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of January 28, 1994 No. 36

About the national compulsory insurance of property of agricultural enterprises irrespective of patterns of ownership

(as of December 3, 2010)

Insurance of agricultural enterprises irrespective of patterns of ownership substantially depends on climatic conditions.

Severe losses in case of natural disasters and adverse weather climatic conditions infringe on interests in agricultural industry not only separate farms, and also certain regions and the republic in general.

The accumulated work experience showed benefit of compulsory insurance of property of agricultural enterprises on production of agricultural products in comparison with voluntary which on the essence is selective. In case of voluntary insurance the size of rates of payments in comparison with obligatory will increase, especially for agricultural enterprises which are located in zones of risk agriculture that will have an adverse effect on economy of these farms.

The economic condition of many agricultural enterprises of the republic does not allow to sign agreements on voluntary insurance of property.

The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Tajikistan decides:

1. Accept offers of the Tajik state insurance commercial organization, the Ministry of Agriculture and land reform of the Republic of Tajikistan on preserving in the territory of the republic of the national compulsory insurance of property of agricultural enterprises on production of agricultural products.

2. Determine that:

calculation of insurance payments is made proceeding from average productivity for the last five years and current prices per the area of cultures on the harvest eve of the current year;

cattle aged from 2 months, sheep and goats aged from 4 months, pigs - aged from 2 months, horses, camels, mules, donkeys aged from 6 - ti months - on death case (case, forced slaughter or destruction) as a result of natural disasters of infectious diseases, poisonings and the fire are subject to insurance. The animals who are written down in the state herdbook are insured on death case as a result of all types of diseases and poisonings, natural disasters, the fire, actions of electric current and other accidents. Also bird (in farms and on poultry farms) aged from the 1st month, fur animals and rabbits aged from 4 months and family of bees are subject to insurance;

privileges on the payments estimated by specific type of property for this year are provided to those agricultural enterprises to which on compulsory insurance of property compensation was not paid within three years - in the amount of 10 percent, four years - 20 percent, five and more years - 30 percent.

3. To pay seventy percent of the amount of reserve fund on the national compulsory insurance of property of agricultural enterprises irrespective of the pattern of ownership formed for all the time of activities of the Tajik state-owned insurance company "Tochiksugurta" for November 1, 2010 in the republican budget.

By results of 2010, since January 1, 2011, further the income from insurance premiums by this type of compulsory insurance less:

- commission fee of insurance agents in the amount of 5 percent,

- means for Fund of precautionary actions in the amount of 2 percent,

- insurance payments for actually occurred insured events to consider the income of the Tajik state-owned insurance company "Tochiksugurta",

70 percent of these means after deduction of taxes to send to the republican budget, to leave 30 percent in the Tajik state-owned insurance company "Tochiksugurta" on conducting case.

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