-end sequence number of the document

4) the date of receipt of the report

5) time of receipt of the report

6) the period for which it is created


7) serial number

8) details (except the password)


9) details (except the password)

the carried-out re-registration

10) all results of replaceable purchases (sales)

from specifying of registration date

specific result and number of closing

changes *

Total 11) result of purchases (sales)

for the period **


Requirements to information,

registered in fiscal memory

are filled in Table 1 to the presents

To requirements

Requirements to operating mode and

to procedure for filling of fiscal



KKM shall ensure functioning in

not fiscal and fiscal modes.


Primary password of access to FP and

procedure for carrying out fiskalization and

re-registrations shall be specified in

operational documentation on

KKM specific model.


The fiscal mode shall provide

work of KKM in full accordance with

operational documentation.


All documents processed by KKM in

the fiscal mode, shall have

distinctive fiscal sign,

printed only on

completion of forming control



KKM provides input of the following data:

1) serial number of KKM (if serial number of KKM is entered into FP on manufacturing plant, then in case of fiskalization it is not entered)

2) business and identification number / individual identification number

3) date of fiskalization

4) new password of access to fiscal memory

5) registration number KKM.


KKM provides data entry, the Requirements specified in Item 25, according to the below-stated abbreviations:

1) ZNM - serial number of KKM

2) the BIN – business and identification number / IIN - individual identification number

3) RNM - the registration room KKM in body of state revenues

4) FP - fiscal sign of KKM.


In the course of re-registration of KKM shall provide input of the following data:

1) the password of access to fiscal memory established earlier

2) registration number KKM

3) business and identification number / individual identification number

4) date of re-registration

5) new password of access to fiscal memory.


When carrying out fiskalization or

re-registrations all entered details

(except the password of access to fiscal

memories) shall be printed in

check or podkladny (supplementary)



Data of the replaceable report shall

be registered in fiscal memory

when carrying out transaction of closing of change

(when forming KKM of the replaceable report

with clearing).

At the same time zeroing of cash replaceable

registers of operational memorable

devices shall occur only

after seal of the replaceable report and

completion of data recording in

fiscal memory.


Transactions of carrying out re-registration,

removals of the report of fiscal memory and

corrections of date can be carried out on

KKM only after transaction completion

change closings.

Up to this point carrying out

above-mentioned transactions shall

be blocked.


KKM shall control

change duration.

Reference mark moment

it is considered durations of change

end of registration of the first

the payment document for change.

In case of excess stated above

shall duration of change of KKM

block possibility of registration

payment documents before carrying out

the replaceable report with clearing.


In case of correction of current date of KKM

shall control correctness

the entered date which cannot be

earlier, than date of the last

records in fiscal memory, including and

date of transaction of fiskalization

or re-registrations.

In attempt of input of earlier date

KKM shall block carrying out all

transactions before input of the correct date.

In case of input of date late more than on

one day in KKM shall be

special measures are taken on

to the prevention of random error of input,

for example, repeated request of date and

installation only its after double



KKM shall provide

report of fiscal memory and carrying out

re-registrations only on

to the password of access to fiscal memory,

which is entered and registered in

fiscal memory in process

fiskalization or re-registrations.


Information registered in the block

fiscal memory, shall remain

at least 8 years from the moment of transfer of KKM

in the fiscal mode.

Requirements to blocking conditions

accomplishment of transactions of KKM


KKM shall block (to stop)

accomplishment of transactions in the following


1) in attempt of input wrong

password of access to fiscal memory

2) in attempt of carrying out trade

transactions, programming of parameters

KKM, re-registrations, removals

the fiscal report and correction of date in

case of not carrying out corresponding


3) in attempt of carrying out transactions,

leading to overflow or

to negative result, and also in case of

defect or shutdown

fiscal memory. Blocking

the registering KKM functions shall

act after elimination of the reasons,

caused blocking.


KKM shall provide conclusion

messages on quantity of free fields

in fiscal memory for record of replaceable

reports. In case of quantity of free

water less 30th conclusion of the message strictly

it is obligatory and shall be performed

automatically on the document,

the drawn-up KKM in case of closing transactions

changes or beginnings of change.

Requirements to constructive

to execution of KKM


Fiscal memory shall be

it is placed under general sealed up

casing of KKM, and in case of block

designs of KKM – under sealed up

the casing covering non-volatile

the operational memory device, in

which fiscal data are created,

processor of management of fiscal memory

and printer of payment

documents. Other placements

fiscal memory is not allowed.


Fiscal memory or block of fiscal

memories shall be executed in type

separate module (payment). Design

this module shall provide

impossibility of access to stored in

fiscal memory of information and replacement

fiscal memory (block of fiscal



Design of fiscal memory (block

fiscal memory) shall

provide protection from

mechanical, electromagnetic and

other types of impacts, as in case of

to work of KKM, and in case of technical

servicing and repair using

regular devices, equipment and

consumable materials.

Additional requirements to KKM


The mode shall be provided in KKM

checks of safety of fiscal


Procedure for carrying out mode of check

it shall be specified in operational

documentation on specific model



Manufacturer KKM provides in case of accident of KKM reading by employees of bodies of state revenues of content of FP on other technical means in the conditions of person performing maintenance. The procedure for reading of content of fiscal memory for this case is specified in repair documentation the KKM specific model or provided by the applicant.

Requirements to program

to providing for KKM


Along with complete realization of functions in

compliance with technical

requirements for the KKM specific group

exclude opportunity without violation

sealings of KKM:

To change 1) the consumer of that part,

which manages reading and

registration of information in fiscal


2) to create fiscal data in

non-volatile memorable


To remove 3) on documents distinctive

sign of the fiscal mode


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