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The document ceased to be valid since October 11, 2021 according to the Resolution of National Bank of the Republic of Moldova of May 27, 2021 No. 93


of September 18, 1996 No. 43

About provision of the credits by banks to the workers No. 33/09-01

(as amended on 21-05-2015)

I. Basis

These regulations are developed according to the powers of National Bank of Moldova provided by articles 31 and 40 of the Law on financial institutions.

II. Limits of the issued credits

The bank can grant the loans to the workers in the following limits:

1. To employees of bank who are affiliates of bank according to the definition given in Rules about the transactions of bank with persons affiliated to it approved by the Resolution of Administrative board of National Bank of Moldova No. 240 of December 9, 2013 (Monitorul Oficial al Republicii Moldova, 2014, 97), with subsequent changes and amendments, are issued to No. 17-23, of the Art. the credits on the conditions provided by these regulations.

2. To other employees of bank:

a) for urgent needs - the total amount of the counterdrawn-up credits shall not exceed... 20 (twenty) monthly tariff salaries (rates, salaries) (according to the definition given in article 2 of the Law on compensation) to limit of 200 thousand lei;

b) for real estate investments - the total amount of the counterdrawn-up credits shall not exceed... 100 (hundred) monthly tariff salaries (rates, salaries).

3. In case of loan granting to the individual the bank shall consider general length of service in bank system and in this bank in particular, the importance of division in which the applicant for the credit and its contribution to accomplishment of the tasks set for bank works.

4. The interest rate for granted loans is established according to the internal regulations approved by council of the bank.

III. Repayment periods

1. The loan for urgent needs is granted for a period of up to 5 years.

2. The loan for real estate investments is granted for the term of no more than 20 years.

IV. Restrictions and requirements

1. Cumulative exposure of bank before employees of bank, except listed regarding 1 Section II, shall not exceed 10% of the aggregate normative capital.

2. According to these regulations the bank develops domestic situation about procedure and conditions of loan granting to the workers which shall be approved by council of the bank.

3. The bank keeps separate account of all granted loans to the workers with indication of the amounts and repayment periods.

3-1. Banks provide in National Bank information on the credits issued to employees of bank according to requirements of the regulations of National Bank of Moldova relating to the reporting.

V. Exceptions for already issued credits

The loans granted before the date of entry into force of these regulations and which do not correspond to the conditions given in them remain in limits and on conditions on which they were presented before their repayment.

The above-stated credits join in total debt on the loans granted by bank to the workers and shall be brought into accord with the restrictions specified in the IV Section till March 1, 1997.


It is excluded according to the Resolution of Administrative board of National Bank of the Republic of Moldova of 23.08.2012 No. 196

VII. Final provisions

These regulations become effective from the date of publication in the Official monitor of the Republic of Moldova.

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