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of December 29, 2007 No. 685

About additional terms of implementation of business activity

(as amended of the Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of 21.01.2016 No. 18)

For the purpose of creation of additional terms for formation of the commercial organizations by individual entrepreneurs:

1. Ceased to be valid according to the Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of 21.01.2016 No. 18

2. Make changes and addition to the Regulations on procedure for creation by individual entrepreneurs of the private unitary enterprise and its activities approved by the Presidential decree of the Republic of Belarus of June 28, 2007 No. 302 (The national register of legal acts of the Republic of Belarus, 2007, No. 159, 1/8700):

in Item 1 of the word "January 1, 2007." shall be replaced with words "on January 1, 2008";

in Item 2 part one:

in paragraph one of the word "November 10, 2007." shall be replaced with words "on March 1, 2008";

to exclude paragraphs of the third, fourth and seventh;

to consider paragraphs of the fifth, sixth, eighth respectively paragraphs the third or fifth;

add Item after part one with parts two and third the following content:

"For state registration of the unitary enterprises which location is supposed in premises according to Item 5 of this provision the document confirming the property right (the right to the left property) on premises of the physical person - the owner of property of the unitary enterprise, the statement for the consent of the owner (joint owner) of premises of private housing stock, and also all full age members of the family of the owner (joint owner) of premises living in premises on placement in such premises of this unitary enterprise is in addition submitted.

Before giving in registering body for state registration unitary before acceptance of the documents specified in part one of this Item, the individual entrepreneur shall approve its name with this body.";

second and third to consider parts respectively parts four and heel;

in part one of item 4 of the word "October 15, 2007." shall be replaced with words "on February 15, 2008";

from Item 6 part one the second offer to exclude;

in Item 9 of the word shall be replaced with words "the registration fee" "the state fee";

in part one of Item 11 of the word "thirty calendar" shall be replaced with words "fifteen workers".

3. To Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, regional executive committees and the Minsk Gorispolkom to take measures for implementation of this Decree.

4. This Decree becomes effective since January 1, 2008.

President of the Republic of Belarus

A. Lukashenko

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