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of August 22, 2008 No. 1213

About features of customs declaration of goods

According to items 4 and 7 Article 65 and Article 83 of the Customs code of the Republic of Belarus for the purpose of determination of features of customs declaration of goods and their subsequent customs clearance the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus DECIDES:

1. Determine that in the customs declaration specifying of the approximate data called in part two of this Item, in cases is allowed:

if the customs applicant has no all information, necessary for creation of the customs declaration, on the reasons which are not depending on it;

export from customs area of domestic goods concerning which the exact data necessary for customs clearance, according to regular conducting foreign trade cannot be provided;

regular movement through customs border of goods the same person during the certain period of time.

In the cases established by part one of this Item in the customs declaration the following approximate data can be specified:

about the receiver of goods;

about the country of destination of goods and (or) the trading country;

about the external economic transaction and its main conditions;

about the vehicles used for the international or intra republican delivery of the declared goods;

about goods - quantity in kilograms (gross weight and net weight) and other units of measure; statistical cost; customs value.

2. Submission of the customs declaration with the approximate data specified in it can be performed on condition of the simultaneous written notice by the customs applicant of customs authority about impossibility of representation in case of customs declaring of the exact data necessary for customs clearance of goods. At the same time presentation of goods to customs authority for the purposes of their customs clearance is not required.

3. Exact data on goods concerning which in case of customs declaring approximate data were specified are represented by the customs applicant to customs authority for their entering into the certificate on goods placement under the declared customs regime no later than the tenth following calendar month of issue of such certificates.

4. The features of customs declaring established by this resolution can be applied when placing under customs regime of commodity export concerning which rates of export customs duties are not established, or when placing goods under customs regime of free circulation with use of tax benefits on payment of import customs duties, taxes, including the goods formed when making transactions of conversion of the goods placed under customs regime of free customs zone. Submission of one customs declaration on all goods is possible if goods are intended for export from the same sender to the same receiver on the same conditions on one agreement (contract) during calendar month.

5. For the purposes of foreign trade statistics and the documentary confirmation of commodity exportation which except for is taken out to the states with which there are no customs control and customs clearance use only of those certificates on the room under customs regimes of export or free circulation in which exact data on goods were entered is allowed if their customs declaring was performed with the features established by this resolution.

6. In three-months time to provide to the State Customs Committee reduction of the regulatory legal acts in compliance with this resolution and to take other measures for its realization.

7. This resolution becomes effective in three months after its official publication, except for Item 6 and this Item which are becoming effective from the date of official publication of the resolution.


Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus S. Sidorsky


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