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in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

January 25, 2008.

No. 56/14747


of November 19, 2007 No. 162

About approval of General provisions of safety of nuclear power plants

(as amended of the Order of the State committee of nuclear regulation of Ukraine of 20.09.2011 No. 133)

According to article 22 of the Law of Ukraine "About use of nuclear energy and radiation safety" and for the purpose of enhancement of regulatory framework of Ukraine on regulation of nuclear and radiation safety of nuclear power plants of PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve General provisions of safety of nuclear power plants (are applied).

2. This order becomes effective since April 1, 2008.

3. (Demchuk O. S.) to provide to department of assessment of safety of nuclear installations state registration of this order in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

4. In a month after state registration to provide to the state scientific and technological center on nuclear and radiation safety (Vasilchenko V. M.) replication and bringing to data of the interested organizations of information on entry into force of new edition of General provisions of safety of nuclear power plants.

5. (Demchuk O. S.) to provide to the state inspectorates for nuclear safety on nuclear power plants together with Department of assessment of safety of nuclear installations control of development, approval of Gosatomregulirovaniya and implementation of necessary organizational and technical actions for implementation of requirements of the specified General provisions with the operating power units EXPERTS.

6. Declare invalid the order of Public administration of nuclear regulation of Ukraine of 09.12.99 N 63 "About approval of General provisions of safety of nuclear power plants", registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine 06.03.2000 for N 132/4353.

7. I reserve control over the implementation of the order.


Chairman O. A. Mikolaychuk

Approved by the Order of the State committee of nuclear regulation of Ukraine of November 19, 2007 No. 162

General provisions of safety of nuclear power plants

I. General provisions

1.1. These General provisions establish requirements and criteria of safety of nuclear power plants, and also the main technical and organizational actions directed to their realization, protection of personnel of nuclear power plants, the population and the surrounding environment from possible radiative effects. The amount and completeness of realization of these actions shall be determined by the regulations, rules and standards on nuclear and radiation safety existing in Ukraine.

1.2. General provisions of safety of nuclear power plants (further - General provisions) are based on requirements of the legislation of Ukraine, consider recommendations of International Atomic Energy Agency and the international group of advisers for safety of nuclear installations at International Atomic Energy Agency, and also domestic and foreign experience of safe operation of nuclear power plants.

1.3. General provisions are obligatory for all legal entities and physical persons which are performing or going to perform the activities connected with placement, design, construction, commissioning, operation, removal from operation of nuclear power plants, and also with designing, production and delivery of elements for them.

1.4. General provisions do not extend to the systems of the treatment of the fulfilled nuclear fuel located out of the reactor building, and system of the treatment of radioactive waste which do not enter directly production cycle of nuclear power plant and also on objects which are in the territory of the platform of nuclear power plant and do not enter its project.

1.5. Entry into force of General provisions does not involve cancellation or change of effective periods of the licenses and permissions which are earlier issued to Gosatomregulirovaniya.

1.6. Amounts and terms of implementation of requirements of General provisions of rather operating power units of nuclear power plants and power units of nuclear power plants which are under construction, proved by the operating organization and are approved by Gosatomregulirovaniya. For power units of nuclear power plants which projects at the time of enforcement of General provisions are not approved in accordance with the established procedure requirements of General provisions shall be fulfilled in full.

1.7. In case of departure from requirements of regulations, rules and standards for nuclear and radiation safety which are approved by Gosatomregulirovaniya of Ukraine the operating organization performs their approval of Gosatomregulirovaniya.

II. Main terms, determinations and reducings

In General provisions the following reducings are used:

The EXPERT - nuclear power plant;

ACKPC - is automated the control system behind radiation condition;

BV - cooling pond of the fulfilled nuclear fuel;

BShchU - block control panel;

VAO NPP - the world association of operators of nuclear power plants;

III - source of ionizing radiation;

EO - the operating organization;

OAB - the report on the analysis of safety;

OPPB - the report on periodic revaluation of safety;

SILT - the instruction from accident liquidation;

IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency;

MGSYaB - International group of advisers at IAEA on safety of nuclear installations;

UTTs - the educational and training center;

ON - the software;

PUS - the management program aging;

Russian joint stock company - radioactive waste;

RU - reactor installation;

RShchU - reserve control panel.

In these General provisions terms and determinations are used in the following values:

2.1. Emergency - the condition of AS which is characterized by violation of limits and/or conditions of safe operation which did not turn into accident.

2.2. Accident - breakdown of service of AS in case of which there was exit of radioactive materials and/or ionizing radiation in the quantity exceeding the limits of safe operation determined by the project. Accident is characterized by initial event, ways of course and effects.

2.3. Administration of AS - heads and other officials of AS who are given in accordance with the established procedure the rights and to whom obligations and responsibility for safety are assigned during construction, commissioning, operation and removal from operation of AS.

2.4. Active zone - part of RU in which nuclear fuel, the decelerator, absorber, the heat carrier, means of influence on reactivity and the elements of designs intended for implementation of the managed chain reaction of division and transmission of energy to the heat carrier are placed.

2.5. Active system (element) - system (element) which functioning depends on other system (element).

2.6. Nuclear power plant - the production and technology complex designed for energy production with use of nuclear installation (installations), located within the territory determined by the project and staffed by necessary personnel.

2.7. Safety of AS - property not to exceed the set limits of radiative effects on personnel, the population and the surrounding environment in case of normal operation of AS, violations of normal operation and project accidents, and also to limit radiative effects in case of off-project accidents.

2.8. Biological protection - the physical barrier intended for decrease in impact from ionizing radiation.

2.9. Block control panel - part of the power unit EXPERT which is located in the rooms which are specially provided by the project and is intended for centralized management of engineering procedures.

2.10. Construction - full range of activities for construction of AS.

2.11. Severe accident - off-project accident in case of which there is heavy damage of active zone.

2.12. Heavy damage of active zone - damage in case of which the maximum project limit of damage of the fuel elements is exceeded.

2.13. Validation - the process directed to confirmation by objective proofs that the end product (product or service) conforms to the established requirements.

2.14. Commissioning - process during which systems and elements of the power unit EXPERT begin to function and which includes precommissioning adjustment work, physical and energy start-up, trial operation. Process of acceptance of AS in commercial operation comes to the end.

2.15. Verification - the process directed to confirmation of conformity of service quality or operational parameters of product to necessary characteristics.

2.16. Initial (initial) event - violation of work (refusal) of system (element) of AS or human error, and also external or internal impacts which lead to violation of normal operation, or limits and/or conditions of safe operation. The initial event includes all dependent refusals which are its consequence.

2.17. Refusal which does not come to light - failure of the system (element) which is not shown at the time of the origin in case of normal operation and does not come to light the provided control facilities according to regulations of maintenance, testing and examinations.

2.18. Refusals for the general reasons - the refusals of designs, systems and elements arising owing to the same reason which includes human errors, internal and external impacts.

2.19. Internal self-security of reactor installation - property to ensure safety on the basis of natural feedback and processes.

2.20. Internal impacts - the impacts arising on object (power unit) owing to the fires, floodings, high-energy impacts (shock waves, the flying objects, hlest pipelines, impact of flows, etc.) and changes of parameters of the circle (pressure, temperature, chemical activity, etc.).

2.21. Hermetic barrier reactor ustanovkisovokupnost of elements of the building and other constructions protecting space around reactor installation and systems which work under pressure of the first contour and interfere with distribution of radioactive materials to the surrounding environment in the quantity exceeding the set limits.

2.22. Protection in depth - set of consecutive physical barriers on the way of distribution of radioactive materials and ionizing radiation in total with technical funds and organizational actions which are allocated for non-admission of variation from normal service conditions, the prevention of accidents and restriction of their effects.

2.23. Limiting emergency emission - emergency emission of radioactive materials in case of accident in case of which on border of the sanitary protection zone of AS the conditions requiring evacuation of the population are created.

2.24. The deterministic analysis of safety - the analysis of safety of the power unit in case of certain operational conditions, initial events, emergencies and ways of course of accident and comparison of its results to project limits.

2.25. Diagnostics - technical observation of systems (elements) for the purpose of determination and/or forecasting of possibility of accomplishment of the provided functions.

2.26. The reached level of science and technology - the complex of knowledge received as a result of scientific research, technology, project and design developments, confirmed with practical experience of application.

2.27. Operational limits - parameter value and characteristics of condition of systems (elements) and AS in general, established by the project for normal operation.

2.28. Operational personnel of AS - the personnel performing operation of AS.

2.29. Operation - the activities directed to achievement by safe method of the purpose for which AS, including work on capacities, start-up, stops, testing, maintenance, repairs, overloads of nuclear fuel, inspection was constructed during operation and other activities connected with it.

2.30. The operating organization - the legal entity performing the activities connected with the choice of the platform, designing, construction, commissioning, operation and removal from operation of AS. The operating organization bears responsibility for safety of AS and performs the activities based on the corresponding license.

2.31. Elements and designs - the equipment, devices, pipelines, cables, building constructions and other products providing accomplishment of the set functions independently or as a part of systems.


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