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of April 1, 2008 No. 172

About approval of Rules of accounting of the road accidents in the Republic of Tajikistan

According to article 9 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About traffic" and for the purpose of creation of single system of databank of the road accidents and their effects in the Republic of Tajikistan the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Approve the enclosed Rules of accounting of the road accidents in the Republic of Tajikistan.

2. To provide to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan control over the implementation of requirements of these rules.


Prime Minister

Republic of Tajikistan Emomalii Rahmon

Approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of April 1, 2008 No. 172

Rules of accounting of the road accidents

I. General provisions

1. These rules establish single accounting treatment for the road accidents (in further road accident) and are obligatory for accomplishment in all territory of the Republic of Tajikistan.

2. Accounting is performed for assessment of condition of accident rate, the analysis of the reasons and conditions of their origin and acceptance, effective measures to elimination of these reasons and conditions.

3. Account of road accident is kept:

- law-enforcement bodies;

- the companies and the organizations, the ministries (departments), and other organizations it is not dependent on their pattern of ownership, having vehicles;

- road and utility organizations.

Treatment and prevention facilities of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Tajikistan, other ministries and departments record victims in case of road accident.

4. The road accidents with participation at least of one vehicle which is in movement, the entailed death or bodily harms of people, or damages of vehicles, loads, roads, road and other constructions or other property are subject to accounting.

The state statistical reporting joins data of law-enforcement bodies on the road accidents made on the roads which entailed death or bodily harms of average degree of people.


1. Cars, motorcycles, motor scooters, microcars and other motorized vehicles with engine capacity more than 50 cm 3, and also trams, trolleybuses, tractors and other self-propelled mechanisms, animal traction belong to vehicles (except for pack and riding animals).

2. The death toll in case of road accident, joins the people who died of wounds on site of road accident or within 7 days from the moment of incident.

3. The number of wounded in case of road accident, joins people who received heavy or bodily harms of average degree.

4. Any street used for movement, the road, the lane, etc. on all width belongs to roads (including sidewalks, roadsides and lane lines).

5. Types of the road accidents and their definitions are given in appendix to these rules.

6. The state statistical reporting does not join data on road accident, committed:

- in the fenced and protected territories of the companies, organizations, airfields, military units and other objects with gating system of entrance and departure, on sections of the roads equipped with barrier and also in places, unforeseen for movement of vehicles;

- during sporting events - (competitions, trainings, etc.) when drivers-athletes, judges, other personnel servicing sporting events, or citizens suffered.

7. Are not subject to road accident accounting:

- incidents with cars, tractors, other self-propelled machines and mechanisms in case of accomplishment of the main production operations by them for which they are intended (plowed land, laying of trenches, stacking, cleaning of agricultural products on fields, logging, handling works performed by means of truck cranes or dump truck method, installation of masts, support, etc.);

- the incidents which resulted from the intentional actions directed to deprivation of life or damnification to human health or their property;

- the incidents which were consequence of attempt of the victim to commit suicide;

- the incidents which resulted from natural disasters (collapses, rockfall, hurricane, descent of avalanches, flood, earthquake, etc.);

- the incidents which resulted from violation of safe engineering and service regulations of vehicles in the absence of the driver at wheel (engine start by means of hand crank or engine firing by the included transfer, in case of hitch declutching of vehicles with trail car, tractor sledge and agricultural tools, etc.);

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