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of May 4, 2000 No. 4680

About renaming of the State Turkmen Press news agency

Considering importance objective otrazheniiya of sacred achievements of great independence of the Turkmen people, economic, political, cultural progress of our neutral country, extended coverage on pages of the press of the significant events happening in the state, distribution on the international channels of reliable information about conversions in Turkmenistan, and also for the purpose of increase in role of objective and operational information, daily periodicals and other mass media in life of our compatriots I decide:

1. Rename the State Turkmen Press news agency in "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga" ("The Turkmen dovlt habarlara").

2. Assign on "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga" collection, preparation and distribution in the territory of Turkmenistan and abroad operational, reliable and comprehensive information about the conversions happening in the country in the context of program implementation of the President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Turkmenbasha on transformation of the 21st century into "gold" century of the Turkmen people.

3. Approve the enclosed structure and the Provision about "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga".

4. Permit "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga" to have two vice-chairmen.

5. Establish the number of workers "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga" in number of 123 units and limit of office cars - 3 units.

6. Determine that activities financing "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga" it is performed at the expense of means of the Centralized budget of Turkmenistan.

7. To the Ministry of Economics and finance of Turkmenistan in case of annual planning of financing of activities "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga" to provide funds for its development and technical retrofitting up-to-date.

8. Declare invalid the resolution of the President of Turkmenistan of December 24, 1992 No. 1077 "Questions of the State Turkmen Press news agency".


President of Turkmenistan

Saparmurat Turkmenbashi

Approved by the resolution of the President of Turkmenistan of May 4, 2000 No. 4680

Provision about "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga"

1. "The Turkmen dovlt habarlar gulluga" ("The Turkmen dovlt habarlara") is official information organ of Turkmenistan.

2. Collection and distribution of information "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara" performs, being guided by national state interests of Turkmenistan, for the purpose of operational, unbiased and comprehensive interpretation of the events which are taking place in Turkmenistan and abroad.

All the activities "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara" promotes promotion and implementation of the majestic ideas and programs of the President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Turkmenbasha for transformation of the 21st century into "gold" century of the Turkmen people, creation in Turkmenistan of the democratic, secular, constitutional state, to ensuring further unity and unity of society, strengthening of interethnic concord in the country, the world, friendship and cooperation with other states.

3. "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara" in the work is guided by the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the laws of Turkmenistan, acts of the President of Turkmenistan, decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan, and also this Provision.

4. The main objectives "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara" are:

collection and provision to domestic and foreign mass media, state bodies, the companies, organizations, public organizations of information which is not causing damage to national state interests of Turkmenistan;

distribution of Decrees, resolutions, official declarations, messages of the President of Turkmenistan, Majlis of Turkmenistan, Hulk of maslakhata for mass media on the most important questions of domestic and foreign policy, assessment of social and political and other events of interstate, regional and international nature.

5. According to the tasks assigned to it "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara".

provides collection of official and other domestic and foreign information and its distribution in accordance with the established procedure in Turkmenistan and abroad;

creates, will reorganize and liquidates in Turkmenistan and abroad own information centers, departments and correspondent offices;

performs international backgrounds concerning collection and distribution of all types of information, studies work experience of news agencies abroad;

freely obtains information, necessary for preparation of publications, from state bodies, public organizations and associations and their officials;

concludes with the foreign agencies and other bodies of mass information of the agreement on provision or acquisition of all types of information on terms of the exchange or on commercial terms;

prepares and distributes in Turkmenistan and abroad information bulletins, collections, bulletins and another printing, computer and photoproducts;

for the purpose of additional material work incentives of the workers uses the means arriving from independently published printed materials.

6. "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara" the Chairman assigned and dismissed by the President of Turkmenistan heads. The chairman bears the personal responsibility before the President of Turkmenistan for execution of the obligations.

The chairman has two deputies assigned and dismissed by the President of Turkmenistan.

7. The chairman "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara":

publishes and checks execution of the orders, orders, instructions by all divisions of Service;

approves states, establishes official pay rates to employees of Service and own correspondents on places within the available funds for compensation according to the current legislation;

performs on contractual basis acceptance of workers for work;

determines information policy of Service according to Item of 1 this provision, its current and perspective tasks, considers questions of financial and economic activities, matching and placement of personnel, hears reports of employees of Service and makes on them relevant decisions.

8. "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara" is legal entity, has seal with the image of the State Emblem of Turkmenistan and with the name.

9. Reorganization or liquidation "The Turkmen dovlt habarlara" is performed according to the decision of the President of Turkmenistan.


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