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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

May 15, 1998

No. 318/2758


of October 1, 1997 No. 254

About approval of Safety rules of gas supply systems of Ukraine

In accomplishment of the Law of Ukraine "About labor protection", based on the decision of the drafting panel created by the order of Committee of 16.07.1997 N 187 about consideration of final version of the draft of Safety rules of gas supply systems of Ukraine and about feasibility of its approval of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve Safety rules of gas supply systems of Ukraine which are attached.

2. With enforcement of these rules to consider such which are not applied in the territory of Ukraine, the "Safety rules for gas economy" claimed by the resolution of the Gospromatomnadzor of the USSR of 26.12.1990 N 3, that were enacted since 01.06.1992 with the changes and amendments approved by the protocol of board of Gosgortekhnadzor USSR of 13.05.1992 N 5.

3. To territorial administrations, managements and departments of Committee together with the relevant ministries and departments:

3.1. Take measures concerning studying of requirements of Rules by the state inspectors, experts of the expert and technical centers and other officials of Gosnadzorokhrantrud, employees of the companies, organizations, organizations, ministries, departments.

3.2. Provide constant control behind fulfillment of requirements of Rules by owners, officials and workers whom it concerns.

4. To management on supervision in chemical, oil processing and the gas industry till December 1, 1997 to determine requirement of the companies, organizations, organizations for noted Rules, to provide provision in the editorial office of the Labor protection magazine of the order for the edition of Rules with necessary circulation, to establish control of their distribution.

5. To management on supervision in chemical, oil processing and the gas industry to give to management of normative legal support of labor protection of Committee the corresponding materials for inclusion of Rules in the State register of DNAOP and in databank of the automated information fund of regulations about labor protection.

6. To impose control over the implementation of this order on the vice-chairman of Committee Sazonov A. P.

Chairman Gosnadzorokhrantruda of Ukraine


Approved by Gosnadzorokhrantrud's order of October 1, 1997 No. 254

Safety rules of gas supply systems of Ukraine

1. General provisions

1.1. Scope

1.1.1. Safety rules of gas supply systems (further - these Rules) establish requirements to designing, construction and operation of gas supply systems which use natural gases (gas and gas-oil fields) as fuel, air-gas mixes on their basis with the excessive pressure of no more 1,2 of MPa (12 kgfs / sq. cm), the liquefied hydrocarbonic gases (further - SVG) with excessive pressure is no more than MPa 1,6 (16 kgfs / sq. cm).

Requirements of these Rules extend to designing and construction new, expansion, reconstruction and capital repairs and operation of the operating systems and gas supply facilities.

Requirements of these Rules do not extend to accomplishment by the companies with gas supply by pressure of more 1,2 of MPa (12 kgfs / sq. cm), and also during the using and operation of artificial gases, biogas, gas of decontamination, air-gas mixes on their basis and other combustible gases.

The companies with pressure of more 1,2 of MPa (12 kgfs / sq. cm) should carry out gas supply according to the special technical requirements approved and approved in accordance with the established procedure.

1.1.2. These Rules extend to the companies, organizations, the organizations (further - the companies) irrespective of pattern of ownership, departmental accessory and types of their activities, including on:

gas pipelines and constructions of gas supply systems of settlements (including inter-settlement), underwater gas pipelines to the companies, thermal power plants (further - thermal power plant), the boiler, automobile gas-filling compressor stations of natural gas (further - the CNG filling station);

gas pipelines and gas equipment of residential and public buildings, industrial and agricultural enterprises, boiler rooms, companies of housing-and-municipal and consumer services and thermal power plant;

gas control Items (further - GRP), gas control installations (further - IGRU), the combined house regulators, installations for receipt of air-gas mixes;

the gas-filling stations (further - GNS);

the gas-filling Items (further - GNP);

intermediate storages of cylinders (further - PSB);

stationary automobile gas-filling stations (further - AGZS) and Items (further - AGZP), reservoir, group and individual balloon installations, evaporating and the SVG mixing installations.

1.1.3. Rules do not extend on:

technology gas pipelines and gas equipment chemical, petrochemical, oil-extracting and oil processing productions;

gas economy of the companies of ferrous metallurgy, except underground gas pipelines (vnutrploshchadkovy and vneploshchadkovy) natural and passing oil gases, the gas-filling stations and Items, reservoir, evaporating and the SVG balloon installations, the public buildings and household objects placed in their territories;

pilot and experimental aggregates and installations, and also installations which use energy of explosion of air-gas mixes, and installations for receipt of protective gases;

portable gas-consuming installations, and also gas equipment of road and rail transport, river, sea and aircrafts;

the automobile gas-filling compressor stations.

1.1.4. Departmental standard rates on designing, construction, operation of gas supply systems shall conform to requirements of these Rules.

1.1.5. Departures from these Rules can be allowed as an exceptional case on Gosnadzorokhrantrud's permission of Ukraine. For receipt of permission the owner needs to give Gosnadzorokhrantruda the corresponding technical reasons for the expert and technical center (further - ETTs) or the specialized organization which has Gosnadzorokhrantrud's permission.

1.1.6. Aggregates, the equipment, devices, means of automatic equipment, the materials and armature acquired abroad for gas supply systems shall meet the requirements of these Rules, regulations and state standards which act on the territory of Ukraine.

1.2. Requirements to officials and service personnel

1.2.1. Employees of the companies and their structural divisions which perform works on designing, construction, adjustment and operation of gas supply systems and the gas equipment, dymovyvodyashchy devices, ventilating systems and channels specialists who are responsible for safe operation of the gas equipment of the companies, specialists who conduct technical supervision, teachers are busy with training of pupils in Instructions for use gas, and also training, experts, chairmen and members of permanent examination committees in examination of these Rules, shall have necessary training and examination of these Rules, and also appropriate sections of construction regulations and rules and other regulating documents in volume of the work performed by them according to "Standard regulations on training, instructing and examination of workers concerning labor protection" (further - the Standard provision), the approved Gosnadzorokhrantrud's order of Ukraine 04.04.94 N 30, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 12.05.94 N 95/304.

1.2.2. The welders certified according to "Rules of certification of the welders" approved by Gosnadzorokhrantrud's order of Ukraine 19.04.96 of N 61, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 31.05.96 N 262/1287 are allowed to welding of steel gas pipelines.

1.2.3. The workers occupied with construction, adjustment and operation of gas pipelines, gas-consuming installations and devices, and also the device and operation of ventilating channels and smoke-deflecting devices before appointment to independent work shall be trained by safe methods and acceptances of performance of works in gas economy and to pass examination according to the Standard provision.

1.2.4. Curricula and programs for training of the welders, workers occupied with construction, adjustment and operation of gas pipelines, gas-consuming installations and devices, the device, survey and operation of ventilating channels and smoke-deflecting devices, and also persons who perform gas dangerous works are subject to approval of Gosnadzorokhrantrud's body of Ukraine.

1.2.5. Specialists and workers who were trained and passed examinations for knowledge of these Rules, technologies of carrying out gas dangerous works are allowed to accomplishment of gas dangerous works, are able to use individual protection equipment and to give first aid by the victim.

1.2.6. Training in safe methods and acceptances of works in gas economy of the workers who are marked out in item 1.2.3 of these Rules, specialists responsible for safe operation of gas economy, and also persons allowed to accomplishment of gas dangerous works shall be carried out in technical training colleges, in training centers, educational and course plants (Items), and also on the rates which are specially created by the companies which got permission of bodies Gosnadzorokhrantrud, according to the Standard provision approved Gosnadzorokhrantruda.

Practical skills when training in gas dangerous works shall be fulfilled on specially equipped training grounds and in classes.

1.2.7. Examination of these Rules at persons which are marked out in subitem 1.2. 1, 1.2.2, 1.2.3, 1.2.5, it shall be carried out to the terms determined by the Standard provision.

Responsible persons shall report about date of examination in writing local body of Gosnadzorokhrantrud not later than in 5 days.

The examination of accomplishment of gas dangerous works can be carried out along with the examination of these Rules. In this case the general protocol in which, except results of examination of these Rules, conclusion of the commission about possibility of the admission of the gas dangerous works examined to accomplishment is specified is drawn up.

1.2.8. Results of examination are drawn up by the protocol with indication of work type to which person who underwent examination is allowed. Based on the protocol of examination to person who passed examination it is issued certificates signed by the commission chairman and the inspector Gosnadzorokhrantrud.

1.2.9. Workers who found unsatisfactory knowledge shall undergo repeated examination within one month. Persons who and in case of repeated examination found unsatisfactory knowledge find a job according to the current legislation.

1.2.10. Extraordinary examination of these Rules of officials, specialists including workers, it is carried out:

when commissioning of the new or reviewed regulations;

in case of putting into operation of the new equipment, change or implementation of new engineering procedures;

in case of transfer of the worker into other work or appointment it to other position which needs additional knowledge of these Rules;

upon the demand of the inspector Gosnadzorokhrantrud when ignorance by workers of regulations concerning labor protection is revealed.

1.2.11. The worker before the admission to independent accomplishment of gas dangerous works shall (after the examination) to pass training under the supervision of the experienced worker during at least first ten working shifts.

1.2.12. The admission to training and independent work working in gas economy is drawn up by the order of the company. Each worker in case of the admission to work shall undergo in accordance with the established procedure instructing in questions of labor protection on workplace (under personal list).

The administration shall issue to workers before the admission to work under list instructions on safe methods of works.

1.3. Organization of departmental control of observance of requirements of these Rules

1.3.1. Control of observance of requirements of these Rules in design process, constructions, adjustment and operation of gas supply systems shall be performed by the company which performs the called works.

1.3.2. At each company (object) there shall be provision instruction developed and approved by the head on the organization and monitoring procedure for safe operation of gas economy in which it shall be provided:

frequency and amount of conducting checks;

procedure for identification and elimination of violations;

determinations of condition of gas pipelines, gas equipment and devices;

the analysis of the reasons of the allowed violations;

check of activities of heads of services, workshops and other divisions on providing with them conditions for observance on workplaces of requirements of these Rules, and also accomplishment by them of instructions of bodies of the Gosnadzor and security service of work of the company.

1.3.3. Quality control of installation and construction works and procedure for its carrying out shall be performed according to requirements of the Provision for the organization and carrying out departmental control taking into account requirements DBN A3.1-5-96 and Construction Norms and Regulations 3.05.02-88.

1.4. Responsibility for violation of these Rules

1.4.1. The company, organization, the organization (irrespective of pattern of ownership and departmental accessory) bear responsibility for safety of design, correctness of the choice of material, quality of production, installation, adjustment, repair and technical diagnosing, and also object compliance to these Rules that perform the corresponding works.

1.4.2. Heads of the companies, organizations, organizations and other officials bear the personal responsibility for fulfillment of requirements of these Rules within the tasks assigned to them and functional obligations.

1.4.3. Responsibility for technical condition and safe operation of the objects specified in item 1.1.2 of these Rules, and also household gas appliances and devices, smoke and ventilating channels of consolidations of inputs of underground engineering communications to houses and buildings is assigned to their owners.

1.4.4. Responsibility for serviceable condition and safe use of gas devices and devices which are established in apartment houses of the state fund is assigned to tenants, and in apartments and apartment houses which belong to citizens as personal property, - to their owners. Operational specialized enterprises of gas economy (further - SPGH) bear responsibility for high-quality performance of works on maintenance and repair of the gas equipment and gas pipelines, and also timely accomplishment of requests for elimination of defects in gas supply systems.

1.4.5. Persons guilty of violation of these Rules bear disciplinary, administrative, material or criminal liability according to the current legislation.

1.5. Procedure for investigation of accidents and accidents

1.5.1. Investigation of accidents and accidents which took place on objects to which these Rules extend (item 1.1. 2), it is carried out according to Regulations on investigation and accounting of accidents, occupational diseases and accidents at the companies, in organizations and the organizations, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved by the resolution 10.08.93 N 623.

1.5.2. Investigation of the accidents and accidents connected with use of gas in life is performed according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.5.3. Before arrival of the representative Gosnadzorokhrantrud and members of the commission for investigation of circumstances and causes of accident or accident the owner of the company, citizens shall provide preserving all situation of accident (accident) if it does not threaten health and life of people and does not break working hours of the company (object).

2. Terms and determinations

In these rules such terms and determinations are applied:

Settlements of the City, settlements of city type, settlements of the rural zone

System Gas pipelines and constructions on them

gas supply (including inter-settlement). Gas equipment of residential and public buildings, industrial and agricultural enterprises, companies of household servicing of the population of production nature, GNS, GNP, PSB, AGZS, reservoir, geothermal, group and ZVG individual installations

Constructions of systems Gas pipelines and constructions on them (GRP, gas supply wells, control tubes, control and measuring Items, etc.). The EHZ installations from corrosion, the PCS, telemechanics. The installed gas residential and public buildings, industrial and agricultural and other enterprises. GNS, GNP, PSB, AGZS, reservoir group and geothermal installations

Gas economy Gas pipelines and constructions on them, means

the companies of protection against electrochemical corrosion, GRP, IGRU, the gas-equipment of the installed gas factory and auxiliary buildings and boiler rooms located in the territory of the company

Companies of the Bath, laundry, bath-and-laundry

household plants, companies of chemical

servicing of cleaning of clothes, bakery, etc.




Gas distribution External pipelines, which

gas pipelines provide supply of gas from gas supply source (gas pipelines of high and average pressure) to GRP of industrial enterprises, boiler rooms, agricultural enterprises, utility objects and other consumers, and also low-pressure gas pipelines of settlements

The intersettlement Gas distribution pipelines laid

gas pipelines out of the territory of settlements

Technology Gas pipelines which transport gas

gas pipelines as raw materials for chemical, petrochemical, oil processing and other productions

Vnutriploshchadkovy Gas pipelines which are laid on

gas pipelines of the territory of the companies, boiler rooms and other production facilities

The gas pipeline input the Gas pipeline from the place of accession to the gas distribution pipeline to the switching-off device on input. To the gas pipeline input also sites of domestic gas pipelines belong to the switching-off device on the introduction gas pipeline

The introduction gas pipeline the Section of the pipeline from the switching-off device on input to the house (in case of establishment of the switching-off device outside of the house) to the internal gas pipeline, including the gas pipeline laid in case through house wall

Internal gas pipelines Sites of gas pipelines from the gas pipeline input (in case of establishment of the switching-off device in the house) or from the introduction gas pipeline to the place of connection of the gas-using aggregate, installation, the gas device

The Pipeline dumping the gas pipeline intended for dumping into the atmosphere of gas in case of operation of adjusting or safety devices gas pressure in the controlled point did not exceed set

Produvna the gas pipeline the Pipeline intended for purge and dumping into the atmosphere from sites of external and internal gas pipelines of gas, air, inert gas after purge, testing for hermeticity and durability when filling sites with gas (gas start-up), repair, to conservation or long break of supply of gas by them

The safety gas pipeline the Pipeline which is intended for prevention of hit in fire chambers of gas which can filter in case of purge if the control switching-off device nonhermetic and also when the nonhermetic main and control switching-off devices in case of the idle aggregate, start-up and kindling of torches. The gas pipeline of safety connects the site of the internal gas pipeline to the atmosphere, located between working and control the switching-off devices

The land gas pipeline the Gas pipeline laid from above lands with bunding or without bunding

The elevated gas pipeline the Gas pipeline laid on separate support, columns, platforms, whatnots on walls of buildings

Gas-consuming Coppers, production furnaces, installations,

installations household appliances and devices which use gas as fuel

Gas devices Household gas appliances and devices according to the list of state standards on them (appendix 44)

Small coppers Coppers like KChM-M, VNISTO-M, KS-GS-46 and others with a productivity up to 100 kW

The combined Regulator of pressure, in which

the regulator of pressure are combined (are integrated) and independently devices - directly pressure regulator, the automatic switching-off device (the safety and locking valve), the safety and discharge valve work

The gas pressure regulator As the term of RTGD is understood

the house combined combined pressure regulator,

(RTGD) intended for delivery by fuel gas (GOST 5542-87) of low pressure of one or several apartment houses and other consumers with entrance pressure of gas to MPa 0,6 (6 kgfs / sq. cm); in case of expenses it is no more than 10 cubic m/h

Vessel under pressure Vessels, tanks, reservoirs, cylinders, etc. which work under pressure of more 0,7 of kgf/quarter of cm

The ZVG reservoir Gas Supply Installation installation which part reservoirs from 2,5 to 5,0 of CBM are

The geothermal Installation intended for storage

the ZVG installation and evaporations of ZVG due to heat energy of the soil which does not undergo influence of seasonal fluctuations of temperature

Group balloon Installation of gas supply of ZVG, in

installation the list of whom over two cylinders enter

Individual balonnaya Installation of gas supply of ZVG, in

installation the list of whom no more than two cylinders including shkafovy for apartment houses enter

The combined balloon Individual balloon installation with

installation by simultaneous placement of three cylinders, at the same time two cylinders are placed in case outside of the building and one cylinder in kitchen

The reservoir the Stationary vessel appointed for storage of gaseous, liquid and other substances

The tank the Portable vessel which is constantly established on frame of the rail car, on the car chassis, intended for transportation and storage of gaseous, liquid and other substances

The cylinder Vessel appointed for transportation, storages and uses of the compressed and liquefied gases

The alarm system the Device which provides giving of sound or light signal in case of achievement of precautionary value of controlled parameter

Antiemergency protection the Device which provides cutoff of gas in case of emergencies

Blocking the Device which provide possibility of cutoff of gas or turning on of the aggregate in case of violation by personnel of safety requirements

"Warm box" I Will eat around over copper fire chamber where heat carrier collectors are placed (water, vapor). "The warm box" has the equipment for ventilation

Gas dangerous works of work which is performed in the gas-polluted circle or in case of which gas discharge is possible

The hot work of Work connected using naked flame

Dangerous Concentration (volume part of gas),

concentration that it is equal to 20% of the lower bound of explosibility

The reserve mode the Provision of gas-using installation in case of which gas does not compress and excessive pressure of gas in banding gas pipelines is absent. At the same time shutoff valves on withdrawal of the gas pipeline to installation shall be in the family way "are closed"

The conservation mode the Mode in case of which gas pipelines of gas-using installation are exempted from gas and are disconnected by means of caps

Technical Systems of bypasses (surveys), repairs,

servicing which give opportunity to contain the equipment in good repair. In case of maintenance control of technical condition, check on gas contamination, identification of gas discharge, cleaning, greasing, regulation and other transactions on content of working capacity and operability of gas pipelines, GRP, electrochemical protection, the alarm system, equipment of GRP, GNS, GNP and AZGS, gas-using installations and gas devices are performed

Technical inspection Periodic bypass (survey) on purpose

(technical inspection) of supervision of condition of hermeticity of gas pipelines and condition of the equipment and constructions on them, electrochemical protection, and also elimination of small defects which arose in use

Line repair the Repair intended for permanent support of operability of gas supply systems, elimination of the defects and gas discharge found in case of maintenance, complex of transactions with dismantling, recovery or replacement of details, nodes after which accomplishment operability and fail-safety of gas pipelines and the gas equipment on the following useful life is guaranteed

Capital repairs of Work on replacement of sites of gas pipelines which became unsuitable, worn-out nodes, details, designs, and also work on repair of the main structures of buildings and constructions of gas supply systems

Specialized Organization, core activity

which organization constitute the works connected with designing, construction, operation of gas supply systems

Inventory cap the Negative detail (carving or flange) which gives opportunity hermetically to close pipes, openings, the union or bobishka; the sheet cap shall have shaft, and on caps there shall be brand with indication of pressure of gas and diameter of the gas pipeline

3. Designing and construction

3.1. Works on construction of gas pipelines of gas control Items and other objects of gas supply systems of the cities, settlements and rural settlements shall be performed according to the approved project of gas supply of the settlement, and also in the presence of the organization to which technical supervision and acceptance of works is assigned, and further - and operation of gas economy of this settlement.

3.2. The project documentation on construction (item 1.1. 2) shall meet the requirements of DBNA 2.2-3-97, Construction Norms and Regulations 2.04.08-87, Construction Norms and Regulations of 3.05.02-88, GOST 9.602-89, to these Rules, other regulations and additional requirements to the equipment of systems and gas supply facilities stated in annex 1.

3.2.1. In case of project development of construction of underground gas pipelines projects of protection them from corrosion at the same time shall be developed.

3.2.2. Gas-using installations on technical condition and structure shall answer the existing regulating documents on labor protection and effective use of gas.

3.2.3. The project documentation on installation of additional gas stoves, laboratory torches and other small gas devices which do not require organized withdrawal of products of heating in flues and also the ZVG individual gas-balloon installations with the gas stove, can be provided by the sketch constituted by SPGG or on its permission the specialized construction organization.

3.2.4. Establishment of household gas meters in the installed gas apartments and apartment houses can be carried out according to sketches, constituted by SPGG and drawn up in accordance with the established procedure.

3.3. The project documentation before approval by the customer shall be coordinated with the company of gas economy concerning its compliance to the issued specifications on designing, and also shall pass the examination in the expert and technical centers of Gosnadzorokhrantrud of Ukraine according to the current legislation.

Projects are subject to repeated approval if within 24 months the construction of gas supply systems was not begun, and as necessary - and to adjustment.

3.4. The designed gas supply systems (item 1.1. Regular and safe gas supply, and also possibility of operational shutdown of branch to certain residential districts, the companies, consumers and sites of the girdled gas pipelines with pressure more 500th tapa (0,05 of kgf/quarter of cm) to MPa 1,2 shall provide 2) (12 kgfs / sq. cm) (gas pipelines of average and high pressure).

3.5. When designing gas distribution pipelines of average and high pressure which shall continue further for gas supply to other consumers (GRP, to the companies) on final sites it is necessary to provide establishment of locking devices with the muffled branch pipes length it is at least 500 mm.

3.6. Designing of gas supply systems shall be performed by the specialized project organizations (irrespective of patterns of ownership and departmental accessory) which have the permission of bodies of Gosnadzorokhrantrud got in accordance with the established procedure.

3.7. Development of the design estimates by the project organizations, design bureaus, small enterprises, cooperatives and other companies which got permission in Gosnadzorokhrantrud's bodies is allowed.

3.8. Regulating documents which requirements welded, insulating and other construction works in case of construction of gas supply systems shall meet are given in appendix of 2 of these Rules.

3.9. Construction of facilities of gas supply systems shall be performed by the specialized construction organizations which got in accordance with the established procedure permission of bodies of Gosnadzorokhrantrud to performance of works on construction of gas supply systems and are registered in these bodies for the place of performance of works.


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