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in the Ministry of Justice


On August 1, 1995 No. 272/808


of May 30, 1995 No. 79

About approval of the Instruction for training of workers of mines

According to item 4 of the Regulations on the State committee of Ukraine on supervision of labor protection approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 04.05.93 of N 328, of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve the Instruction for training of workers of mines in edition according to appendix.

2. To provide to the head of department on supervision in the coal industry Suslov G. M.:

provision of the Instruction on state registration in accordance with the established procedure;

observance of requirements concerning inclusion of the Instruction in the register of GNAOT provided by Section 2.7 of the Regulations on procedure for study, the acceptance, review and cancellation of the state cross-industry and industry regulations on labor protection approved by the order of Committee of 16.03.94 N 19.


Chairman of Committee S.P.Tkachuk

Approved by the order of the State committee of Ukraine on supervision of labor protection of May 30, 1995 No. 79

Instruction for training of workers of mines

*) Further - the Instruction.

1. General provisions

1.1. This Instruction extends to the companies and the organizations of the Ministry of the coal industry, legal entities and physical persons which are owners of coal mines and the mines (further - the owner).

1.2. According to article 20 of the Law of Ukraine "About labor protection" (dalee-Zakona) all workers in case of acceptance for work and in the course of work undergo at the company instructing (training) concerning labor protection. The workers occupied at works with the increased danger or where there is need for professional selection, shall undergo preliminary special training and once a year examination of the corresponding regulations about labor protection.

The mine is the company with the increased danger of works, and all her workers need professional selection.

1.3. The owner shall create in each structural division and on working condition workplace according to requirements of regulations about labor protection.

Therefore, the owner shall organize training according to this Instruction and bears responsibility behind its observance. The admission to work of persons who were not trained instructing and examination in labor protection, is forbidden.

2. Professional training of workers

2.1. Professional training of workers in the educational institutions subordinated to the Ministry of the coal industry of Ukraine (further - educational institutions), comprises training of profession in the procedure established by this Instruction and creation of qualification examination with receipt of the certificate of provision of profession and the qualification category on the right of performance of works with the increased danger.

2.2. Workers who for the first time go to underground work and have no mountain professions, are trained by one of these primary professions (the first degree) which are not connected with the increased danger of work (the stem, underground miner, the driver of underground installations, the worker at surveying works and another).

To training in the second degree in the professions connected with the increased danger of work (the miner of cleaning face, the operator of the mining taking-out machines, the coalminer on jackhammers, gornomontazhnik underground, the drifter, the driver of electric locomotive, the operator of hoist engines, the electrician underground, the miner on repair of excavations, mastervzryvnik and another), workers who have years of service of underground work at least than one year (including work practice are allowed during training of primary profession).

2.3. Workers with the length of service by profession (category) received on the previous degree are allowed to retraining on third and to advanced training for the purpose of assignment of higher category on the fourth extents of training it is at least six months.

2.4. Persons who have professions (or specialties), relatives on profile to underground professions (electricians, drivers of electric locomotives, conveyors, compressors or other machines and installations) and length of service by profession is at least two years, can be allowed for training at the second degree in the corresponding profession, passing the first degree.

2.5. Persons who III and IV or I and II levels of accreditation have the higher education are allowed to passing qualification examination external by mountain primary professions on condition of preliminary training on workplace under the leadership of the specialist or the skilled worker by duration at least than two months.

2.6. By profession of the shotfirer persons who have secondary education, are allowed not younger 22 years to training, and the years of service at underground works are at least 2 years.

2.7. Training is provided according to the programs developed by educational institution, and approved by his head, or the director of the mine in case of individual form of education. Programs shall be approved with Gosnadzorokhrantrud's body taking into account requirements of qualification characteristics of the corresponding professions.

Training in adjacent (other) professions is allowed according to the reduced programs.

2.8. Programs shall include theoretical and practical training and work practice on workplaces.

For carrying out theoretical and practical training the educational institution shall have educational material resources (educational offices, laboratories, workshops, training grounds).

2.9. Training in all underground professions is provided with separation from production.

2.10. In-plant training in case of advanced training for the purpose of provision of the following category by professions is allowed: the miner of cleaning face, the operator of the mining taking-out machines, gornomontazhnik underground, the drifter, drivers of electric locomotive, hoist engines, the electrician underground, the miner on repair of excavations.

The qualification commission under the chairmanship of the representative of body Gosnadzorokhrantrud shall hold exams.

2.11. Persons who had theoretical and practical training in the amount provided by the program are allowed to qualification examinations.

The qualification commission as a part of the director and security service of work (deputies) or specialists is appointed by the order of the head of educational institution and is approved with local body of Gosnadzorokhrantrud.

To faces who in case of examination concerning labor protection showed satisfactory results certificates according to the appendix N 2 to the Standard regulations on training, instructing and examination of workers concerning labor protection are issued, to the approved order of the State committee of Ukraine on supervision of labor protection of April 4, 1994 N 30.

Protocols of examination committees are stored in educational institution within 40 years.


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