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The document ceased to be valid since  July 6, 2015 according to Item 1 of the Order of the CEO of the Uzbek agency "Uzkommunkhizmat" of June 26, 2015 No. 66 "About recognition voided Rules of provision of utilities to the population in the Republic of Uzbekistan"

It is registered

Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

of February 20, 1999 No. 648

Approved by the Ministry of public service of the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 30, 1999 No. 17 the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan of February 15, 1999

Rules of provision of utilities to the population in the Republic of Uzbekistan

It is approved

Committee on demonopolization and

to development of the competition in case of

Ministry of Finance

Republic of Uzbekistan

of August 6, 1998.


1. General provisions

1.1. Rules N461 "About Approval of the Concept of Deepening of Economic Reforms in System of Public Service of the Population" are developed in pursuance of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of November 3, 1998, govern the relations between the Contractor and the Consumer of services in heat supply, gas supply, water supply and the sewerage, act on all territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and are obligatory to execution.

1.2. Contractors of services are:

- the companies or organizations, in property, complete economic maintaining or operational management of which are housing stock and objects of engineering infrastructure and in obyazannost

and which provision to the Consumer of utilities enters;

- the companies and organizations authorized by the owner of housing stock to perform functions of the Contractor, - for the Consumers living in state (departmental, municipal and municipal) housing stock;

- the companies providing to the Consumer utilities for the consumers living in private individual housing stock;

- partnerships and other associations of homeowners which transfers the right of management of the apartment house, including the conclusion of service agreements, including providing with utilities, - for the consumers living in the housing stock which is in private (equity) property.

1.3. Consumer of services is the physical person using utilities for economic domestic needs based on the delivery agreement of utilities signed with the Contractor.

In apartment apartment houses on behalf of the Consumer of utilities the agreement is signed by the legal entity performing operation of housing stock (condominium, the housing and operational organization, etc.)

1.4. The delivery agreement of utilities shall contain the following conditions:

- F.I.O or consumer name and its location;

- address and details of the Contractor;

- rights, obligations and responsibility of the Consumer and Contractor;

- mode of provision of services and normative amounts of their consumption;

- quality and mode of provision of utilities;

- procedure and the amount of payment of the provided utilities;

- settlement period and terms of introduction of payments;

- conditions of breaks in the mode of delivery of utilities;

- procedure and terms of elimination of defects and accidents;

- procedure for change and agreement cancelation;

- duration of the agreement.

The agreement can join also other conditions by agreement of the parties which are not violating the rights of the Consumer and not contradicting the legislation.

1.5. The contractor shall be in permanent readiness for consumer service, except for temporary breaks.

Temporary breaks of delivery of utilities are established by the Contractor in coordination with khokimiyat according to heat operating with regulating documents, construction regulations and rules, instructions for use, gas, water supply and the sewerage, rules of technical operation, regulations on carrying out routine maintenance and overhaul repairs of systems, for carrying out repair and scheduled maintenance for the interheating period for systems of heating, in connection with natural disasters, and also the emergency situations independent of the Contractor and the resource supplying companies.

Time of breaks for carrying out scheduled and repair work is published in local press or the Consumer is warned about break of delivery of utilities in writing (announcements, etc.)

1.6. The contractor shall provide to the Consumer the services conforming on quality to mandatory requirements of standard rates and standards, health regulations and regulations and terms of the contract and also information on the services provided by the contractor.

Consumer properties and the mode of provision of services shall correspond to the established standard rates:

on heat supply - air temperature in premises on condition of accomplishment of actions for winterization of rooms according to existing rules and rules;

on cold water supply - to hygienic requirements on properties and composition of the pumped water, and also settlement consumption of water in analysis point;

on hot water supply - to hygienic requirements on structure, properties and temperature of heating of the pumped water, and also settlement consumption of water in analysis point;

on gas supply - to gas parameters according to the existing standard;

on the sewerage - removal of sewage;

1.7. The public authorities on places exercising control of safety for the consumer of services, having the right to specify parameters of consumer properties, the mode of provision of services and to establish the guaranteed quality level taking into account capacity, structure and depreciation of domestic fixed assets, climatic and other local conditions of the settlement. The Contractor notifies the Consumer on the made decisions and the corresponding adjustment of the amount of payment.

1.8. The contractor shall provide in available form information on these rules, the rendered services, rates for them, payment terms, the mode of provision of services, their consumer properties, availability of the certificates on services which are subject to certification.

2. Procedure for provision, use and payment of utilities

2.1. Services are provided to the citizens living in apartment houses of municipal, municipal and departmental fund according to the employment contract or leases, to the citizens living in private housing stock and also owners of premises in apartment apartment houses according to the contract for maintenance of premises, or the delivery agreement of utilities.

2.2. The structure of the services provided to the Consumer is determined by the Contractor according to extent of improvement of the apartment house or the apartment.

2.3. Use of services shall be performed on the basis and according to these rules and the agreement.

2.4. Control of correctness of use of services is exercised by the Contractor according to the agreement or the representative of the specialized enterprise having the admission right to installations warm, gazo-, water supply and the sewerage.

2.5. The amount of payment (rate) of services is established by Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, khokimiyats of areas and Tashkent.


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