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of January 26, 2009 No. 30

About pastures

(as amended on 05-08-2022)

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on December 18, 2008

Article 1. Legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic on pastures

Management of pastures, their improvement and use are regulated by the Land code of the Kyrgyz Republic, this Law, and also the relevant legislation and other regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The regulatory legal acts of state bodies and local government bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic governing the relations in the field of management, improvement and use of pastures except pastures of the state forest fund, shall conform to requirements of the Land code of the Kyrgyz Republic and this Law.

Article 2. The basic concepts applied in this Law

Pastures - type of the agricultural holdings covered with grassy vegetation, used in the form of pasture for pasture of the cattle and in other purposes reflected in land and accounting data.

Local government bodies - the representative, executive bodies providing the solution of questions of local value.

Authorized state body - the state body in the field of management of pastures determined by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

State commission on establishment of borders of pastures - the temporary state commission created by the decision of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Objects of pasturable infrastructure - constructions, bridges, roads, skotoprogonny routes, skotoostanovochny and vodopoyny platforms, tanks for Kupka of sheep, pens and the fenced-off places intended for needs of the grazed cattle, seasonal accommodation, the corresponding constructions of shepherds and other real estate necessary for content and functioning of pastures.

Optimum loading - quantity of units of the cattle on the square on which it is possible to graze the cattle without causing damage to botanical composition of pasturable herbage, its performance and ecological integrity of pastures.

Pastbishchepolzovateli - the physical persons and legal entities of the Kyrgyz Republic having the right to use pastures.

Consolidation of pastbishchepolzovatel - public organization in the territory of local self-government which represents the interests of pastbishchepolzovately corresponding administrative and territorial unit concerning use of pastures.

Жайыт committee - executive body of consolidation of pastbishchepolzovatel.

The plan of community for management and use of pastures - the plan covering the period in five years for management and use of the pastures which are in state-owned property.

The annual plan of use of pastures - the plan determining the permitted and approved use of pastures which are in management of this local self-government.

The pasturable ticket - the document granting right to use of pastures for pasture of the cattle and allocating pastbishchepolzovatel with the status of the member of consolidation of pastbishchepolzovatel.

Use of pastures in other purposes - use of pasturable resources in other purposes, except cattle pasture which treat, but is not limited, hunting, beekeeping, collection of officinal herbs, fruits and berries, procurement of hay and fuel, production of popular minerals, installation of constructions of communication of easy design (not capital), tourism and rest of citizens.

Skotoprogona - the sites of pastures determined жайыт by committee for stage or movement of the cattle between pastures.

Improvement of pastures - system of the actions directed to increase in harvest and quality of pastures.

Grassing - crops of long-term herbs for the purpose of creation of herbage of different economic use.

Superficial improvement of pastures - action for improvement of pastures by creation of cultural pastures without complete violation of sod.

Radical improvement of pastures - action for improvement of pastures by destruction of sod and the subsequent grassing.

Cultural pastures - sites of pastures on which superficial improvement is carried out good herbage by crops of forage crops is created, systematic leaving is carried out, fertilizers are introduced, zagonny (portion) pasturage of the cattle is performed.

Forage crops - the crops which are grown up for the purpose of use on forage animal.

Pastures of radical improvement - the agricultural holding covered with grassy vegetation, created by destruction of sod and the subsequent grassing.

Improvement of pasturable infrastructure - the actions directed to reconstruction, repair, rehabilitation, construction of facilities of pasturable infrastructure.

Unproductive pastures - pastures with productivity in fodder units of less 0,8 of c/hectare (for haymakings and pastures), adverse in the meliorative relation and the requiring holding actions for their improvement.

Article 3. Property right and establishment of borders of pastures

1. Pastures are in exclusive property of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. Borders of pastures shall be established on the basis of their distribution in borders of the former Soviet and collective farms taking into account borders of the existing administrative and territorial units.

In case of origin in the course of establishment of borders of disputes of border of sites of the pastures transferred to local government bodies according to article 4 of this Law are established:

- in borders of the lands provided to kolkhozes and sovkhozes under the state act in use;

- in borders of the lands which were part of the state land inventory, used by kolkhozes and sovkhozes on the basis of long-term use according to materials on establishment of borders of business entities.

Provisions of the paragraph of the fourth of this part do not extend to the lands of forest fund returned in structure of the state forest fund on April 15, 1997.

3. Voided

4. Establishment of borders of pastures shall be carried out by the local commission formed by local public administration. Heads of executive body of local self-government of each adjacent territory of local self-government, representatives of the local kenesh, the representative of authorized body of environmental issues and forestry, representatives of associations of pastbishchepolzovatel of the adjacent territories of local self-government, specialists in land management of public administration of area and authorized state body in the field of registration of the rights to real estate are part of the commission.

5. By the government of the Kyrgyz Republic state commission on establishment of borders of pastures can be created, authorized to resolve the disputes which are not solved by the commissions created according to part 4 of this Article, or the commissions of regional working groups, and providing preparation of final recommendations to the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic concerning pasturable borders. This commission has the right to create working groups in each area, authorized to settle the disputes between local government bodies concerning pasturable borders, to approve and represent to state commission the pasturable borders determined by the local commissions according to part 2 of this Article taking into account these borders of administrative and territorial units of local ayylny aimags.


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