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The document ceased to be valid since August 10, 2021 the Order of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan of May 6, 2021 No. 11-mkh

Registered by

Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

On January 30, 1999 No. 614

Approved by the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 28, 1999, No. 106-B, No. 99-14

Procedure for use of information by National Information Base of Bank Depositors for maintaining the automated taxpayer registration for the purpose of the taxation

(as amended on on January 16, 2009)

1. General provisions

1.1. This Procedure according to resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 15, 1999 N 24 "About measures for further reforming of bank system", of March 30, 1999 N 146 "About measures for strengthening of bank and tax control behind activities of again created business entities", of July 3, 1999 N 327 "About procedure for liquidation of the companies which are not performing financial and economic activities and did not create the authorized funds in the terms established by the legislation" determines procedure for transfer of electronic information on condition of deposit accounts of taxpayers in national and foreign currencies from National information base of bank depositors (daleenibbd) of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the State Tax Committee (further - GNK) and its divisions.

2. Procedure for exchange of information

2.1. The main Center of Informatization of the Central bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan transfers (GTsI) at the request of GNK information all registered in NIBBD deposit accounts of legal entities and entrepreneurs performing the economic activity without formation of legal entity in national and foreign currencies, on the established structure.

2.2. For information transfer of NIVBD, GTsI opens separate mailbox for GNK, access to which is provided on the identifier and the password.

2.3. Till April 1, 1999 GTsI drops information of NIBBD in mailbox of GNK in full. Then, in mailbox of GNK only the changed data NIBBD will be daily dropped.

By the additional written request GNK information of NIBBD in full can be transferred repeatedly.

Responsibility for timely withdrawal of information from mailbox is conferred on GNK.

2.4. For ensuring reliability, completeness, integrity and confidentiality information of NIBBD is transferred in encrypted form. Central Bank transfers to GNK the program of decoding.

For ensuring lack of misstatement of the transmitted data and identification of the sender information is confirmed by the digital signature.

For ensuring privacy and confidentiality of the obtained information of GNK determines the group of people which have right of access to this information.

2.5. Information of NIBBD dropped in mailbox of GNK has the following structure:

name of the client;

client's type;

unique code of the client;

identification taxpayer number;

area code;

bank code;

type of bank;

20-unit account number;

date of the last movement on the account;

date of opening of the account;

closing date of the account;

sign of the basis for account termination;

date of temporary suspension of active transactions or blocking;

sign of the basis for temporary suspension of active transactions or blocking or data on the account status;

date of unblocking of temporarily suspended active transactions or start of motion of blocked accounts;

date of account transfer in other bank;

bank code where the account is translated;

date of the termination of activities of the client;

date of emergence of the basis for change of the account status.


Signs of the bases are carried out according to the appendix N 1 to the Regulations on National information base of bank depositors of the Republic of Uzbekistan, procedure for assignment of codes to clients and maintaining the list of bank accounts in it (reg. N 1863 of September 27, 2008 - the Collection of the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2008, N 40-41, Art. 414) (the text is provided in Uzbek).

2.6. Information transfer of NIBBD in GNK does not exempt banks from obligation of issue of data on deposit accounts of taxpayers on requests of relevant organs in the procedure established by the legislation.

2.7. For carrying out reconciliation of the post files of the first day of every month of SHCHI sent and received in month transfers to GNK the reference in electronic form with the list of the post files sent in month. Transfer and acceptance of the reference are confirmed by the digital signatures (DS) of the sender and receiver. The form of the electronic reference is given in the appendix N 1 (the text is provided in Uzbek).

3. Use of information

3.1. GNK, analyzes information obtained from NIBBD, sorts it by areas and provides delivery of this information to tax authorities on places for practical use.

3.2. Tax authorities on places analyze information obtained from GNK and, in case of detection of discrepancy with the data obtained from GNK transfer data to banks on places for entering of corresponding changes into NIBBD base.

3.3. Banks, having received the specified data from tax authorities, analyze them and transfer necessary changes in NIBBD within 2 working days.

3.4. Tax authorities on places obtain all necessary information on deposit accounts of taxpayers from GNK.

3.5. GNK will also transfer the conclusion about analysis results to GTsI.

3.6. GTsI together with the Central bank, having studied the decision received from GNK, transfers, if necessary, the corresponding instructions to organizations of banks.

3.7. GNK has no right to make changes to the received NIBBD database.

3.8. GNK uses information obtained from NIBBD within the current legislation and provides respect for privacy of information.

Appendix No. 1

to the Procedure for use of information of National information base of bank depositors for the automated taxpayer registration for the purpose of the taxation

The certificate of the list of the post files transferred to the State Tax Committee by the Main center of informatization

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