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in Ministry of Justice

Russian Federation

On June 23, 2008 No. 11864


of June 2, 2008 No. 33

About production and turnover of fowl

(as amended on on December 4, 2008)

I, the Chief state health officer of the Russian Federation G. G. Onishchenko, having analyzed information on production and turnover of fowl, I note.

As the measures reducing obsemenennost microorganisms of bird in case of its processing the water containing free chlorine and the connections (hypochlorite of sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloric lime, dioxide of chlorine, dikhlorizotsianurata of sodium and potassium) emitting it is applied. Content of free chlorine in water which is used for chilling of bird constitutes up to 50 mg/dm3. For antibacterial processing of fowl use of different organic acids is also recommended (peroxyacetic, dairy, acetic).

Use of chlorine in water for chilling of fowl leads to accumulating on surface and in the thickness of fowl of by-products of oxidizing activities of free chlorine, first of all the organochlorine connections (chlorphenols, chloroamines, trigalometan and others) constituting health hazard of the person.

Also cases of identification of artificial addition of water for increase in mass of products from fowl became frequent that is violation of the law in the field of protection of the rights of the consumer, and also increases risks of microbic and chemical pollution of fowl and reduces its nutrition value.

Over the last 5 years the specific weight of fowl and the poultry-farming products which are not meeting hygienic requirements for microbiological indicators increased from % 4,33 in 2003 to % 4,69 in 2007.

In 2007 the specific weight of tests of fowl and the poultry-farming products inappropriate to hygienic standard rates on microbiological indicators, made from % 3,8 in Central Federal District to % 7,6 in the Northwestern Federal District.

The greatest specific weight of tests of fowl and the poultry-farming products which are not corresponding to hygienic standard rates on microbiological indicators in 2007 was registered in the following territories: Kaluga region (% 11,26), Arkhangelsk region (% 10,61), Vologda region (% 15,14), Republic of Adygea (% 11,56), Udmurt Republic (% 13,02), Republic of Khakassia (% 22,15), Tomsk region (% 12,38), Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) (% 10,84).

In 2007 Rospotrebnadzor takes out 21990 instructions about the realization termination (2006 - 9838) fowl and poultry-farming products in amount 551 tons (2006 - 252 tons), including the imported 1827 batches (2006 - 1322) in amount of the 66th ton (2006 of 48 tons).

Due to the above, for the purpose of strengthening of Gossanepidnadzor behind foodstuff and according to the Federal Law of 30.03.1999 N 52-FZ "About sanitary and epidemiologic wellbeing of the population" (The Russian Federation Code, 1999, N 14, Art. 1650; 2002, N 1 (h 1), Art. 2; 2003, N 2, Art. 167; N 27 (h.

1), Art. 2700; 2004, N 35, Art. 3607; 205, N 19, Art. 1752; 2006, N 1, the Art. 10) and the Federal Law of 01.01.2000 N 29-FZ "About quality and safety of foodstuff" (The Russian Federation Code, 2000, N 2, Art. 150; 2002, N 1 (h 1), Art. 2; 2003, N 2, Art. 167, N 27 (h 1), Art. 2700; 2004, N 35, Art. 3607; 2005, N 19, Art. 1752, N 50, Art. 5242; N 1, the Art. 10, N 14, the Art. 1458) I decide 2006,:

1. To legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, engaged production and turnover of fowl and poultry-farming products, and also import to the territory of the Russian Federation of import fowl and poultry-farming products:

1.1. Exclude from 01.01.2010 use for processing of carcasses of bird of the solutions containing chlorine is higher than the requirements established in the SanPiN "Drinking water. Hygienic requirements to quality of water of centralized systems of drinking water supply. Quality control" (N 3011) is registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation 31.10.2001;

1.2. Take measures for non-admission of content of mass fraction of the liquid which is separated when defrosting fowl, more than 4%.

2. To Departments of Rospotrebnadzor for subjects of the Russian Federation and for rail transport to strengthen supervision of production and turnover of bird and poultry-farming products and to report on the done work till 01.03.2009.

3. Centers of Hygiene and Epidemiology Federal State Healthcare Institution in subjects of the Russian Federation to take measures for carrying out laboratory researches of mass fraction of the liquid which is separated when defrosting carcasses of bird and their parts;

4. To impose control of execution of this resolution on the Deputy Chief state health officer of the Russian Federation L. P. Gulchenko.


G. G. Onishchenko

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