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Agreement on means of missile warning systems and control of space

of July 6, 1992

The State Parties of this agreement, hereinafter referred to as "State Parties",

being guided by the principles of neighborliness and cooperation, respecting the rights and interests of each other as independent states,

understanding special importance of the missile warning system and control system of space in maintenance of strategic stability in the world, safety of the State Parties, first of all the State Parties of the Commonwealth, the solution of scientific and economic tasks,

considering need of preserving, development and enhancement of warning facilities about missile attack and control of space,

in view of the developed system of scientific and technical cooperation and aiming at development of cooperation concerning the considered systems,

proceeding from the fact that fighting functioning of means of SPRN and SKKP in single systems shall not pose threats to the environment and life of people

agreed as follows:

Article 1

For the purposes of this agreement the term "Means of the Missile Warning System (SPRN) and Space Control System (SCS)" means functionally and is information the means of land basing connected in single systems placed in the territories of the State Parties, and means of space basing: radar stations of detection of ballistic missiles and maintenance of space objects, radio optical and optical-electronic complexes of detection and recognition of space objects, spacecrafts of detection of starts of ballistic missiles, command posts, control centers, acceptance and information processing, the nodes and communication channels, engineering constructions and communications providing their functioning. This term joins the residential and administrative constructions providing life activity of service personnel.

Article 2

Means of SPRN and SKKP are property of the states in the territory of which they accommodate. The parties can transfer the right of use means of SPRN and SKKP to the State Parties on the basis of free standing agreements.

Article 3

1. Each of the State Parties according to the legislation and arrangements with other State Parties provides operation of means of SPRN and SKKP in places of their dislocation at the time of the signature of this agreement.

2. The State Parties for the period of operation of the Agreement do not allow the actions interfering fighting functioning of means of SPRN and SKKP in single systems.

3. The procedure for fighting functioning of these means in single system, and also their upgrade and reconstruction is determined by the separate documents approved between the State Parties.

Article 4

1. Management of fighting functioning of means of SPRN and SKKP is performed on a centralized basis from command posts of these systems. For the purposes of such management in SPRN and SKKP Russian is used.

Provide with output information of SPRN and SKKP all State Parties.

2. During creation any of the State Parties of national warning facilities about missile attack and control of space the State Parties will organize data exchange between these means and command posts of SPRN and SKKP existing for the period of agreement signature and also command posts of other State Parties.

Article 5

The State Parties, being owners of means of SPRN and SKKP, cooperate by consideration and the solution of questions of further development of SPRN and SKKP, and also questions of international cooperation in this area.

Article 6

Information from SPRN and SKKP cannot be transferred to the state which is not participating in the Agreement without approval of all State Parties, being owners of SPRN and SKKP.

Article 7

Completing of parts and divisions of SPRN and SKKP it is performed by the State Party which property they are, or on the basis of the corresponding arrangement between gosudarstvamiuchastnik.

Article 8

The State Parties shall keep and develop concerning SPRN and SKKP the system existing at the time of agreement signature and cooperation in carrying out research, developmental works, production of the equipment and equipment, preparation of military and scientific personnel and to perform the approved technical policy.

Article 9

Financing of works on ensuring functioning of means of SPRN and SKKP, their development, enhancement and equipment of Items of the public and military administration of the State Parties by notification complexes on space-rocket situation is performed by the State Parties which property they are, or are determined by separate arrangements between the State Parties.

Article 10

1. Each of the State Parties has the right to leave this agreement, having sent the adequate written notice to depositary of the Agreement. The Agreement for this state of the participant is terminated after one year from the date of obtaining by depositary of the mentioned notification.

2. The solution of the organizational and technical issues connected with the termination of functioning of means of SPRN and SKKP in the territory of the State Party is determined by the separate arrangement between the interested State Parties.

Article 11

This agreement is open for accession to it of other states. The decision on accession is made with the consent of the State Parties of this agreement.

Article 12

This agreement becomes effective from the moment of its signing.

It is made in the city of Moscow on July 6, 1992 in one authentic copy in Russian. The authentic copy is stored in Archive of the Government of the Republic of Belarus which will send to the states which signed this agreement, its verified copy.


For the Azerbaijan Republic

For the Russian Federation

For the Republic of Armenia

For the Republic of Tajikistan

For the Republic of Belarus

For Turkmenistan

For the Republic of Kazakhstan

For the Republic of Uzbekistan

For the Kyrgyz Republic

For Ukraine

For the Republic of Moldova


Notification of the Republic Georgia


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