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It is registered

in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

December 8, 2008.

No. 1166/15857


of November 14, 2008 No. 188

About approval of Requirements to the choice of the platform for placement of storage for burial of radioactive waste

According to article 22 of the Law of Ukraine "About use of nuclear energy and radiation safety", Item 4 of the Regulations on the State committee of the nuclear regulation of Ukraine approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of December 27, 2006 N 1830, and for the purpose of ensuring state regulation in the field of use of nuclear energy of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve Requirements to the choice of the platform for placement of storage for burial of radioactive waste which is applied.

2. To management of safety of the treatment of radioactive waste and removal from operation (Kutuzova T. Ya.) provide:

provision of this order in accordance with the established procedure on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

mailing of this order according to mailing calculation.

3. In week time after state registration of the order to provide to information crisis management (Ananenko O. M.) its placement on Gosatomregulirovaniya's website.

4. To impose control of execution of the order on the vice-chairman Makarovskaya O. A.


Chairman O. A. Mikolaychuk

Approved by the Order of the State committee of nuclear regulation of Ukraine of November 14, 2008 No. 188

Requirements to the choice of the platform for placement of storage for burial of radioactive waste

I. General provisions

1.1. In these Requirements technical and organizational requirements to the choice of the platform for placement of superficial (near-surface) / geological storage for burial of radioactive waste (further - storage) for the purpose of ensuring nuclear and radiation safety in case of burial of radioactive waste are established (further - Russian joint stock company).

1.2. These Requirements extend to subjects of activities in the field of use of nuclear energy whose activities are connected with the choice of the platform for placement of storage (daleeploshchadka) and assessment of safety of storage at stages of its lifecycle - in case of the choice of the platform, designing, construction, operation, closing of storage.

1.3. Requirements are applied in case of the choice of the platform to placement of new storages, and also in case of revaluation of safety of the existing storages, including in case of their upgrade and reconstruction, taking into account the specified characteristics of the platform.

1.4. In these Requirements the terms below are used in such values:

the requirement - condition to which there shall correspond the platform in general or its separate characteristic irrespective of stage of the choice of the platform;

invasion unintentional - accidental penetration of the person into body of storage after its closing owing to implementation of types of activity in the territory of the platform that can lead to final or partial fracture of engineering and natural barriers of system of burial, carrying out of radioactive material on available environment and to radiation of the person (for example, in case of exploration, construction works, well-drilling and so forth);

the available circle - part of the surrounding environment (near-surface layer of the atmosphere, soil, surface water and so forth) where the person can potentially undergo to radiation owing to existence of storage;

closing - stage of lifecycle of storage which begins after the termination of acceptance of waste on burial and provides holding organizational actions and technology transactions on forming of final configuration of system of burial according to the project of closing (completion of creation of engineering barriers, dismantle and deactivation of infrastructure facilities, establishment of procedures of administrative control);

criterion of the choice - the quality characteristic (geological, hydrogeological, social and economic, demographic and so forth) or numerical measure value of suitability or indicator of geological suitability on which at stage of the choice of the platform the decision on compliance to the considered territory to certain requirements or benefits is made;

the platform potential - the platform chosen for further harakterizovaniye by results of stage of regional inspection;

the platform priority - the platform chosen among several potential platforms by results of harakterizovaniye stage;

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