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Ministry of Justice

Azerbaijan Republic

On January 5, 2001 No. 2517

Approved by the Order the Ministry of Finance of the Azerbaijan Republic of December 28, 2000 No. I-193

The instruction about treasurer accounting of the acquired goods, works and services accepted by the managers of the credits financed from the government budget

1. General provisions

This Instruction is prepared according to the Order of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic of May 16, 1997 No. 568 "On regulation of activities of the State Treasury in the Azerbaijan Republic".

The beginning of implementation of cash execution of budget incomes and expenses by means of the State Treasury as a result of creation of system of treasury in the Azerbaijan Republic made possible the organization of the mechanisms of execution providing treasurer control over formation of debit accounts payable and actual expenses also at other stages of process of budget implementation including in the credit institutions financed from the government budget (further - state-financed organizations).

Creation of mechanisms of control in treasurer system at the above-stated stages of budget implementation causes also more committed debt management in the budget process, successful implementation of the most important state payments, rationally using financial resources. From this point of view the organization of the treasurer accounting of goods (works and services) acquired by state-financed organizations regulated by this instruction is of great importance. Such accounting which is constructed by treasury over purchases creates condition for timely receipt of the complete information about the real debts which arose within undertaken obligations, and effective management of these debts.

Acceptance of purchases on accounting in treasury means acceptance of the final goods delivery by the state in state-financed organizations, completion of rendering services and performance of works and it is considered the obligatory state obligation for future payments.

2. Basic principles of cash accounting of purchase of goods (works and services)

2.1. The organizational stage of treasurer accounting of purchase of goods (works and services) by state-financed organizations is performed in all territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, since August 1, 2000.

2.2. After implementation of this stage in state-financed organizations cash execution according to any item of expenditure which is not accepted or the works and services which are not registered by treasury on goods purchased, accepted, i.e. the "Document for purchase of goods (works and services)" prepared about purchases cannot be accepted and be conducted. It should be noted that "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" can be prepared based on the "Document according to the obligation" prepared and accepted on these costs earlier i.e. the state-financed organization cannot be supplied with goods (works and services) more undertaken obligation, otherwise such purchases are not accepted on accounting by treasury and cash expenses are not conducted.

Thus, the state-financed organization can prepare the Order for cash expenses on the accounts payable formed as a result of acceptance to this obligation and purchase of goods (works and services) performed in this framework.

2.3. Bodies of treasury bear responsibility for the correct execution of "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)", for ensuring compliance of the amount specified in the document for acquisition, to limit of undertaken obligations.

And state-financed organizations bear direct responsibility for receipt (acceptance) of the acquired inventory items, the performed works and the rendered services as it is specified in the provided forms of source documents and, following the existing rules, for their use to destination, and also for their correct accounting and movement.

2.4. As well as in case of acceptance of obligations, accounting of purchases of goods (works and services) shall be carried out separately for each expenditure item.

2.5. Preparation of "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" and accounting by treasury is performed in the following sequence:

* The state-financed organization in month of carrying out transaction prepares in advance "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" for the accepted goods (works and services), according to obligations assumed on accounting by treasury (i.e. it is no more) and together with supporting documents represents to treasury. Besides, to the conditions specified in Item 2.2 of these rules also exceptions are provided. Taking into account the existing realities on preliminary stage the advance payment can be made without purchase of goods (works and services). If under the terms of the agreement on purchase of goods, works and services signed between the parties advance payment cases are provided, these payments are made without preparation of "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)". The values which are handed over in state-financed organization for prepaid means are specified in the special column of "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" (Appendix 1) and are as appropriate brought in treasurer accounts books.

* "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" is checked and given together with supporting documents in treasury for accounting. Supporting documents are checked in treasury and return after assurance by stamp "Treasury". On the questions raising doubts in this case additional check can be organized by treasury. The amount which is not exceeding remaining balance of the unexecuted obligation, and the "Document for purchase of goods (works and services)" prepared according to all requirements of these rules are accepted on accounting and the accounts payable formed as a result of it is considered public debt and basis for cash execution. In case of goods receipt (works and services) for which the advance payment, along with creation of accounting of these values is made the column "Advance payment" in the Treasurer accounts book decreases by the corresponding amount.

2.6. The beginning of application of stage of cash accounting of purchase of goods (works and services) does necessary amending in the "Orders" used before for cash expenses (Appendix 2).

2.7. In spite of the fact that stages of obligations, acquisition and cash expenses are closely interconnected with each other, the moments of their origin and registration are various. In Appendix 4 the sequence of origin of these transactions is in detail noted.

2.8. Thus, acceptance of "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" by treasury assumes the following three main conditions:

First, "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" can be prepared after the document of obligation assumed before by treasury;

Secondly, "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" can be prepared and registered in month under report of purchase of goods (works and services);

In third, the amount of "The document for purchase of goods (works and services)" cannot exceed remaining balance of the obligation which arose at the moment.


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