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of December 26, 2008 No. 1265

About approval of the Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Wooden Designs"

(The last edition from 23-07-2013)

For the purpose of implementation of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of November 9, 2004 "About technical regulation" the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan DECIDES:

1. Approve the enclosed Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Wooden Designs".

2. This resolution becomes effective after six months from the date of the first official publication.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

K. Masimov

Approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 26, 2008, No. 1265

Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Wooden Designs"

1. Scope

1. This Technical regulation "Requirements to Safety of Wooden Designs" (further - the Technical regulation) establishes requirements to safety of wooden designs, to processes of their production, transportation, storage, use and utilization.

Objects of technical regulation in this Technical regulation are:

1) the wooden designs given in appendix 1 to this Technical regulation

2) production processes, transportations, storages, uses and utilizations of wooden designs (lifecycles).

2. Identification of wooden designs is made by use of codes of the single Commodity nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the Customs union (FEACN CU) and the codes corresponding to them on products Qualifier by types of economic activity (KP of foreign trade activities) of RK Group 04-2008, on marking and accompanying documents, on availability of layers (lamels) on side surfaces of design and/or on availability of glue layers (connections) on these surfaces, and also on other signs, parameters, indicators and requirements which are in total sufficient for recognition.

4. The major dangerous factors (risks) which it is necessary to avoid in processes of lifecycle wooden designs are:

1) in case of production and assembly of wooden designs the increased noise level and vibrations can take place;

2) mobile parts of the equipment, tool, the moving products, procurements, materials;

3) the increased or lowered ambient temperature, the surfaces of the equipment;

4) development of microflora on surface of wooden designs;

5) ignition of wooden designs in case of production processes;

6) availability in wooden designs of the radioactive radiations exceeding maximum permissible values which can make negative impact on human body;

Uneven distribution of load can lead 7) in case of transportation to loss of management during the braking or movement on turn, and the swaying cargo during movement can be displaced or stall;

8) in production process and operation release of pitches, glues, liquids, means for decorative/protective processing of tree, antifungal medicines, varnishes, paints and other materials of specific smell and chemicals in the quantities exceeding maximum-permissible concentration capable to cause damage to health of the person;

9) dangerous operational processes in case of which the excessive amount of heat is generated that can be fire origin;

10) destruction of the wooden designs intended for perception of considerable operational loadings;

11) danger from moving vehicles, hoisting machines, mechanisms and their parts within production sites and construction platforms.

5. If the international treaty ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of wooden designs establishes other rules, than those which are provided by this Technical regulation are applied rules of the international treaty.

6. This Technical regulation does not extend to the wooden designs which were in the use and reusable in construction.

2. Terms and determinations

7. In this Technical regulation the basic concepts used in legal acts in the field of technical regulation and in the field of architectural, town-planning and construction activities are applied, the following terms are in addition used:

1) durability of wooden design - the mechanical property of wooden design characterizing its capability to resist destruction under the influence of operational and other loadings;

2) biological safety of wooden designs - condition of the wood applied in case of production of wooden designs in case of which there is no unacceptable risk of damnification to health of the person and the environment from microorganisms, the different insects making negative impact;

3) mechanical safety of wooden designs - the condition of wooden designs in case of which their required durability during the set service life is provided and is absent unacceptable risk of damnification of life or to health of the person and the environment, including plant and animal life

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