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The agreement on cooperation in the field of power industry of the Russian Federation and the Republic Kyrgyzstan

of June 10, 1992

The Russian Federation and the Republic Kyrgyzstan the participants of this agreement on behalf of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation and Public power utility company of the Republic Kyrgyzstan who are referred to as further "Contracting parties"

- being guided by the international standards and practice;

- based on the solution of heads of governments of the states of February 8, 1992;

- in view of provisions of the Agreement on coordination of the interstate relations in the field of power industry of the Commonwealth of Independent States of February 14, 1992 and formation of Electrical power Council of the CIS;

- proceeding from the principles of the European energy charter and the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual aid between the Russian Federation and the Republic Kyrgyzstan.

agreed as follows:

1. The Russian Federation and the Republic Kyrgyzstan on the basis of mutual advantage, mutual assistance and support will develop in every possible way cooperation in the field of power in the following directions:

1.1. Coordination of developments and strategy implementation of development of power industry as a part of fuel and energy complex and programs of perspective development of power systems, including for the Republic Kyrgyzstan based on the accelerated development of hydropower.

1.2. Organization of accomplishment of specific intergovernmental agreements for further development of Power pool system of the Commonwealth countries.

1.3. The organization and coordination of interstate scientific programs and developmental developments in the field of electro-and heat supplies, new technologies and the equipment, energy resources saving and implementation of unconventional sources of energy with the solution of appropriate questions of financing. Scientific and technical progress in the field of power industry shall provide the parties jointly, effectively using the developed structure and specialization of the research and design organizations.

1.4. Mutual rendering by agreement parties assistance and the help in the organization of interstate deliveries of material resources, the power equipment, spare parts, remedies, devices, building constructions for operational and repair requirements of the operating energy objects and construction of new power sources, power and thermal networks. Organization of the interrepublican market of power construction and power repair products.

1.5. Development and adoption of the coordinated interstate agreements on gasoline supplies from the Russian Federation for power plants on the basis of perspective balances of energy, capacities and fuel of both states.

1.6. Development of the state ecological programs in the field of power industry on the basis of single methodological approach.

1.7. Standardization of parameters of power industry, power equipment, ensuring unity of regulations and rules of construction of energy objects, their operation, technological management and safety.

1.8. The organization of methodological unity of forming of rates for electrical and heat energy, calculations of cost of energy, accounting and the reporting in electrical power production.

1.9. Coordination of development and release together with the companies and producers of the new hydroenergy equipment, and also interstate programs of upgrade of the operative equipment, power plants, thermal and power networks, control systems, managements and bonds.

1.10. Coordination and joint development of the legal framework and provisions on power, energy saving, privatization and privatization of the energy companies.

1.11. Development of basic provisions of scientific and technical and economic cooperation of state members of the Commonwealth in mitigation of consequences of accidents and natural disasters, social protection of affected population.

1.12. Participation in preparation of the project of electrical power charter of the Independent States, as the document promoting forming and realization of actions of the states of the Commonwealth for creation of the public and competitive market of electrical energy, the equipment, materials, fuel and services for electrical power objects.

1.13. Carrying out coordinated policy and program implementation of entry of power industry of the republics into the international systems of energy economy. The organization of specific foreign economic activity in the field of power industry and power construction in the approved directions.

1.14. Development of common information space in the field of power industry and power construction. Organization of interrepublican and international meetings, exhibitions and other actions for increase in working experience, personnel training to new methods of the organization of economy, operation of the power equipment and power construction.

2. The present of the agreement becomes effective from the date of its signing and is effective according to Article 31 of the basic agreement.

3. The agreement is basic, the specific agreements realizing separate forms and methods of cooperation shall consider this basic agreement.

The agreement can be added or changed with the consent of both parties which signed it.

It is made on June 10, 1992 in Moscow in duplicate, each of them in the Russian and Kyrgyz languages, and both texts are equally authoritative.


For the Republic Kyrgyzstan Prezident of Public power utility company

Zh. T. Tuleberdiyev

For the Russian Federation First Deputy Minister for Fuel and Energy


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