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of October 9, 1992

About coordination of the interstate relations in the field of mail and electric service

The governments of the State Parties of this agreement which are hereinafter referred to as with "Parties"

being guided by article 7 of the Agreement on creation of the Commonwealth of Independent States,

recognizing the sovereign right to regulate the activities in the field of mail and electric service, including sound and television broadcasting behind each independent state,

considering special role of communication in economic and social development of the states and the interstate relations,

realizing need and benefits of coordination of activities of the State Parties of the Commonwealth for effective use and development of means of communication for steady and reliable providing with communication the population, the organizations and the companies,

realizing the obligations under interstate agreements and aiming to maintain readiness of the states for the cooperation based on mutual respect and trust

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties agreed to coordinate the actions in the field of provision of services of communication, harmonization of development of networks and means of communication, developments of concepts on scientific and technical and tariff policy, trainings and works of educational institutions of communication, protection of common interests of the states in the international organizations for communication and their bodies.

Article 2

The parties provide stable functioning of interstate networks of telecommunication and transportations of mail.

Article 3

The parties will organize mutual assistance in preserving survivability and reliability of functioning of national and interstate communication networks in emergency situations.

Article 4

The parties keep rendering services in transfer of money transfers, perfroming interstate calculations for translated transactions with use of single monetary unit (ruble).

In case of introduction by the certain State Parties of the Commonwealth of the national currency of service in transfer of money transfers will be regulated by free standing agreements.

Article 5

The parties approve the general principles of standardization, certification and metrology of means of communication for ensuring interaction of communication networks at the interstate level.

Article 6

The parties coordinate:

regulations and rules for operation of the means and construction of facilities of communication having interstate value;

methodical recommendations about pricing and rates for interstate services and means of communication and about carrying out interstate calculations among themselves.

Article 7

The parties agreed in engineering procedures of transmission of messages and information between participants of this agreement to apply on telecommunications agencies single accounting and reporting vremyamoskovsky, in work with consumers of communication services - local time.

Article 8

The parties approve the Regional commonwealth created by administrations of communication of the State Parties of the Commonwealth of Independent States on December 17, 1991 in the field of communication as the interstate coordinating body.

Article 9

The parties agreed that interaction of the organizations of communication which are in their territories will be based taking into account (on basis) their legislations.

Article 10

The parties bear the cross liability for violation of the obligations caused by this agreement.

Article 11

The either party can refuse participation in this agreement in 6 months after the written notice of it of depositary of this agreement.

Article 12

Working language is Russian.

Article 13

The agreement is open for accession of other states sharing the purposes and the principles of this agreement.

The states can join this agreement by signing or the direction to depositary of this agreement of the relevant document on accession.

Article 14

The agreement becomes effective for the Parties from the moment of its signing or accession to it and keeps the action sine die.

The agreement can be added, changed or stopped with the consent of all Parties which signed it and joined it.

It is made in the city of Bishkek on October 9, 1992 in one authentic copy in Russian. The authentic copy is stored in Archive of the Government of the Republic of Belarus which will send to the states which signed this agreement, its verified copy.


For the Government of the Azerbaijan Republic 

For the Government of the Russian Federation 

For the Government of the Republic of Armenia 

For the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan 

For the Government of the Republic of Belarus 

For the Government of Turkmenistan 

For the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

For the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan

For the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic

For the Government of Ukraine 

For the Government of the Republic of Moldova 


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