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Agreement between the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on military cooperation

of October 14, 1997

The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

based on provisions of the Treaty of friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ukraine of January 20, 1994,

aiming to establish close cooperation in military area,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties perform cooperation in military area, based on the principles of equality and mutual advantage. Such cooperation includes cooperation between the central bodies, commands of types of armed forces and organizations of armed forces within their competence.

Article 2

The cooperation includes the following main directions:

construction of armed forces and management of them in peace time;

repair and operation of military equipment and arms;

material logistics of troops;

military education and retraining of military personnel;

military topography and military topogeodeziya;

military science, scientific research and scientific and design work;

humanitarian and cultural and educational activities in armed forces;

legal and social protection of the military personnel and members of their families;

health protection, sport, tourism and rest;

military and technical and military legal information;

environmental protection;

other directions by agreement of the Parties.

Article 3

The cooperation is performed in the following forms:

consultations, experience exchange and information;

negotiations of working groups;

training of military specialists in military educational institutions, on rates and by holding training;

mutual invitations to demonstration of military equipment, arms and doctrine of troops;

participation in festive, cultural and other events which are organized by the Parties or other military structures;

invitations of specialists in specific questions as consultants;

other forms by mutual consent of the Parties.

Article 4

Specific questions of cooperation in the directions specified in this Agreement can be displayed in protocols which are signed by representatives of the Ministries of Defence. For their preparation the Parties create working groups.

For the purpose of accomplishment of provisions of this agreement working groups constitute the plan of cooperation for the next year. The parties exchange offers, in the form of requests. Requests go to General staff of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan and to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine till October 15 annually.

The plan of cooperation contains the name of actions and tasks, the place and time of their carrying out, the number of participants, forms of implementation of actions and other questions.

The plan of cooperation is signed by persons authorized by Ministers of Defence in the territory of the state of each of the Parties in turn till December 1 annually.

Ministers of Defence and officials authorized by them have the right of correspondence on questions of cooperation.

Article 5

The Parties perform the financial calculations connected with the accomplishment of tasks provided by the plan of cooperation by the principle of reciprocity.

By agreement of the Parties more than 10 people can be part of delegations.

The sending party undertakes:

the transportation expenses connected with journey of delegation from the point of departure to the destination in the host state and return back;

the expenses connected with acceptance, the parking, protection, servicing and filling of military aircraft which transport;

providing the citizens (members of delegation and trainees) with means necessary for personal expenses;

insurance of the personnel upon diseases and accidents if it is not provided by the national legal system of the state of the host party;

the expenses connected with sending the patient to its country.

The host party undertakes:

the expenses connected with office transportations of delegations from the approved place in the territory of its state and their activities (charges, training) and also the expenses connected with accommodation, food of delegations, members of crews of military aircraft who transport also cultural actions which it will organize.

The financial expenses connected with preparation of military personnel and specialists will be performed on the basis of separate arrangements.

Article 6

The parties guarantee information security and the data received during bilateral contacts including confidential nature, and not use them to the detriment of interests of the Parties and also not present them to the third party without prior written consent of the Party which provided this information (data).

Information and data in oral and written form received during bilateral contacts remain agrees with the current legislation of the states of each of the Parties and do not intend for the publication in mass media.

Article 7

The parties by mutual consent can make changes and additions which are drawn up by the relevant protocols which are its integral part to this Agreement.

Article 8

In case of disputes, concerning interpretation and application of regulations of this agreement, the Party resolve them by consultations and negotiations.

Article 9

The agreement becomes effective from the moment of its signing. It consists for a period of five years. Its action is automatically prolonged for the next five years if not later than 6 months before the termination of the specified term any of the Parties in writing does not notify other Party on the intention to terminate this Agreement.

Each of the Parties can raise in writing question of early termination or termination of this Agreement which in that case will void in 6 months after receipt by other Party of the notice on such intention.

It is made in Almaty on October 14, 1997 in duplicate, everyone in the Kazakh, Ukrainian and Russian languages, at the same time all texts are authentic.

In case of disagreements in interpretation of provisions of this agreement the text in Russian is assumed as a basis.


For the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan

For the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine

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