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of December 7, 2004 No. 799-IIG

About preserving and development of the Azerbaijani carpet art

This Law governs the relations arising in connection with preserving, studying of the Azerbaijani carpets weaved during history of Azerbaijan and which by manual method are weaved now by national handymen, masters, artists, promotion and development of carpet art.

Article 1. Indicators of the Azerbaijani carpet

1.1. The Azerbaijani carpet is material and spiritual wealth of the Azerbaijani people, being result of intellectual activities, the Azerbaijani carpet reflects esthetic outlook, art talent, originality and cultural identity of the people.

1.2. Main indicators of the Azerbaijani carpet following:

1.2.1. carpet type - carpet with pile and without pile;

1.2.2. schools of carpet art - Gubinsky, Shirvan, Derbent, Baku, Ganja, Gazakhsky, Borchalinsky, Geychaysky, Karabakh, Nakhchivan, Tabriz, Erdebilsky, Zandzhansky, Halkhalsky, Urmiysky, Kara Dag, Marandinsky, Maraginsky;

1.2.3. names of carpets - the names determined by the place where the carpet, to the sketch, composition, the drawing of carpet is weaved;

1.2.4. the sketch - the engineering design prepared by the artist on registration of composition and patterns of carpet who is provided to be weaved;

1.2.5. art features - composition (registration of patterns and paints), ornament (national patterns and its separate elements), color (shades of paints or the colourful decision).

Article 2. Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on preserving and development of the Azerbaijani carpet art
Article 3. Law scope

This Law extends to the carpets which are historically weaved by manual method in the historical territories of Azerbaijan and which are weaved now by national handymen, masters and artists.

Article 4. The state guarantees in the field of preserving and development of the Azerbaijani carpet art

4.1. In the field of preserving and development of the Azerbaijani carpet art the state guarantees the following:

4.1.1. acceptance and implementation of the State program on preserving and development of carpet art of Azerbaijan;

4.1.2. creation and maintaining register of the Azerbaijani carpets;

4.1.3. recovery by modern methods of unique Azerbaijani carpets and carpet products, in case of danger of their loss;

4.1.4. creation of conditions for return to the country of the unique Azerbaijani carpets stored in the museums of foreign countries;

4.1.5. preparation in educational institutions of personnel on carpet art;

4.1.6. coordination of research works and implementation of methodical actions for carpet art;

4.1.7. preparation of the catalog about the unique Azerbaijani carpets which are stored in the museums and personal collections within the country and abroad;

4.1.8. purchase of the high-quality and having great art value carpets;

4.1.9. recovery and revival of the forgotten traditions, art and technical methods of processing in the field of carpet art, storage of secret of composition of paints;

4.1.10. studying of methods of art and technical processing by national handymen on the basis of traditional sketches and selection of patterns and harmony of paints of carpets according to traditions of the region;

4.1.11. international cooperation with the purpose of legal protection of the Azerbaijani carpets in the territories of foreign states.

4.2. Municipalities, legal entities and physical persons can take part in implementation of actions for preserving and development of carpet art of Azerbaijan.

Article 5. Register of the Azerbaijani carpet

The register of the Azerbaijani carpet is constituted and kept by relevant organ of the executive authority for the purpose of creation of databank about types, schools, names, technology of weaving, composition of paints and art features of carpets.

Article 6. Promotion of the Azerbaijani carpet art

6.1. For the purpose of promotion of the Azerbaijani carpet art the following events are performed:

6.1.1. in the Azerbaijan Republic exhibitions, competitions, auctions will also abroad be organized and conditions for participation in such actions are created;

6.1.2. the traditional "Holiday of carpet" is spent;

6.1.3. in scientific publications, detailed data on features of the Azerbaijani carpet are given in mass media.

6.2. For the purpose of expansion of knowledge of the Azerbaijani carpet art and preserving traditional carpet art in general education and out-of-school educational institutions by relevant organ of the executive authority will be organized seminars and circles.

Article 7. Protection and certification of the Azerbaijani carpets

7.1. Protection of the Azerbaijani carpets is performed in the procedure established by the legislation.

7.2. On the Azerbaijani carpets (on edge) made in mass and individual procedure the word "Azerbaijan" and the name of school of carpet art are weaved.

7.3. For the purpose of establishment of compliance of the Azerbaijani carpets to models of folk art and art value, carpets will be certified according to the procedure, established by relevant organ of the executive authority.

Article 8. Economic measures in the field of preserving and development of the Azerbaijani carpet art

8.0. The state performs the following economic measures in the field of preserving and development of the Azerbaijani carpet art:

8.0.1. creation of favorable economic conditions for production and procurement of raw materials and the natural dyes used in carpet art;

8.0.2. implementation of target investment policy and issue of soft credits;

8.0.3. implementation of target customs policy in the field of import and export of carpets;

8.0.4. production organization of carpets, first of all, in the territories where traditions of national carpet art are widespread;

8.0.5. organization of sale of the Azerbaijani carpets abroad.

Article 9. International cooperation

International cooperation in the field of preserving and development of the Azerbaijani carpet art is performed on the basis of the international treaties recognized by the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 10. Responsibility for violation of the Law

The physical persons and legal entities guilty of violation of this Law bear responsibility according to the procedure, established by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Article 11. The introduction of the Law in force

This Law becomes effective from the date of publication.



Azerbaijan Republic Ilham ALIYEV

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