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of May 17, 2002 No. 317

About approval of Instructions for use gas and renderings of services on gas supply in the Russian Federation

(as amended on 19-06-2017)

For the purpose of ensuring rational and effective use of gas in the Russian Federation and according to article 8 of the Federal law "About Gas Supply in the Russian Federation" Government of the Russian Federation decides:

1. Approve the enclosed Instructions for use by gas and renderings of services on gas supply in the Russian Federation.

2. To the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation to develop and approve the regulations necessary for implementation of Instructions for use by gas and the renderings of services on gas supply in the Russian Federation approved by this resolution.


Russian Prime Minister

M. Kasyanov

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of May 17, 2002 No. 317

Instructions for use gas and renderings of services on gas supply in the Russian Federation

1. These rules establish procedure for use of gas and renderings of services on gas supply.

2. The terms used in these rules mean the following:

a) "gas-transport system" - the system of gas pipelines connecting the producer and the consumer of gas, including the trunk gas pipelines, withdrawal of gas pipelines, gas-distribution systems which are at the gas transmission, gas-distributing organization or at other organizations in property or on other legal causes;

b) "the gas-distributing organization" - the specialized organization performing operation of gas-distribution system and rendering the services connected with gas supply to consumers. The organization - the owner of gas-distribution system which received gas-distribution system in the course of privatization or created or acquired it on others the stipulated by the legislation bases of the Russian Federation, or the organization which signed the contract for its operation with the owner of gas-distribution system can be the gas-distributing organization;

c) "the gas-using equipment" - the coppers, production furnaces, processing lines, utilizers and other installations using gas in fuel quality for the purpose of development of heat energy for centralized heating, hot water supply in engineering procedures of various productions, and also other devices, devices, aggregates, processing equipment and installations using gas as raw materials;

d) "the heatutilizing equipment" - the devices and the equipment (heating economizers, air heaters, coppers utilizers, recuperators, regenerators, etc.) intended for receipt of different types of energy carriers (water vapor, hot water, the electric power) by use of heat of products of combustion of gas or heat of the products made with energy use, received as a result of combustion of gas;

e) "boiler room" - buildings or rooms (which are built in, attached, placed on roof of buildings) with the coppers or heatgenerators (at least two) and service processing equipment intended for receipt of energy carriers (water vapor, hot water) for the purpose of heat supply or development of products;

e) "commissioning" - the complex of works including preparation for start-up and launch of the gas-using equipment with communications and armature finishing loading of the gas-using equipment to approved with the organization - the owner of the equipment of level, and also adjustment of the furnace mode of the gas-using equipment without optimization of efficiency;

g) "regime and adjustment works" - the complex of works including adjustment of the gas-using equipment for the purpose of achievement of project (passport) efficiency in the range of operational loads, adjustment of means of automatic control of processes of combustion of fuel, the heatutilizing installations and the service equipment, including the water treatment equipment for boiler rooms;

h) "technological consumption rate of gas" - technically the reasonable consumption rate of gas considering its expense on implementation of the basic and auxiliary engineering procedures of production of this type of products, expense on maintenance of technological aggregates in hot reserve on their warming up and start-up after running repairs and cold idle times, and also technically inevitable losses of energy during the operation of the equipment, technological aggregates and installations;

i) "heattechnical characteristics of gas" - the characteristics of gas determining it heattechnical properties according to requirements of normative and technical documents;

j) ceased to be valid according to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 08.08.2013 No. 679

k) "reserve (emergency) fuel" - fuel, held for use in case of restriction or interruption in supply of gas;

l) "reserve fuel facility" - complex of the equipment and the devices intended for storage, giving and use of reserve (emergency) fuel.

3. These rules act on all territory of the Russian Federation and are obligatory for legal entities irrespective of their form of business and physical persons who are engaged in business activity without formation of legal entity which are consumers of gas or perform the following activities (further hereinafter are referred to as - the organizations):

a) production, production, conversion, transportation, storage, distribution and supply of gas (except for the organizations exercising control of dwelling stock, housing cooperatives and condominiums);

b) designing of gas supply systems of the companies, boiler rooms and the equipment using gas in fuel quality or raw materials;

c) designing, production, certification, adjustment and operation of the gas-using and heatutilizing equipment, control facilities and automatic control of processes of burning and accounting of consumption of gas and accounting of products developed with gas use including heat and electrical energy.

4. These rules do not extend to consumers in case of use of the gas-using equipment by them with gas consumption less than 1 CBM an hour, and also on the consumers using gas for:

domestic needs in residential and public buildings (cooking, hot water supply and apartment heating);

autonomous heating of residential and public buildings in case of the total settlement thermal power of the gas-using equipment less than 100 kW.







11. Requirements to equipment of the gas-using equipment the heatutilizing equipment, the automation equipment, heatengineering supervision, accounting of development and consumption of energy resources are determined by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation.

12. Projects of gas supply of the gas-using equipment (further hereinafter are referred to as - projects of gas supply) are developed according to the existing regulating documents and these rules.


14. Projects of gas supply shall provide:

a) use of the certified energy efficient gas-using equipment allowed for use according to the procedure, established by federal body, specially authorized in the field of industrial safety;

b) economically reasonable and technically feasible use of secondary energy resources;


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