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of December 27, 1995 No. 99-1

About permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan

This Law according to the Constitution of Turkmenistan determines political, economic and humanitarian bases of the permanent neutrality recognized and supported by the world community in the Resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations "Permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan" of December 12, 1995.

Article 1. Within realization of the inalienable rights of the sovereign state of Turkmenistan voluntarily announces the permanent neutrality and will support him and to put consistently into practice.

The permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan is fundamentals of its domestic and foreign policy directed to strengthening of stability and consent in society, development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations with the states of the region and the whole world.

Article 2. Adoption by Turkmenistan of the status of permanent neutrality does not affect accomplishment of the obligations of Turkmenistan following from Articles of organization of the United Nations. Turkmenistan will promote in every possible way goal achievement of the United Nations.

Turkmenistan recognizes priority of the United Nations and its decisions.

Article 3. Turkmenistan pursues peace-loving foreign policy, builds the relations with other states on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference to internal affairs of other states.

Article 4. Turkmenistan does not take part in military blocks and the unions, in interstate associations with tough obligations or the participants assuming collective responsibility. Foreign policy activities of Turkmenistan do not limit, do not infringe upon interests of other states and do not threaten their safety.

Article 5. Turkmenistan not begin wars and the military conflicts, not participate in them (except realization of the right to self-defense), not to take political, diplomatic or other steps which can lead to war or the military conflict.

In case of the armed aggression against Turkmenistan, it has the right to ask for the help other states or the United Nations.

Article 6. Turkmenistan will not have, make and extend nuclear, chemical, bacteriological and other types of weapon of mass defeat to place military bases of foreign states in the territory.

Article 7. Turkmenistan develops the international economic cooperation on the basis of equality, mutual advantage and accounting of the interests involved in this process of the parties, considering such cooperation as the most important instrument of enforcement of trust between the states and regions, peacekeeping and stability.

Article 8. Turkmenistan provides openness of the financial and economic space, cooperates with all states, the international economic and financial organizations, assists efforts of the world community in the solution of economic problems.

Turkmenistan considers unacceptable the economic pressure of one states upon others as means of achievement of political goals and does not participate in the economic blockade announced by them.

Article 9. The supreme value of society and state in Turkmenistan is the person. Turkmenistan recognizes and respects the main democratic rights and freedoms of man and citizen accepted by the world community and fixed in rules of international law, creates economic, legal and other guarantees of their effective implementation.

In Turkmenistan equality of all nations and nationalities, freedom of religions and religions is provided.

Article 10. Turkmenistan builds the relations with other states on the basis of respect of their culture of traditions and customs and considers humanitarian contacts as the most important means of rapprochement, the people, deepenings of mutual understanding between them, developments of the relations of friendship and cooperation.

Turkmenistan promotes exchange of cultural wealth between the nations and nationalities, process of mutual understanding and mutual enrichment of cultures.

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