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of July 14, 2008 No. 406-3

About subsoil

(The last edition from 18-06-2019)

Accepted by the House of Representatives on June 10, 2008

Approved by Council of the Republic on June 20, 2008

This Code governs the relations arising in connection with geological studying of subsoil, mining, use and protection of other resources of subsoil and is directed to creation and expansion of mineral resources, protection of interests of the state, the rights and legitimate interests of subsoil users and other persons.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The main terms used in this Code and their determinations

1. Borehole - the excavation formed as a result of drilling of rocks having the cylindrical form, more than 5 meters in depth and with a diameter more than 59 millimeters.

2. Overburden breeds - rocks which need to be removed in case of open-cast mining of the field of mineral.

3. Geological branch - the subsoil plot provided to the subsoil user for geological studying of subsoil.

4. Geological studying of subsoil - complex of the works which are carried out for the purpose of studying of structure of crust and proceeding in it processes, search and investigation of minerals and other resources of subsoil, and also engineering-geological researches for construction.

5. Geological and surveying works - complex of the space and geometrical observations, measurements and calculations which are carried out in excavations and on the respective sites of the land surface for the purpose of determination of space provision and the subsequent image (display) on plans, maps, cuts, schedules of form and conditions of bedding of minerals, arrangements of the excavations and other objects built in subsoil and on the land surface in borders of mountain branch, results of observations of displacement of rocks in zone of their possible deformations and also determinations of amounts of mining, completeness and quality of extraction of minerals from subsoil.

6. Geothermal resources of subsoil - inventories of deep heat of Earth which industrial and other economic use by means of modern technical means is economically reasonable.

7. Excavation - the cavity in crust formed as a result of carrying out mining operations (the mine, section, pit, borehole, штрек, trunk, the okolostvolny yard and other similar constructions).

8. The mountain company - complex of the constructions necessary for implementation of use of natural resources for the purpose of production and operational investigation of minerals, their preprocessing (cleaning, enrichment), uses of geothermal resources of subsoil.

9. Rocks - the natural mineral educations of certain structure and structure created as a result of geological processes and lying in crust in the form of independent bodies.

10. Mining operations - driving of excavations, extraction of rocks, other impact on the subsoil performed for the purpose of mining, use of geothermal resources of subsoil, construction and (or) operation of the underground constructions which are not connected with mining.

11. Mountain branch - the subsoil plot provided to the subsoil user for mining, use of geothermal resources of subsoil, construction and (or) operation of the underground constructions which are not connected with mining.

12. The state inventory of subsoil - the systematized code of the resources of subsoil this about quality and quantity characteristics, about their economic evaluation and about possible industrial and other economic use.

13. Mining - extraction of minerals from subsoil for the purpose of industrial and other economic use in natural type or after preprocessing (cleaning, enrichment).

14. Deposit of hydrocarbons - the natural accumulation of hydrocarbons filling fully or partially some amount of permeable rocks and isolated by impervious rocks.

15. Inventories of minerals and (or) geothermal resources of subsoil - the amount of minerals and (or) geothermal resources of subsoil counted as a result of geological studying of subsoil.

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