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of January 23, 2009 No. 49

About some questions of sales promotion of products, goods (works, services)

(as amended on 18-10-2019)

For the purpose of increase in interest of employees of the commercial organizations in ensuring growth of amounts of goods sold, goods (works, services), including for export, decrease in inventories of finished goods, receipt of currency earnings:

1. Determine that:

1.1. heads of the commercial organizations irrespective of pattern of ownership are granted the right:

perform payment of monthly employee benefit, providing sales of products, goods (works, services), including for export, decrease in inventories of finished goods, in percentage terms from revenue received from sales of products, goods (works, services) in current prices without restriction with its maximum sizes. At the same time other stimulating payments (allowances, awards) to the specified workers are not charged and not paid;

provide in contracts to the workers providing receipt of the currency earnings received from sales of products, goods (works, services), the personal payment terms of work including the tariff charges (tariff salaries) estimated in multiple sizes to the tariff charge of the first category operating in the commercial organization, and the stimulating payments which are not limited to the maximum sizes (allowances, awards), and to the workers who were directly participating in the conclusion of the external economic transaction (agreement) depending on efficiency of her (his) realization – remuneration in percentage terms from the amount of this transaction (agreement).

The specific sizes, procedure and conditions of the payments established to workers according to part one of this subitem are determined by the employer in the collective agreement, the agreement, other local regulatory legal act accepted according to the legislation and (or) the employment contract (contract) if other is not established by the President of the Republic of Belarus;

1.2. the owner of property of the organization or body, authorized to sign contracts with heads of the commercial organizations, to these heads of payment term of their work having the right to determine depending on decrease in inventories of finished goods, sales of products, goods (works, services), including for export, and (or) receipts of currency earnings according to subitem 1.1 of this Item;

1.3. the salary added to workers according to subitem 1.1 or 1.2 of this Item the maximum sizes is not limited and joins in the costs on production and sales of products, goods (works, services) considered during the pricing and the taxation.

2. To Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus in two-month time to take measures for implementation of this Decree.

3. This Decree becomes effective since January 1, 2009.

President of the Republic of Belarus

A. Lukashenko

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