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The agreement on cooperation between the Governments of the State Parties of GUUAM in the field of fight against terrorism, organized crime and other dangerous types of crimes

of July 20, 2002

The governments of the State Parties of GUUAM which further are referred to as with "Parties"

wishing to develop provisions of the Charter of GUUAM signed in Yalta on June 7, 2001

confirming the unconditional condemnation of acts of terrorism and declaring the determination to prevent those,

confirming that terrorist actions represent threat for international peace and safety,

recognizing need of safety, territorial integrity and inviolability of borders of the states,

confirming need to fight all means against the threats for international peace and safety created by acts of terrorism

urging the states to make common efforts for the purpose of prevention and suppression of acts of terrorism, including by cooperation increase and ensuring implementation of the corresponding international conventions concerning fight against terrorism

recognizing need of acceptance of additional measures for the purpose of prevention and suppression in the territory, with use of all legal means, financing and preparation of any acts of terrorism,

concerned about rise in crime, in particular organized,

being guided by rules of international law and provisions of the national legal system of the states of the Parties,

based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and benefit,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties according to the national legal system of the states will perform cooperation in the following spheres:

- fight against terrorism;

- fight against organized crime;

- fight against illegal armed groups;

- fight against arms trafficking and ammunition, military equipment, separate types of raw materials, materials, the equipment and technologies which can be used for their creation, explosive and toxic agents;

- fight against illicit trafficking in nuclear materials, radioactive materials, materials, the equipment and technologies of double purpose which can be used in creation and production of weapons of mass destruction;

- fight against drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and precursors;

- fight against counterfeit of the instruments of payment, securities, financial records, documents proving the identity, and also their implementation in turnover and illegal use;

- fight against crimes in economic and financial spheres, including the crimes connected with tax avoidance, money laundering and corruption;

- fight against smuggling and other customs offenses;

- fight against crimes against the personality, and also property crimes;

- search of missing persons, identification of persons, and also unknown corpses;

- search of persons, suspects or the crimes accused of making, and also persons avoiding criminal liability or serving sentence;

fight against thefts, illicit trafficking and trade in vehicles;

fight against illegal migration, illicit movement and human trafficking;

- fight against crimes in the field of use of computer technologies and computer networks;

- fight against crimes in the field of intellectual property;

- fight against hijacking of air, ocean ships and other vehicles.

Article 2

Interaction of the Parties within this agreement is performed in bilateral and multilateral formats based on the inquiries about rendering assistance sent the prevention, identification, suppression, investigation and mitigation of consequences, first of all:

- crimes of terrorist nature, including taking of hostages and kidnappings;

- illicit movement and turnover of strong, toxic and radioactive materials;

- illicit trafficking nuclear, chemical, biological and other types of weapon of mass destruction, materials and the equipment which can be applied during its creation;

- arms trafficking, ammunition, explosives and destructive devices;

- drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and precursors.

The parties take all necessary measures for ensuring immediate and complete execution of request about assistance in fight against crimes of terrorist nature.

Article 3

1. The inquiry is sent for rendering assistance in writing. In immediate cases requests can orally be transmitted or through electronic means of communication, with the subsequent written confirmation within 72 hours.

2. The request about rendering assistance shall contain:

a) the name of competent authority of the requesting Party and competent authority of the required Party;

b) statement of merits of case;

c) specifying of the purpose and reasons for request;

d) content of required assistance;

e) desirable completion dates of request.

3. In that measure in what it is necessary and it is possible, the request about rendering assistance shall contain also:

a) names and surnames, nicknames (if necessary - special signs), nationality of persons concerning case, dates and places of their birth, occupation, residences and stay;

b) names and the locations of the legal entities concerning case;

c) the description of act or event, and on criminal act delamkvalifikation according to the legislation of the state of the requesting Party and the text of the applied law provision;

d) the list of questions on which it is necessary to receive the answer;

e) the description of special procedure which needs to be followed in case of execution of request, and reasons for this need;

e) any other information which can be useful to execution of request, including the relevant documents.

4. The request about rendering assistance transferred or confirmed in writing is signed in accordance with the established procedure and sealed by official.

5. Competent authorities of each of the Parties determine procedure for the intercourses and the list of persons authorized on their implementation what inform other Parties on.

6. Information can be provided to other Party without request if reasons to believe are had that it is of interest to this Party.

Article 4

The parties are developed and take agreed measures on:

- to suppression of activities of the terrorist organizations and groups, and also overlapping of channels of receipt of financial, military and technical and other aid by it;

- to identification of bases, training camps, places of treatment of terrorists;

- to overlapping of routes of movement in the territory of the State Parties of GUUAM of terrorist groups and persons, involved in them;

- to identification and establishment of persons involved in activities of the terrorist organizations and groups;

- to carrying out operational developments of organized criminal groups of all-criminal orientation, including, engaged in arms trafficking and drugs, and also illegal migration;

- carrying out controlled deliveries;

- to exchange of information, including about new types of the drugs and psychotropic substances which appeared in illicit trafficking, technologies of their production and the substances used at the same time, and also about new methods of research and identification of drugs, precursors and psychotropic substances;


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