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The agreement between the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the State agency of civil aviation of the Republic Kyrgyzstan on cooperation in the field of air transport

of June 10, 1992

The Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation and the State agency of civil aviation of the Republic Kyrgyzstan, hereinafter referred to as "Contracting parties", according to the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic Kyrgyzstan on cooperative principles and conditions of relations in the field of transport,

wishing to strengthen and develop mutual cooperation in the field of air transport,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

This agreement determines conditions of activities of the air transport of Contracting Parties transporting passengers and loads between both countries and out of their limits, and also mutual coordination of the work connected with development and functioning of civil aviation.

Article 2

Each of Contracting Parties will promote creation in the territory of the state of necessary conditions for flights of aircrafts of other Contracting Party, their aeronautical, land and maintenance.

Article 3

1. Contracting parties agreed to keep the rules existing at the time of the signature of this agreement, manuals, provisions, instructions, standards, specifications and other regulating documents regulating activities of civil aviation including in the field of flight, mate, technical, aeronautical, medical, meteorological, airfield support of flights.

2. Changes, and also approval of the new regulating documents infringing on interests of other Contracting Party will be made under mutual approval.

3. Contracting parties will aim to provide standardization of the aviation legislation existing in the territories of their states.

Article 4

1. Contracting parties when implementing the international air transportation will provide observance of provisions of the intergovernmental agreements signed before the USSR with foreign states and also international conventions and other Agreements in the field of air transport which participant was the USSR.

2. Each of Contracting Parties by preparation of the new intergovernmental agreements about air traffic infringing on interests of other Contracting Party will perform with it necessary consultations.

3. Each of Contracting Parties in case of accomplishment of the international air transportation based on the agreements signed with the third countries will perform with other Contracting Party close cooperation in questions of development and application of single tariff policy, commercial conditions of operation of airlines not to cause unjustified damage to airlines of other Contracting Party.

4. Under the organization of the international air transportation for the trasses passing through the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic Kyrgyzstan, Contracting Parties will coordinate the actions for the purpose of protection of the commercial interests.

Article 5

Each of Contracting Parties recognizes the registration certificates of aircrafts granted by other Contracting Party, certificates of the validity to flights and other documents necessary for flights.

Article 6

Contracting parties recognized necessary to perform the approved tariff policy.

Article 7

The schedule of flights of the aircrafts performing flights between the Items located in the territories of the Russian Federation and the Republic Kyrgyzstan will affirm competent authorities of both Contracting Parties.

Article 8

1. Contracting parties will give necessary assistance each other on prevention of the illegal acts of hijacking of the aircrafts and other illegal acts directed against safety of aircrafts, their passengers and crews, the airports and aeronautical means, and also any other safety hazard of civil aviation.

2. In case of incident or threat of the incident connected with illegal hijacking of civil aircrafts or with other illegal acts directed against safety of aircrafts, their passengers and crews, the airports or aeronautical means. Contracting parties will give each other help and to take adequate measures for the purpose of bystry and safe suppression of such incident or its threat.

Article 9

Contracting parties on the basis of reciprocity will coordinate work in the field of:

scientific and technical policy on air transport;

creations of conditions for mutual material logistics of airlines, including fillings of aircrafts with fuels and lubricants.

Article 10

Contracting parties will cooperate in the field of training of aviation specialists in single technique. The qualification documents issued about the termination of educational institutions will have legal force in the territory of the states of Contracting Parties.

Article 11

Relations of the companies and organizations of civil aviation of Contracting Parties for the questions entering their competence will be under construction on the basis of direct contracts between them.

Article 12

Contracting parties will resolve all matters of argument in connection with interpretation and application of this agreement by negotiations and consultations.

Article 13

This agreement becomes effective from the date of its signing and will be effective until the expiration of 90 days from the date of when one of Contracting Parties reports to other Contracting Party in writing about the intention to terminate the Agreement.

It is made in Moscow on June 10, 1992 in two authentic copies, everyone in the Russian and Kyrgyz languages, and both texts are equally authoritative.


Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

V. B. Yefimov

CEO of the State agency of civil aviation

Republics Kyrgyzstan K. U. Kozubekov

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