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of August 12, 1992 No. 322

About approval of the Standard regulations on rationalization activities

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Approve the enclosed Standard regulations on rationalization activities and enact it since August 1, 1992.

2. To provide to the ministries, departments, the organizations and the companies review and cancellation of own regulations contradicting the Standard Provision.

3. Determine that remuneration for improvement suggestions which use began till July 1, 1992 is paid according to earlier existing legislation taking into account liberalization of the prices which developed in the republic.


Deputy. Prime Minister

Republic of Tajikistan


D. Karimov

Managing Affairs of the Cabinet of Ministers

Republic of Tajikistan


R. Mirzoyev


Approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tajikistan of August 12, 1992 No. 322

Standard regulations on rationalization activities

I. General provisions

1. This Regulations on rationalization activities regulate the organizational, property, personal non-property and employment relationships arising in connection with creation, legal protection and use of improvement suggestions.

2. The rights of authors of improvement suggestions are protected by the state. Certificates of the rationalizer are issued to authors of improvement suggestions. The certificate of the rationalizer confirms recognition of the offer rationalization, date of its giving and authorship to improvement suggestion.

3. The copyright on improvement suggestion belongs to the citizen, the creative activity created improvement suggestion.

If several citizens participated in creation of improvement suggestion jointly, all of them are considered as coauthors of such improvement suggestion. Procedure for use of the rights belonging to coauthors of the rationalization proposal are determined between them.

Are not recognized coauthors of person, only technical assistance (production of drawings and samples, accomplishment of calculations, execution of documentation, conducting pilot check, etc.) which gave to the author of improvement suggestion, organizational or financial support.

4. Authorship assignment, coercion to co-authorship, to refusal of authorship or to refusal of filing of application on improvement suggestion involve responsibility according to the current legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Red tape and other manifestations of bureaucracy by consideration and use of improvement suggestions, intentional violation of the right to remuneration of the rationalizer involve responsibility of guilty officials according to the current legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

5. The form of the certificate of the rationalizer, and also standard application forms on improvement suggestions and other documentation relating to registration of improvement suggestions are established by the State committee according to the statistics in coordination with Society of inventors and rationalizers of the Republic of Tajikistan.

6. If the classified information, then the author, the co-author(s) contain improvement suggestions, and also the companies shall take all measures to that their content was not divulged.

7. The right to the certificate of the rationalizer and remuneration for improvement suggestion devolves according to the current legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan.

II. Coordination of activities in the field of rationalization

8. Society of inventors and rationalizers of the Republic of Tajikistan renders to rationalizers organizational, financial, technical and other support, assists rationalizers in protection of their rights and legitimate interests; exercises public control over compliance with law in the field of rationalization.

9. The companies, the organizations, organizations irrespective of patterns of ownership on means of production and other property create necessary conditions for development of rationalization activities and use of improvement suggestions, will organize if necessary division of inventive and rationalization work, render every possible assistance to activities of public organizations of inventors and rationalizers.

10. Under Republican council of society of inventors and rationalizers is created the commission which:

- develops and represents to the Cabinet of Ministers of the republic of the offer on necessary changes and amendments in the current legislation in the field of rationalization; in normative and methodical and organizational materials;

- makes explanation on application of the legislation in the area rationalization;

- gives to authors of improvement suggestions necessary assistance in protection of their rights;

- analyzes within the competence activities of the companies for compliance with law in the field of rationalization.

III. Improvement suggestions and their legal protection

11. Improvement suggestion the technical solution providing the creation or change of design of product, the production technology, composition of material (substance) which is new and useful to the company to which it is given, and also the organizational decision, new to the company, giving economy of labor, raw material, fuel and energy and other material, financial resources or improvement of working conditions and ecology is recognized.

Improvement suggestion also the offer containing algorithm, the computer program, new to the company, is recognized if its use leads to saving of own machine time of EVM for the solution of specific objective, and also to performance improvement of the equipment working in complex with EVM.

The decision is recognized new to the company if before filing of application in the established form this or identical decision was not known to the company from the sources in the degree sufficient for its practical implementation which are available for it, except cases when this decision was used at the initiative of the author within no more than 3 months before filing of application.

The decision is recognized useful if it allows the company to gain economic or other positive effect.

12. Are not recognized improvement suggestions:

- symbols, rules, normative and methodical materials;

- the offers directed to improvement of system of accounting and the reporting;

- the decisions reducing the set reliability, durability and other indicators of product quality or the worsening working conditions and ecology;

- the decisions concerning only appearance of products;

- the decisions created technical, scientists of the research, project, design, technological organizations and similar divisions of the companies in the course of accomplishment of office task or contract works.


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