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The declaration on the international obligations of neutral Turkmenistan in the field of human rights


realizing all completeness of responsibility on providing and the protection of basic rights and human freedoms following from the international acknowledged status of permanent neutrality;

based on the Constitution and the universally recognized norms of international law;

confirming the commitment to the purposes and the principles of the Charter of the UN and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;

proceeding from the fundamental thesis that the person is the supreme value of society;

considering that observance of international standards in the field of human rights promotes deepening of democratic transformations, the economic and social growth, strengthening of legality and law and order;

aiming at effective implementation of the international obligations on protection of basic rights and human freedoms;

considering the traditions of friendship, respect for customs, culture, cultural wealth of other people which historically developed at the Turkmen people;

proclaims this Declaration and declares that observance of human rights and freedoms is basis of justice and the world.

Turkmenistan provides to each person of the right and freedom, enshrined in the Constitution, the laws and the universally recognized norms of international law, without some was distinctions, as concerning race, floor, language, religion, the residence, political and other convictions, national or social origin, property, official or other status.

Human rights in Turkmenistan are inviolable, inaliennable, are guaranteed by the state and protected by the law. Nobody can be deprived of any rights and freedoms or is limited in the rights differently as according to the Constitution and the laws.

All people are equal in Turkmenistan before the law and have the right, without any distinction, to equal protection of the law. All people have the right to equal protection against any discrimination infringing their rights.

Each person has the right to recovery in the rights by competent state bodies in cases of violation of its rights provided by the Constitution and the laws uses equal access to effective remedies of legal protection.

Turkmenistan provides the political, economic, legal and other conditions necessary for complete realization of human rights and freedoms, promotes free development of the personality.

For this purpose in Turkmenistan the system of democratic institutes and procedures of free declaration of will of citizens is created, equal existence of different patterns of ownership and economic activity is provided, the national legal system conforming to international standards in the field of human rights is created.

Turkmenistan fulfills the obligations in the field of human rights following from international treaties which participant he is. Turkmenistan makes necessary efforts for settlement of the relations with other states on the questions concerning respect for human rights including by the conclusion of bilateral and multi-lateral agreements and agreements.

Turkmenistan will regularly take part in discussion of problems of human rights and freedoms at the international level.

Turkmenistan guarantees exact and steady observance of provisions of this Declaration and considers it as basis of consecutive democratization of society and state.

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