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of February 27, 2007 No. 255-IIIG

About horse breeding

(The last edition from 13-06-2017)

This Law establishes the economic and legal basis of the organization and management of horse breeding in the Azerbaijan Republic, governs the relations between subjects of horse breeding.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Basic concepts

1.0. The basic concepts used in this Law have the following values:

1.0.1. horse breeding - the agricultural activities connected with cultivation, reproduction, content and use of horses;

1.0.2. horse-breeding farms - the legal entities and physical persons which are engaged in cultivation, content, use of horses, enhancement of quality and testing of breeding breeds of horses;

1.0.3. breeding horses - group of the horses having identical origin, descending genetic signs and differing on these signs from other horses;

1.0.4. thoroughbred breeds of horses - the horses of one breed who do not have the impurity with other breeds divorced in purity;

1.0.5. factory breeds of horses - the breeds of horses divorced at the horse-breeding plants having breeding kernel;

1.0.6. breeding horses are horses with the known origin, suitable for reproduction and improved breed which are registered in the State Herdbook and have the passport (certificate);

1.0.7. breeding kernel of breeds of horses the - the improved, breeding part of breed of horse having more valuable gene pool, grouped in one or several horse-breeding farms;

1.0.8. national breeds of horses - the created in Azerbaijan by national selection, divorced and widespread countries of horse of the Karabakh and Dilbozsky breed in certain regions with the known origin;

1.0.9. local horses are horses of the disappeared breed, with unknown origin and adapted to local conditions.

Article 2. Legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on horse breeding

The legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic on horse breeding consists of the Laws of the Azerbaijan Republic "About breeding case", "About selection achievements", "About physical culture and sport", this Law and other regulatory legal acts adopted according to them.

Article 3. Purpose of the legislation on horse breeding

The purpose of the legislation on horse breeding - improvement of breeding case in horse breeding, preserving breeding kernel of national breeds of horses and breed of the horses entering the international gene pool, and also achievement of development of horse breeding in Azerbaijan by creation of legal guarantee for cultivation and enhancement of breed of horses with high qualities and valuable hereditary characteristics.

Article 4. Objects and subjects of horse breeding

4.1. Objects of horse breeding are the horses divorced in farms, their seed plants, germs, embryos, stables, rooms, constructions, machines and the equipment, horse-breeding accessories, and also land grounds, pastures and pastures.

4.2. Subjects of horse breeding are the legal entities and physical persons which are engaged in cultivation, reproduction, content and use of horses, and also the production and servicing organizations, the public associations participating in horse-breeding activities, relevant organs of the executive authority and municipalities.

Chapter II. State regulation of horse breeding

Article 5. The directions of state policy in the field of horse breeding

The main directions of state policy in the field of horse breeding are preserving, enhancement of gene pool of national and international breeds of horses, their cultivation, stimulation of attraction of foreign and local investments in the field of horse breeding and business activity in the field, creation of favorable opportunities for implementation of scientific achievements, the progressive equipment and technology for horse breeding development.

Article 6. Tasks of the state in the field of horse breeding

6.1. Tasks of the state in the field of horse breeding, performed by relevant organ of the executive authority, are:

6.1.1. carrying out single state policy in the field of horse breeding, as livestock production component;

6.1.2. development and deployment of the selection and breeding programs connected with horse breeding development;

6.1.3. development and adoption of regulatory legal acts and the specifications and technical documentation about horse breeding, including on cultivation, content and use of the horses determining specific objectives by horse-breeding farms;

6.1.4. support and stimulation of development of horse breeding by the state;

6.1.5. financing of the research works, programs and other actions relating to tasks of the state in the field of horse breeding;

6.1.6. maintaining the State Register of breeding horses, preparation and issue of passports (certificates) of breeds of horses;

6.1.7. it is excluded

6.1.8. implementation of international cooperation and the state control in the field of horse breeding;

6.1.9. other tasks, stipulated by the legislation.

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