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The document ceased to be valid since April 10, 2015 according to Item 3 of the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine of  December 30, 2014 No. 1417

It is registered

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

November 4, 2004

No. 1410/10009


of October 19, 2004 No. 126

About approval of Fire safety regulations in Ukraine

(as amended on 24-02-2012)

1. Approve Fire safety regulations in Ukraine (are applied).

2. To heads of State department of fire safety, Department of forces, head departments (managements) of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, areas, the cities of Kiev and Sevastopol, to rectors of higher educational institutions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine, the chief of the Vinnytsia school of professional training of workers of the State fire protection of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine to bring to permission of administrative board of governing bodies of system of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine and to organize studying by staff of the divisions of Fire safety regulations subordinated to them in Ukraine.

3. To impose control of execution of this order on the deputy minister - the chief of State department of fire safety Borisov of Item F.


G. V. Reva

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine of October 19, 2004 No. 126

Fire safety regulations in Ukraine

1. Scope

Rules establish general requirements on fire safety which action extends to the companies, organizations, the organizations and other objects (buildings, constructions, processing lines and so forth), and also residential buildings which are operated, under construction, reconstructed, technically are re-equipped and extend, except for underground constructions and vehicles, requirements to which are determined in special regulating documents.

Action of these Rules is not applied to objects up to 300 m-2, except for those which according to the Procedure for distribution of subjects of managing on risk degree of their economic activity for safety of life and health of the population, the surrounding environment of rather fire safety approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 14.11.2007 No. 1324 (with changes), are carried to subjects of managing with high and average degrees of acceptable risk which list is posted on the official site of the State inspection of technogenic safety of Ukraine.

Ensuring fire safety, it is also necessary to be guided by standards, construction regulations, regulations for electrical installation (further - PUE) and DNAOP 0.00-1.32-01 "Rules of structure of electroinstallations. Electric equipment of special installations", regulations of process design and other regulations, proceeding from the sphere of their action, regulating requirements of fire safety.

The ministries and departments, proceeding from specific conditions and features of fire risk of productions, can develop and publish in addition the industry fire safety regulations which shall not contradict these Rules and reduce their requirements.

Industry rules shall be approved with State department of fire safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine.

2. General provisions

2.1. Fire safety shall be ensured by holding the organizational, technical and other actions directed to the prevention of the fires, safety of people, decrease in possible property losses and reduction of negative ecological effects in case of their origin, creation of conditions for bystry challenge of fire divisions and successful suppression of the fires.

2.2. According to the Law of Ukraine "About fire safety" ensuring fire safety of the companies, organizations, organizations (further - the companies) is assigned to their heads and persons authorized by heads if another is not provided by the relevant agreement.

Ensuring fire safety during designing and building of settlements, construction, expansion, reconstruction and technical retrofitting of the companies, buildings and constructions is assigned to bodies of architecture, builders, the project and construction organizations.

Ensuring fire safety in residential buildings of the state, public housing stock, fund of housing cooperatives (further - HCC) is assigned to owners of these buildings or to the bodies authorized by them, and in premises (apartments) - as well to tenants (members of HCC). Cross liabilities of the owner and tenant concerning ensuring fire safety shall be determined by the agreement of housing hiring, and members of HCC - the charter.

Ensuring fire safety in residential buildings (apartments) of private housing stock and other private, separately located economic constructions and garages, in the territories, and also in country houses, on garden sites is assigned to their owners or tenants if another is not stipulated by the employment contract.

2.3. Obligations of owners of the companies and bodies authorized by them (further - owners), and also lessees concerning ensuring fire safety are established by article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "About fire safety".

They shall:

develop complex actions concerning ensuring fire safety, implement achievements of science and technology, positive experience;

according to regulatory legal acts on fire safety to develop and approve provisions, instructions, other regulations existing within the company, to exercise constant control behind their observance;

provide observance of fire-proof requirements of standards, regulations, rules, and also fulfillment of requirements of instructions and resolutions of bodies of the state fire supervision;

organize training of workers in fire safety regulations and promotion of measures concerning their providing;

in case of absence in regulatory legal acts of the requirements necessary for ensuring fire safety to take adequate measures, approving them with bodies of the state fire supervision;

contain in good repair means of fire protection and communication, the fire fighting equipment, the equipment and stock, not to allow their use not to destination;

create, in case of need, according to established procedure of division of fire protection and material and technical resources, necessary for their functioning;

give upon the demand of the state fire protection of the data and documents on condition of fire safety of objects and products which is made by them;

perform actions concerning implementation of automatic sensors and suppression of the fires and use for this purpose of production automatic equipment;

to timely inform fire protection on defects of the fire fighting equipment, fire protection systems, water supply, and also on closing of roads and drives in the territory;

make office investigation of cases of the fires.

2.4. Obligations of the Parties concerning ensuring fire safety of leased property shall be determined in the lease agreement.

2.5. Powers in the field of fire safety of associations, corporations, concerns, other production associations shall be determined by their charters or contracts between the companies which formed consolidation.

In connection therewith the law the citizens of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons which are in the territory of Ukraine shall:

carry out fire safety regulations, provide buildings which belong to them as personal property, with primary means of suppression of the fires and fire-proof stock, cultivate at children care in the treatment of fire;

report in fire protection about emergence of the fire and take measures to its liquidation, rescuing of people and property.

2.7. Financing of works in case of new construction, reconstruction, restoration, capital repairs of buildings and other objects, expansion and technical retrofitting of the companies can be carried out only on condition of availability of the positive conclusion of complex state examination which shall contain surely the positive expert opinion of body of the state fire supervision as component of complex state examination.

2.8. The beginning of work of the neogenic company, commissioning of the new, reconstructed production, housing and other facilities, implementation of new technologies, transfer to production of samples of new fire-dangerous machines, mechanisms, the equipment and products, lease of any rooms without the permission of bodies of the state fire supervision is forbidden, except cases when conducting economic activity is possible by the declarative principle which is determined by the legislation on authorization system in the field of economic activity.

Issue of permission is performed according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of February 14, 2001 N 150 "About approval of the Procedure for issue by bodies of the state fire supervision of permission to the beginning of work of the companies and lease of rooms".

2.9. Products of fire-proof appointment, and also products to which requirements of fire safety are established shall have the certificate of conformity or the certificate on recognition of compliance. The organizational and legal basis of confirmation of conformity of products is determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

2.10. Provision of services and performance of works of fire-proof appointment are performed according to licensed conditions and procedure for control of their observance which affirm the joint order of specially authorized body concerning licensing and the Ministry of Ukraine concerning emergency situations.

2.11. For violation of requirements of Rules, failure to carry out of instructions and resolutions of officials of bodies of the state fire supervision or creation of obstacles for their activities, official and physical persons are made responsible according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

3. Organizational measures concerning ensuring fire safety

3.1. Ensuring fire safety is component of productive or other activity of officials, employees of the companies and entrepreneurs. It shall be displayed in employment contracts (contracts) and charters of the companies.

3.2. The director shall determine obligations of officials (including deputy managers) concerning ensuring fire safety, to appoint certain buildings, constructions, rooms, sites and so forth, responsible for fire safety, the processing and engineering equipment, and also for content and operation of technical means of fire protection.

Obligations concerning ensuring fire safety, content and operation of means of fire protection shall be displayed in the relevant official documents (functional obligations, instructions, provisions and so forth).

3.3. At each company taking into account its fire risk the corresponding fire prevention regime shall be set by the order (instruction), including are determined:

possibility of smoking (smoking area), use of naked flame, household heating appliances;

procedure for carrying out temporary fire-dangerous works (including welding);

rules of journey and parking of vehicles;

places for storage and admissible amount of raw materials, semifinished products and finished goods which can be at the same time in production placements and on the territories (in storage locations);

procedure for cleaning of combustible dust and waste, storages of the oiled overalls and rags, cleanings of air ducts of ventilating systems of combustible deposits;

procedure for disconnection from network of electric equipment in case of fire;

inspection routine and closings of rooms after completion of work;

procedure for passing by officials of training and examination concerning fire safety, and also carrying out with workers of fire-proof instructing and classes in fire technically minimum with appointment responsible for their carrying out;

procedure for the organization of operation and servicing of available technical means of fire protection (fire-proof water supply system, pumping points, installations of the fire alarm, automatic fire extinguishing, smoke removal, fire extinguishers and so forth);

procedure for carrying out scheduled preventive maintenance and surveys of electroinstallations, heating, ventilating, processing and other engineering equipment;

actions of workers in case of fire detection;

procedure for collection of members of voluntary fire team and responsible officials in case of the fire, challenge at night, in days off and holidays.

Employees of the company shall be informed of these requirements on instructing, during passing of fire and technical minimum and so forth, statements from the order (instruction) with basic provisions should be hung out on foregrounds.

3.4. At each company the all-object instruction about measures of fire safety and the instruction for all explosion-fire-hazardous and fire-dangerous rooms (sites, workshops, warehouses, workshops, laboratories and so forth) according to appendix 1 of these Rules shall be worked out.

These instructions shall be studied during fire-proof instructing, passing of fire and technical minimum, and also in system of inservice training and to be hung out on foregrounds.

3.5. In buildings and constructions (except residential buildings) which have two floors more, in case of simultaneous stay on the floor more than 25 people shall be developed and hung out on foregrounds plans (schemes) of evacuation of people for fire case.

Need of providing with plans (schemes) of evacuation of one-storey buildings and constructions is determined by local authorities of the state fire supervision, proceeding from their fire risk, the number of the placed people, the area and so forth.

In preschool institutions, educational institutions, medical institutions with hospital, houses for people of old age and disabled people, sanatoria and institutions of rest, cultural and educational and spectacular institutions, the covered sports buildings and constructions, hotels, motels, campings, trade enterprises (two floors more) and others objects similar to destination with mass finding of people (50 people more) in addition to the schematic plan of evacuation the administration shall work the instruction determining actions of personnel concerning ensuring safe and bystry evacuation of people according to which at least once practical trainings of all involved workers shall be held to half a year.

For objects in which finding of people is provided at night (preschool institutions, nursing homes, hospitals and so forth) instructions shall provide two options of actions: in day and night time.

3.6. In case of change of planning or functional purpose of buildings (rooms, constructions), the production technology, the staff list of personnel the administration shall provide timely conversion of plans of evacuation and instructions.

3.7. At the company the procedure (system) for the notification of people about the fire with which it is necessary to acquaint all workers shall be established.

In rooms on foregrounds about phones it is necessary to hang out plates with indication of phone number for challenge of fire protection.

3.8. The territory of the company, and also the building, construction, the room shall be ensured by the corresponding signs safety according to GOST 12.4.026-76 "SSBT. Colors alarm and signs of safety".

3.9. In case of receipt of substances and materials with unknown properties of rather fire risk the owner of the company shall prohibit their application before examination through the relevant organizations and the organizations of data (indicators) on their fire risk.

Application in construction and on production of materials and substances on which are absent this to rather fire risk is forbidden.

3.10. Owners of the companies at which strong toxic agents are applied and processed (further - SDYaV) and sources of radioactive radiation, shall inform regularly in the terms coordinated with fire protection divisions of the State fire protection on amount of such substances and materials, their toxic properties, features of behavior during the fire, to report other data necessary for safety of staff which is involved in fire extinguishing and carrying out wrecking at these companies.

3.11. The instruction in which it is necessary to determine their obligations concerning control of observance of fire prevention regime, survey of the territory and rooms, operations procedure in case of detection of the fire, operation of means of the fire alarm and automatic fire extinguishing shall be developed for workers of protection (watchmen, porters, guard and so forth) by administration, and also to specify which of officials of administration shall be called at night in case of fire.

Workers of protection shall have the list of officials of the company with indication of their home address, office and home phones. They shall know operations procedure in case of detection of the fire, the instruction for use emergency firefighting equipment and suppression acceptances.

3.12. Workers, employees, other employees of the company shall:

observe the set fire prevention regime, fulfill requirements of the rules and other regulations concerning fire safety existing at the company;

in case of emergence (detection) of the fire to be effective according to requirements of Section 9 of these Rules.

3.13. The director shall accept (within the rights granted to him) adequate measures of response to the facts of violations or failure to carry out by officials, other employees of the company of the set fire prevention regime, requirements of the fire safety regulations and other regulatory legal acts existing in this sphere.

3.14. For the purpose of employees engagement to holding actions concerning prevention of the fires, the organizations of their suppression at the companies are created voluntary fire teams (further - DPD) and teams (further - DPK) which activities shall be performed according to the Regulations on voluntary fire teams (teams) approved by the order of the Ministry of Ukraine concerning emergency situations and for protection of the population against effects of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash of 11.02.2004 N 70 and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 19.02.2004 for N 221/8820.

Members of voluntary fire teams (teams) which are subject to compulsory personal insurance (on case of death (death), wounds (contusions, injuries or mutilations), the disease got during liquidation of the fire or effects of accident) should be insured according to the Regulations on procedure and conditions of compulsory personal insurance of workers of departmental and rural fire protection and members of voluntary fire teams (teams) approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of April 3, 1995 N 232.

3.15. At the companies with the number of workers of 50 and more people for the solution of labor collective the fire and technical commissions are created (further - PTK). Their work needs to be organized according to the Standard regulations on the fire and technical commission approved by the order of the Ministry of Ukraine concerning emergency situations and for protection of the population against effects of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash of 11.02.2004 N 70 and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 19.02.2004 for N 222/8821.

3.16. At schools, children's camps it is necessary to create the teams of young firemen (further - DYuP) which are acting on the basis of the Regulations on teams of young firefighters approved by the protocol of Presidium of Voluntary fire society of Ukraine of 20.05.94 N 13/4.

3.17. For coordination and enhancement of the work connected with ensuring fire safety and control of its carrying out in offices of the ministries, other central executive bodies services of fire safety (further - SPB) according to the Standard regulations on service of fire safety approved by the order of the Ministry of Ukraine concerning emergency situations and for protection of the population against effects of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash of 29.09.2003 N 369 and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 10.12.2003 for N 1121/8442 shall be created.

Such services need to be organized also in devices of associations of the companies (associations, corporations, concerns and so forth) for accomplishment of the functions delegated to consolidation in the field of fire safety.

Activities of SPB shall be regulated by provisions which are developed by the relevant ministries, departments, associations of the companies.

3.18. All workers in case of employment and on place of employment shall undergo instructing in questions of fire safety (further fire-proof instructing). Fire-proof instructing are subdivided on introductory, primary, repeated on workplace, unplanned and target.

Persons who are employed, connected with the raised fire risk shall previously (prior to independent performance of work) to undergo special training (fire and technical minimum). The workers occupied at works with the raised fire risk shall undergo examination of the corresponding regulatory legal acts on fire safety once a year.

The procedure for the organization and carrying out fire-proof instructing, training and examination on fire technically minimum is established by Standard regulations on instructing, special training and examination concerning fire safety at the companies, in organizations and the organizations of Ukraine, the approved order of the Ministry of Ukraine concerning emergency situations and for protection of the population against effects of the Chernobyl catastrophic crash of 29.09.2003 N 368 and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 11.12.2003 for N 1148/8469.

3.19. Training and examination of officials concerning fire safety is carried out according to the procedure, established by the legislation.

3.20. The admission to work of persons who were not trained fire-proof instructing and examination concerning fire safety, is forbidden.

3.21. Studying of measures of fire safety on production and in life should be provided also in system of inservice training of workers, employees, engineering employees (further - ITR). Besides, for this purpose the local systems of broadcasting which are available at the company and so forth are used.

3.22. The service personnel of hotels, campings, hostels, medical institutions with hospital, children's preschool institutions with the round-the-clock finding of children, boarding schools, houses for citizens of old age, children's camps, sanatoria, rest houses and other improving institutions shall take every year training course in fire safety regulations according to the program approved by administration taking into account specifics of object. Practical trainings on exercise of actions in case of fire should be held to the terms specified in Item 3.5. these Rules.

3.23. In general education and professional teaching and educational institutions, higher educational institutions, educational institutions of advanced training and retraining of personnel studying of fire safety regulations on production and in life, and also training in actions on fire case shall be carried out.

3.24. In children's preschool institutions the educational work directed to prevention of the fires from childish pranks with fire and education at children of the economical relation to national wealth and also acquisition of skills of personal security in case of the fire shall be carried out.

3.25. Local executive bodies, local government bodies, housing organizations and the organizations shall organize in the place of residence training of the population in fire safety regulations in life and public places.

3.26. Training programs concerning fire safety shall be approved with bodies of the state fire supervision.

4. General requirements of fire safety to the territories, buildings, rooms, constructions

4.1. Content of the territory

4.1.1. The territory of the companies, the sites adjoining on apartment houses, country and other houses, fire-proof gaps between buildings, constructions, storage areas of materials, the equipment and so forth shall be kept constantly clean and be cleared systematically of garbage, production wastes, container, fallen leaves which need to be deleted regularly (to take out) to specially allotted places.

4.1.2. In the territory of settlements and the companies it is forbidden to arrange dumps of combustible waste.

4.1.3. Roads, drives and passes to buildings, constructions, fire water sources, approaches to outside stationary fire-escapes, fire stock, the equipment and fire extinguishing means shall be always free, contain operational, to be cleared of snow in the winter.

It is forbidden to reduce randomly the normalized width of roads and drives.

4.1.4. To all buildings and constructions of the company the open entry shall be provided. Fire-proof gaps between buildings, constructions, the open areas for storage of materials, the equipment and so forth shall meet the requirements of construction regulations. They are not allowed to be encumbered, used for warehousing of materials, the equipment, parking of transport, construction and establishment of temporary buildings and constructions, including inventory household rooms, individual garages and so forth.

4.1.5. The construction in the territory of the companies of new buildings and constructions (including temporary) can be performed only in the presence of the project documentation which passed preliminary expert examination (check) in bodies of the state fire supervision on compliance to regulations on fire safety.

It is not allowed to attach to buildings with the protecting metalwork containing combustible polymeric heaters (expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam and so forth), storage rooms, masterful and other rooms.

4.1.6. (Or for other reasons) it is necessary to report about closing of sections of roads or drives for repair to divisions of fire protection immediately. For closing of roads in appropriate places direction signs of detour shall be established or moving through sites which are repaired are arranged.

4.1.7. On one-band drives traveling platforms shall be arranged, and deadlock drives shall come to an end with the rotary platforms providing possibility of turn of fire tenders. The specified platforms shall meet the requirements of DBN 360-92 ** "Town-planning. Planning and building of residential and rural locations".

4.1.8. The main roads, drives, passes shall have hard surface. Arranging drives for fire trucks to buildings, constructions and water sources on earth road, it needs to be strengthened slag, gravel or other local materials for entrance possibility at all seasons of the year.

4.1.9. Rail track, temporary trenches and ditches shall not complicate movement of fire trucks. For this purpose in necessary places convenient moving, always free for journey of fire trucks shall be equipped.

Drives and passes through railway tracks shall have continuous floorings at the level of heads of rails. The parking of cars without locomotives on moving is forbidden.

4.1.10. Entrance gate on the territory of the company which open by means of the electric drive shall have adaptation (device), allowing to open them manually.

4.1.11. On sites of the territory of the companies where accumulations of combustible gases or vapors are possible, journey of cars and other transport is not allowed. About it the corresponding texts (indexes) shall be hung out.

4.1.12. The territory of the companies and other objects shall have the outside lighting providing bystry finding of fire-escapes, the fire-fighting equipment, entrances to buildings and constructions.

4.1.13. In the territory of rural settlements, houses cars, country and gardening settlements in places which are determined by local government bodies devices for giving of sound signals for the purpose of the notification of people on case of the fire shall be established and there shall be water-supply for fire extinguishing implementation which quantity shall meet the requirements of construction regulations.

4.1.14. The territory around settlements, country and gardening settlements, the objects placed in forests shall contain so that the possibility of throwing of the forest, peat fires on buildings and constructions, and in case of the fire on objects - spread of fire on forests was excluded (ustraivaniye of protective fire-proof strips, cleaning during the summer period of dry vegetation, dead wood and so forth).

From forests to buildings and constructions fire-proof gaps according to requirements of construction regulations shall be sustained.

4.1.15. In the territory of residential buildings, country and gardening settlements, public buildings, autocooperatives and parking of transport it is forbidden to leave on the open areas and the yards of barrel and other container with flammable liquids (further - LVZh) and combustible liquids (further - GZh), cylinders with the compressed and liquefied gas, acetylene generators with remaining balance of unfinished calcium carbide or carbide silt, and also to store the cylinders from under gases which are not cleared of remaining balance of LVZh and GZh of barrel (container).

4.1.16. Shoddy constructions, booths, stalls and so forth shall be placed at distance at least than 10 m from other buildings and constructions, except cases when according to construction regulations the bigger fire-proof gap is necessary or when they can be established at outside walls without openings which meet the requirements of construction regulations to fire-proof walls.

No more than 10 are allowed to place inventory buildings of mobile type, booths, other similar buildings groups, but in group and no more than 800 sq.m. The distance between groups of these buildings and from them to other constructions shall make at least than 15 m.

4.1.17. In the territory of the company on foregrounds plates with indication of procedure for challenge of fire protection, signs of locations of emergency firefighting equipment, the traffic pattern of transport in which it is necessary to specify placement of buildings, of reservoirs, hydrants, piers and coolers shall be established (need of installation of such scheme at each specific company is determined by local authorities of the state fire supervision).

4.1.18. The parking of transport in through passages of buildings at distance is less than 10 m from entrance gate on the territory of objects, it is less than 5 m from fire hydrants, intakes of water sources, the fire equipment and stock, on rotary platforms of deadlock drives it is forbidden. In the specified places shall be established (to be hung out) the corresponding forbidden signs.

4.1.19. Platforms before stands of open sports constructions, about entrances and exits from buildings of sports constructions with places for the audience, theaters, clubs, cinema and concert halls shall not have the ledges, obstacles hindering movement of people. Decrease in their settlement width, increase in biases, establishment on them of booths, stalls and other constructions is not allowed.

4.1.20. Make fire, burn waste, container, to throw out not extinguished coal and ashes on distance it is less than 15 m from buildings and constructions, and also in the limits set by construction regulations of fire-proof gaps it is not allowed.

4.1.21. Smoking is forbidden:

in the territory and in rooms of objects for production, conversion and storage of LVZh, GZh and combustible gases (further-), productions of all types of explosives;

in buildings with availability of explosion-fire-hazardous rooms (sites), trade enterprises, warehouses and bases;

in rooms of children's preschool, school and medical institutions;

on grain cereal arrays and zernopriyemny Items.

In the territory of objects where smoking is allowed, the administration shall determine and equip special places for this purpose, designate them sign or text, to establish ballot box or ashtray from nonflammable materials.

4.2. Content of buildings, rooms and constructions

4.2.1. All buildings, rooms and constructions shall be cleared timely of combustible garbage, production wastes and to be kept constantly clean. Terms of cleaning are established by production schedules or instructions.

4.2.2. In case of reconstruction, re-planning, capital repairs of rooms, buildings and other constructions, their technical retrofitting both with change, and without change of functional purpose, it is necessary to fulfill the fire-proof requirements determined by normative legal documents in the field of construction, process design and the existing rules.

It is allowed to start accomplishment of the above-stated works only in the presence of the project documentation which passed preliminary expert examination on compliance to regulatory legal acts concerning fire safety with positive result in bodies of the state fire supervision.

The machines acquired abroad, mechanisms, the equipment, processing equipment are put into operation only on condition of compliance to their regulatory legal acts existing in Ukraine on fire safety.

4.2.3. Fire-proof systems, installations, the equipment of rooms, buildings and constructions (antismoke protection, fire automatic equipment, fire-water supply, fire-proof doors, valves, other protection devices in fire-proof walls and overlappings and so forth) shall contain in the serviceable working condition constantly.

4.2.4. Openings in fire-proof walls, partitions and overlappings shall be equipped with protection devices (fire-proof doors, fireproof valves, water veils and and so forth) against spread of fire and products of burning.

It is not allowed to establish any devices interfering normal closing of fire-proof and antismoke doors and also to remove devices for their self-closing.

4.2.5. In case of crossing of fire-proof obstacles (fire-proof walls, partitions, overlappings), other designs with the normalized limits of fire resistance - different communications gaps (openings) which were formed between these designs and communications shall be tightly covered with the nonflammable material providing limit of fire resistance and dymogazonepronitsayemost which is required by construction regulations for these obstacles.

4.2.6. Wooden designs in buildings of all degrees of fire resistance, except V, shall be exposed to fireproof processing, except for windows, doors, gate, floor, the built-in furniture, racks if in construction regulations other requirements are not specified. Damages of fireproof coverings (plaster, special paints, varnishes, plastering and so forth) building constructions, combustible finishing and heat-insulating materials, air ducts, metal support and partitions shall be eliminated immediately.

After accomplishment of fireproof works by contract organization with the assistance of the customer the statement of the performed works shall be drawn up. After the termination of effective periods of processing (impregnation) and in case of loss or deterioration in fireproof properties processing (impregnation) needs to be repeated. It is necessary to perform condition of fireproof processing (impregnation) at least once a year with creation of the inspection statement.

4.2.7. For all buildings and rooms of production, warehouse appointment and laboratories the category of rather fire and explosion and fire risk according to requirements of ONTP 24-86 "Determination of categories of rooms and buildings on fire and explosion and fire risk", and also zone class by DNAOP 0.00-1.32-01 "Rules of structure of electroinstallations shall be determined. Electric equipment of special installations", including for outside production and racking areas which need to be marked on entrance doors to the room, and also within zones in rooms and outside.

Determination of category of buildings and placements on fire and explosion and fire risk on blueprint stages shall be carried out by the developer of engineering procedure according to requirements of ONTP 24-86 "Determination of categories of rooms and buildings on fire and explosion and fire risk". For operating plants of category can be determined by fire and explosion and fire risk by technologists of the companies or the organizations having the corresponding specialists.

4.2.8. Explosion-fire-hazardous rooms in multi-storey buildings shall be placed about outside walls of upper floors.

4.2.9. In basement and first floors it is not allowed: Placement of explosion-fire-hazardous productions, storage and application of LVZh and GZh, explosives, cylinders with gases, celluloid, the combustible film, calcium carbide and other substances and materials having the increased fire and explosion danger (except as specified, stipulated by the existing normative legal documents). Arrangement (except for individual apartment and country houses) warehouses of combustible materials, masterful where combustible materials are used, and also other economic rooms if the entrance to them is not isolated from general evacuation staircases.

4.2.10. It is not allowed to use attics, technical floors and rooms (including air-ventilation chambers, electropanel board) under production sites, for storage of products, the equipment, furniture and other objects, for arrangement голубятень and so forth.

Doors of attics, technical floors, air-ventilation chambers, electropanel board, cellars shall contain closed. On doors it is necessary to specify the storage location of keys. Windows of attics, technical floors, cellars shall be glazed.

4.2.11. Priyamki of window openings of basement and first floors needs to clear of combustible production wastes, dry leaves, grass and so forth regularly. It is not allowed to close them tightly, and also to encumber or pledge window openings.

4.2.12. In residential, public and administrative and household buildings it is not allowed to place shops and warehouses of goods of household chemicals, LVZh, GZh, flammable (combustible) substances and materials (paints, solvents, varnishes, gunpowder and so forth), cylinders with gas, masterful and other rooms with category on fire and explosion danger And yes B.

4.2.13. Stationary outside fire-escapes, ladders on height differences and barriers on roofs (coverings) of buildings and constructions shall contain constantly operational, to be painted.

4.2.14. In case of need establishments at windows of rooms where there are people, lattices the last shall reveal, be moved apart or be removed. In the time spent in these rooms of people of lattice shall be open (are removed).

It is allowed to establish deaf (fixed) lattices in apartments, banks, cash desks, warehouses, storage rooms, rooms for storage of weapon and ammunition, on the objects of trade expected simultaneous stay to 50 people and in other cases provided by the regulations and rules approved in accordance with the established procedure.

4.2.15. In buildings, rooms, constructions it is forbidden:

clean rooms and wash clothes using gasoline, kerosene and other LVZh and GZh, and also to warm the frozen pipes blowtorches and other means using naked flame;

scatter and leave untidy the oiled cleaning cloths. They need to be moved away in metal boxes, to close densely covers and after completion of work to delete from the placement to the places, specially allotted outside buildings, provided with nonflammable collections with covers which are densely closed.

4.2.16. For individual protection the service personnel of the companies where in engineering procedures flammable, combustible liquids or gases are used, shall be provided with set of special thermoprotective clothes. Overalls shall be erased and repaired, be stored beforehand in the hanged-out type in metal cases, rooms established in specially allotted for this purpose.

The administration of the company shall establish accurate replacement procedure of the oiled overalls net.

4.2.17. During the organization and holding actions with mass finding of people it is necessary to fulfill such requirements:

in case of the number of people more than 50 people, the rooms provided with at least than two emergency exits which meet the requirements of construction regulations are used have at windows of deaf lattices and "No the construction materials located not above the second floor in buildings with overlappings from combustible materials of group of combustibility G3, G4 according to GSTU B B.2.7-19-95. Test methods on combustibility";

persons to whom holding such actions is entrusted before their beginning shall inspect carefully rooms and be convinced of complete readiness of the last in the fire-proof relation, including in security with necessary quantity of emergency firefighting equipment, operability of means of communication, fire automatic equipment and the alarm system;

watch on the stage and in rooms of halls of members of DPD or workers of local fire protection of object or responsible persons on duty shall be organized;

filling of rooms with people over the established regulation, reduction of width of passes between ranks, establishment in passes of additional chairs, chairs and so forth, blackout is not allowed during the performances or representations of light, use of sun blind for blackout, carrying out fire, tinctorial and others pozharo-and explosive works, application of arc searchlights, candles, Bengal lights, naked flame, fireworks, and also inclusion in the program (scenario) of numbers (representations) with use of fire effects and smoking.

Upon the demand of bodies of the state fire supervision also other (additional) fire-proof actions are performed.

4.2.18. During New Year's holidays:

the fir-tree shall be established on steady basis;

in case of absence in electric lighting (during possible shutdown and so forth) celebration of New Year New Year show shall be held only during the light day;

the fir-tree should not be established in passes, at exits, on the ways of evacuation;

illumination shall be executed with observance of regulations for electrical installation;

in case of use of power lighting network without the lowering transformer on fir-tree garlands only with consecutive inclusion of bulbs up to 12 V can be applied;

capacity of bulbs shall not exceed 25 W;

the electrical wiring to bulbs of fir-tree illumination shall be executed by flexible wires with copper veins;

connection of garlands to network shall be carried out only by means of plug connections;

in case of failure detection in illumination (heating of wires, blinking of bulbs, sparking and so forth) it shall be switched urgently off;

it is not allowed to decorate fir-tree with celluloid toys, and also the gauze and cotton wool which is not impregnated with fireproof substance, to apply to illumination of fir-tree of candle. Fancy dresses for children shall meet the requirements of GOST 25779-90 "Toys. General requirements to safety and control methods".


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