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of August 12, 2002

About introduction in neutral Turkmenistan of national chronology of the Turkmen people, designations of days of the week, twelve-year cycle of human life, and also celebration "Joint stock company goyun toya"

Our amicable people have five-thousand-year heroic history. According to ancient history, the Turkmen people made noticeable contribution to treasury of universal values. But on some round of the nice heroic history the Turkmen people were degraded and offended. Our history underwent to terrible misstatement, sacred customs of ancestors, national holidays, and our rich culture and art - for what the people were always famous, what always was integral part of world culture were forgotten, appeared in decline. And only with independence finding we managed to revive anew on the basis of scientific researches, ancient manuscripts true story, and now she forever took the worthy place in the chronicle of development of world civilization. The national traditions which are going back to the ancestor of the nation Oguz to the khan to the Turkmen recovered, they became the integral attribute of our today's new life. The people with inspiration celebrate Nowruz Bayrams, Eid al-Adha, holidays of the Turkmen carpet, the Turkmen racer, Turkmen bakhsh and many other national holidays. In a word, all national values reflected in the sacred book of Rukhnam and which led the people to spiritual revival turned into pride and love of the Turkmen people.

In the history of mankind various chronologies, names of days of the week, twelve-year cycle of human life were used. Often they were connected with history of the people, names of historic figures, commanders, historical events. Now in Turkmenistan use the Christian chronology and designation of days of the week accepted in the east. But they not always completely reflect historical way of the Turkmen people, its national peculiarities, inner world of people, traditions and customs.

Our people born from light, probably, single in the world, celebrating "Joint stock company goyun toya", thereby paying a tribute of respect to the people who entered age of the Prophet. And therefore we need to legitimize this event, the state shall create conditions and give help in celebration "Joint stock company goyun toya" to all our compatriots to whom 62 years were performed.

In order that in the Golden Age anew to revive national values and customs of ancestors, to immortalize nice names of the ancestor of all nation Oguz of the khan of the Turkmen who became symbol of the wise Turkmen aged man around the world Gorkut At, incomparable in fearlessness Alp Arslana of the Turkmen ruling the Turkmen state fifty two years Soltan Sandzhar of the Turkmen, the singer of human soul Makhtumkuli Fragi to glorify our great independence and neutrality, to give to designation days of the week, answering to national spirit the Turkmen, introduction into circulation of national chronology, designations of days of the week, twelve-year cycle of human life, celebrations "Joint stock company goyun toya" and rendering the state support in this question, and also considering wishes of compatriots, I decide:

1. Along with Christian chronology to approve in Turkmenistan national chronology in the following type.

National designations of months of year: the first mesyats-Turkmenbashi, second month - Baydak, the third month - Nowruz, the fourth month - Gurbansoltan, the fifth month - Makhtumkuli, the sixth month - Oguz, the seventh month - Gokurt, the eighth month - Alp Arslan, the ninth mesyatsrukhnama, the tenth month - Garashsyzlyk, the eleventh month - Sandzhar, the twelfth month - Bitaraplyk.

2. Approve the following national designations of days of the week: the first day - Bashgyun, the second day - Yashgyun, the third day - Hoshgyun, the fourth day - Sogapgyun, the fifth day - Anna, the sixth day - Rukhgyun, the seventh day - Dynchgyun.

3. Approve the following designations of twelve-year cycle of human life: up to 13 years - the childhood (chagalyk muches), from 13 to 25 letotrochestvo (etginzheklik muches), from 25 to 37 years - youth (yigitlik muches), from 37 to 49 years - maturity (kyamillik muches), from 49 to 61 year - prophecy (pygamber of muchesa), from 61 to 73 years - vdokhnovlennost (rukhubelentlik muches), from 73 to 85 years - wisdom (aksakallyk muches), from 85 to 97 years - old age (gartanlyk muches), with 97 to 109 letvozrast Oguz of the khan (Oguz the khan of muchesa).

4. Approve the following types of the public assistance to the citizens of Turkmenistan who reached 62-year age:

a) working at the companies, in the organizations and organizations of all patterns of ownership to hand the monetary reward in the amount of monthly payment of work (the payment differing on labor contribution), and also to provide paid three days in addition to labor leave with average monthly compensation.

b) and receiving public welfare payments on disability and on loss of the supporter (receiving benefit pro se) to hand to pensioners the monetary reward in the amount of pension or benefit.

c) to grant the monetary reward and additional three-day paid leave: for the citizens working in the organizations financed from the budget - at the expense of means of the Government budget of Turkmenistan; for the citizens working in the self-supporting companies and the organizations - at the expense of own means of these companies and the organizations; to pensioners and receiving public welfare payment on disability and on loss of the supporter - at the expense of means of the Government budget of Turkmenistan.

d) the one-time money allowance is not assessed with the income tax, from it transfers in Fund of the national social insurance do not become.

5. The decree becomes effective from the date of its signing.

6. To the Ministry of Justice of Turkmenistan to make offers on entering into legislative documents of the amendments following from this Decree in the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.


President of Turkmenistan

Saparmurat Turkmenbashi


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