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The document ceased to be valid since  December 15, 2020 according to the Order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Uzbekistan of December 4, 2020 No. 402

Are registered

Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

 On July 8, 1997 No. 354

Approved by the Main state inspectorate of the Republic of Uzbekistan for fire supervision of July 1, 1997 No. 29-1-541

Fire safety regulations for objects with mass stay of people

(as amended on 06-04-2015)

Are approved:

Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Uzbekistan


1. General requirements

1.1. General provisions

1.1.1 Ceased to be valid according to the Order registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 16.04.2015 No. 354-3

1.1.2. These rules establish general requirements of fire safety in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and are obligatory for execution by everything, the companies, organizations by the organizations (irrespective of patterns of ownership, type of activity and departmental Accessory) (further - organizations), their workers, and also citizens.

Persons guilty of abuse of regulations of fire safety bear responsibility according to the current legislation.

1.1.3. When ensuring fire safety along with these rules it is also necessary to be guided by the standards, construction regulations and rules, regulations of process design, industry and regional fire safety regulations and other regulating documents approved in accordance with the established procedure regulating requirements of fire safety.

Industry and regional fire safety regulations, and also other regulating documents approved in accordance with the established procedure in the field of fire safety shall not reduce requirements of these rules.

1.1.4. On each object (**) safety of people in case of the fire shall be ensured, and also instructions about measures of fire safety are developed for each building, construction, the fire-dangerous site according to the annex No. 1.

** object - the territory, the company, the building, construction, the room, outside installation, warehouse, the open area, engineering procedure, the equipment.

1.1.5. All employees of organizations shall be allowed to work only after passing of fire-proof instructing, and in case of change of specifics of work to undergo additional training in the prevention and suppression of the possible fires according to the procedure established by the head.

1.1.6. The separate territories of buildings, constructions, rooms, workshops, sites, processing equipment and processes, the engineering equipment, power supply networks, etc., responsible for fire safety, the director determines.

1.1.7. The personal responsibility for ensuring fire safety of the companies and their structural divisions according to the current legislation is assigned to their heads.

Responsibility for fire safety of organizations of private property (individual apartment houses, dachas, garden lodges, garages, outdoor constructions, etc.) is born by their owners, and in case of lease of buildings, constructions, rooms, installations if it is not stipulated in the agreement lessees.

1.1.8. For employees engagement and pupils of organizations to work on the prevention and fire-fighting voluntary fire teams, teams of young firefighters and the fire and technical commissions, according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 243 of June 29, 1995 are created.

1.2. Organizational actions for ensuring fire safety

1.2.1. In all office, factory, store and auxiliary buildings and rooms on foregrounds plates with indication of phone number of challenge of fire protection shall be hung out.

1.2.2. In each organization the fire prevention regime corresponding to their fire risk shall be set by the order (instruction), including:

- smoking areas are determined and equipped:

- places and admissible amount of the combustible materials and substances which are one-timely in rooms are determined:

- the procedure for cleaning of combustible waste and dust, storage of overalls is established:

- the procedure for de-energization of electric equipment in case of fire and upon termination of the working day is determined:

- are regulated: procedure and time of carrying out temporary hot and other fire-dangerous works:

- inspection routine and closings of rooms after completion of work:

actions of workers in case of fire detection:

- the procedure and terms of passing of fire-proof instructing and classes in fire technically minimum is determined, and also are appointed responsible for their carrying out.

1.2.3. In buildings and constructions (except apartment houses), in case of one-time stay on the floor more than 10 people shall be developed and on foregrounds plans (schemes) of evacuation of people in case of fire are hung out, and also the system (installation) of the notification of people in case of the fire is provided.

The head of object with mass stay of people (50 people and more) in addition to the schematic plan of evacuation of people in case of the fire shall develop the instruction, the determining actions of personnel for safety of bystry evacuation of people according to which at least once a half-year shall is held practical trainings of all workers involved for evacuation.

For objects with night stay of people (kindergartens, boarding schools, hospitals i.t.p.) two options of actions shall be provided in the instruction: in day and at night.

1.2.4. Employees of organizations, and also citizens shall:

- observe on production, in workplace and in life of the requirement of fire safety of the standards, regulations and rules approved in accordance with the established procedure and also to observe and support fire prevention regime:

- carry out precautionary measures when using of gas devices, household devices, objects of household chemicals, work with flammable (LVZh) and combustible (GZh) liquids, other dangerous substances, materials and the equipment in the fire relation;

- in case of detection of the fire to report about it in fire protection and to take feasible measures to rescuing of people, property and liquidation of the fire.

1.2.5. Persons to whom holding actions with mass participation of people is entrusted (evenings, representations, discos, celebrations around New Year tree, representation, etc.) shall inspect carefully before their beginning rooms and will be convinced of their complete readiness in the fire-proof relation.

1.2.6. It is forbidden to use combustible gases for filling of balloons and other similar products.

1.3. Requirements of fire safety to the territories, buildings, constructions, rooms

1.3.1. Content of the territory. The territory of settlements and organizations, within fire-proof gaps between buildings, constructions, and also the sites adjacent to organizations, apartment houses, country and other constructions shall be cleared timely of combustible waste, garbage, Tazy, fallen leaves, dry grass, etc. Combustible waste, garbage, etc. should be collected on specially allocated platforms in containers or boxes, and then to export. Fire-proof gaps between buildings and constructions, it is not allowed to use under warehousing of materials, the equipment and container, for the parking of transport and construction (installation) of buildings and constructions. The roads, drives, entrances and passes to buildings, constructions, ground storages and water sources used for fire extinguishing approaches to stationary fire-escapes and fire stock shall be always free, contain in good repair, and to be in the winter cleared of snow and ice.

Or for other reasons interfering journey of fire tenders it is necessary to report about closing of roads or drives for their repair immediately in city or district divisions of fire protection and to expose indexes of the next detour on defective sections of roads. Temporary structures, stalls, booths, etc. shall be located from other buildings and constructions at distance at least 15 m (except cases when on other regulations the bigger fire-proof gap is required) or at fire-proof walls. Smoking in the territory of organizations, the places which except for are specially equipped for these purposes is forbidden. Cultivation of fires, burning of waste and container is not allowed in the limits set by regulations of designing of fire-proof gaps, but 50 m to buildings and constructions are not closer. Burning of waste and container in places, specially allotted for these purposes, shall be made in windless weather and under control of service personnel. The territories of organizations shall have the outside lighting sufficient for bystry finding of fire-proof water sources, outside fire-escapes, entrances to buildings and constructions. In the territory of apartment houses, housing and garden estates, public, office and civil buildings it is not allowed to leave on the open areas and in the yards container about LVZh and GZh, and also cylinders with the compressed and liquefied gases. The territory of summer children's dachas, the children's recreation camps located in arrays of the woods shall have the protective mineralized strip at least 3 m wide on perimeter. Rural settlements, gardening partnerships and country building cooperatives with the number of sites no more than 300 for the purposes of fire extinguishing shall have figurative fire motor-pump, with the number of sites from 300 to 1000 - trailing fire motor-pump, and with the number of sites over 1000 - the fire truck.

The rest houses and other improving organizations located in the rural zone at the distance exceeding 3000 meters to the next fire stations shall be provided with fire motor-pump or adapted (re-equiped) for the purposes of fire extinguishing equipment and the fire equipment. In the territory of settlements and organizations it is not allowed to arrange dumps of combustible waste.

1.3.2. Content of buildings, constructions, rooms. Organizations shall be equipped with installations of automatic fire extinguishing and the automatic fire alarm (Appendix No. 3).


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