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The document ceased to be valid since   June 1, 2023 according to article 37 of the Law of the Republic of Armenia on October 26, 2022 No. ZR-368


of August 3, 1998 No. ZR-246

About weapon

(as amended on 20-12-2022)

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on July 3, 1998

This Law governs the relations arising in case of turnover of civil, office, and also military person-portable small and military cold weapon in the territory of the Republic of Armenia.

Provisions of this Law extend also to turnover of cartridges to weapon and ammunition.

Article 1. The basic concepts applied in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are applied:

a) weapon - the devices and objects which are structurally intended for defeat of live or other purpose or giving of signal;

b) firearms - the weapon intended for mechanical defeat of the purpose at distance by the shell receiving directed movement due to energy of powder or other charge which main components are: trunk, lock, drum, frame, receiver;

c) cold weapon - the weapon intended for defeat of object by means of the muscular strength of the person in case of direct contact with object;

d) throwing weapon - the weapon which is specially intended for defeat of the live purpose at certain distance by means of the objects adapted for throwing (further - metayemy adaptation) receiving directed movement by means of the muscular strength of the person or the mechanical device;

e) pneumatic weapon - the weapon intended for defeat of the purpose by the metayemy adaptation receiving directed movement due to energy of the compressed, liquefied or hardened gas;

e) gas weapon - the weapon intended for temporary inactivation of the live purpose by application of the tear or irritating substances allowed to use;

g) alarm weapon - the weapon which is structurally intended only for giving of light, smoke or sound signals;

h) ammunition - objects of arms, equipment and the metayemy devices intended for defeat of the purpose, containing explosive, throwing, pyrotechnic, vyshibny charges or their combination;

i) the boss - the device intended for shot from weapon, combining in single whole by means of sleeve explosive means, propellant powder and metayemy adaptation;

j) traffic in weapons and the main parts of firearms (further - weapon) - production of weapon, arms trade, sale, transfer, acquisition, collecting and exhibiting, accounting, storage, carrying, transportation, transportation, use, withdrawal and destruction, and also import of weapon to the territory of the Republic of Armenia and export from the Republic of Armenia (further - respectively import and export);

k) production of weapon - research, development, testing, production, art finishing, repair of weapon, and also production of ammunition, cartridges and their components;

l) rewarding with weapon – the encouragement type in accordance with the established procedure issued by persons established by this Law within the powers assigned to them by the law.

The products structurally similar to weapon, but the certified products of economic and household, production and sports appointment are not considered as weapon (further - products, structurally similar to weapon).

Article 2. Types of weapon

Weapon on the purposes of its use by appropriate subjects, and also on key parameters and the characterizing signs is subdivided on:

a) civil;

b) office;

c) fighting manual shooting and fighting cold (further - fighting) weapon.

Article 3. Civil weapon

Civil weapon, held for use citizens of the Republic of Armenia for the purpose of self-defense, and also for occupations hunting and sport is considered. The firearms which are considered civil on the design shall exclude possibility of firing by queues and have reservoir of shop (drum) no more than ten cartridges.

Civil weapon is subdivided on:

1. Self-defense weapon:

a) fire smooth-bore long-barreled weapon, including firearms with the cartridges meeting the standards of traumatic action established by authorized body of public administration in the field of health care of the Republic of Armenia (authorized body in the field of health care);

b) ceased to be valid;

c) gas weapon - the gas guns loaded with tear gas or the irritating substances (including the drum revolver), allowed for use by authorized body in the field of health care, their cartridges, mechanical sprayers, aerosol and other devices;


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