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of July 14, 2008 No. 396-Z

About geodetic and cartographic activities

(The last edition from 22-12-2011)

Accepted by the House of Representatives on June 10, 2008

Approved by Council of the Republic on June 20, 2008

This Law determines the legal basis of activities in the field of geodesy and cartography and is directed to creation of conditions for requirements satisfaction of state bodies, other organizations, physical persons, including individual entrepreneurs, in geodetic and cartographic materials and data.

Article 1. The main terms used in this Law and their determinations

For the purposes of this Law the following main terms and their determinations are used:

the atlas - the systematized collection of the maps united by the general name and created according to the general program of the atlas determining the mapping territory, purpose of the atlas, its subject, methods of display of objects and the phenomena, atlas manufacturing techniques, etc. created in the form of the complete cartographical edition;

geographical information system special the naznacheniyaavtomatizirovanny system intended for collection, processing, the analysis, modeling and display of data on geographical objects and also solutions of information and calculation tasks with use of digital cartographical, analog and text information which need of creation is determined by requirements of state bodies, other organizations, physical persons, including individual entrepreneurs;

geographical basis - basic elements of contents of the all-map or plan (hydrography, settlements, road net, frontiers, etc.), necessary for drawing special content thematic, including special, maps, plans or schematic maps during their creation;

geographical objects - rather steady complete educations within geographical envelope of Earth of natural or anthropogenous origin existing or existing in the past and which are characterized by certain geographical location: physiographic objects, administrative and territorial units, territorial units, components of settlements, objects of transport infrastructure;

geodetic and cartographic deyatelnostnauchno-technical, productive, management and other activities on performance of works, rendering services in the field of geodesy and cartography and to receipt of geodetic and cartographic materials and data;

geodetic network - system of geodetic Items which provision on the land surface is determined based on geodetic measurements in general for them to system of geodetic coordinates;

geodetic and cartographic materials and data - all types of the final and intermediate geodetic, topographical, cartographical, including leveling, gravimetric, aerokosmosjemochny, hydrographic, and other products received as a result of geodetic and cartographic activities irrespective of its type and method of fixing of information (maps, publishing and other originals, aero - and space pictures, negatives, the numerical information storage on magnetic carriers and other similar products), and also technical reports on the performed geodetic and cartographical works;

geodetic and leveling networks of condensation - the geodetic and leveling networks created in development of the state geodetic and leveling networks in case of geodetic support of surveys and the solution of various engineering and geodetic tasks;

geodetic works - the works which are carried out on the area (field works) and (or) in rooms of production appointment (cameral works) which basic purpose are collection and data processing for determination of figure, parameters and external gravitational field of Earth, coordinates of points of the land surface and their changes in time, creation of topographic maps and plans;

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