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The document ceased to be valid since September 30, 2019 according to the Resolution of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan of September 26, 2019 No. 01-02/20-57

It is registered

Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

On November 9, 1999 No. 835

Approved by the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan of August 6, 1999

The instruction about procedure for application by customs authorities of special means

I. General provisions

This Instruction is developed according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 30, 1997 for N374 and determines procedure for use by staff of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, UGTK by the Republic of Karakalpakstan, areas, Tashkent, STK "Tashkent-aero" and Educational institutions (further - the State Customs Committee, UGTK) special means for the prevention and suppression of offenses, protection of the rights and legitimate interests of citizens.

1. Treat special means:

a) Individual protection equipment:

- helmets (steel army "Sphere");

- bullet-proof vests, pulezashchitny jackets;

- shock-proof boards.

b) Means of active defense:

- gas gun;

- Bird cherry-10 aerosol package;

- EShU electroconvulsive device;

- stick rubber special (PR-73);

- handcuffs (BR, BR-S);

- manual gas garnets ("Bird cherry-1", "Bird cherry-6");

- cartridges with gas garnets ("Bird cherry-4", "Bird cherry-7");

- carbine special ("KS-23").

c) Means of ensuring of special transactions:

- the device for forced stop of Ezh-M motor transport.

2. Special means are applied in exceptional cases when the used measures did not yield desirable results, for:

- suppression of break through customs border, the open movement contrary to direct prohibition which was present at the same time the employee of the customs authority exercising customs control;

- reflections of attack on the buildings, rooms, constructions, posts and vehicles belonging to customs authorities, and their release is equal;

- reflections of attack on customs officers;

- detentions of the offenders showing resistance to customs officers.

3. For illegal application of special means, guilty persons bear responsibility in accordance with the established procedure.

4. Issue and acceptance of means of active defense is made on permission of management of the State Customs Committee and UGTK under list in "The magazine of issue and acceptance of means of active defense".

Application of the special means which are not specified in Item 1 of this Instruction is strictly forbidden. In process of development of new special means this list can change and be supplemented in accordance with the established procedure.

II. Procedure for application of special means

5. Permission to equipment of office job specifications and portable groups special means gives:

5.1. Individual protection equipment, stick rubber, the electroconvulsive device, handcuffs, the gas gun and Bird cherry-10 aerosol package - the operations duty officer of the State Customs Committee and UGTK and its assistant.

5.2. Special carbine of "KS-23" and the cartridge with the gas Bird cherry-7 grenade, the manual gas Bird cherry-6 grenade, the device for forced stop of Ezh-M motor transport - management of the State Customs Committee and UGTK.

5.3. Gas Bird cherry-1 grenade and gas Bird cherry-4 grenade - Chairman of the State Customs Committee and chiefs of UGTK.

6. The decision on application of special means is made by the official responsible for specific transaction. The employee of customs authority acting individually makes such decision independently.

7. The type of special means and intensity of its application are determined taking into account the developing situation, nature of offense and the identity of the offender, and also tactical technical characteristics of special means (see Appendix).

8. Application of special carbine of "KS-23" with the gas grenade "Bird Cherry — 7" is made for shooting of the boss under approval:

8.1. With bodies of prosecutor's office if in places of the shelter of offenders there are strangers, including hostages.

8.2. With bodies of the State fire supervision if in places of the shelter of offenders are made or stored flammable or explosives.

9. In case of application of means of active defense and ensuring special transactions it is necessary to show restraint. Actions of customs officers shall be strictly proportional to the standing task and minimize possibility of drawing damage to health of citizens.

10. Means of active defense and ensuring special transactions, are applied after preliminary clear warning of persons, including in their native language against which these means will be used. The prevention can be made voice, and on condition of considerable distance or the address to big group of people - through loud-speaking installations, amplifiers of the speech, and in all cases at least two times with provision of sufficient time for response are repeated. In cases of explicit attack from offenders these means can be used without the prevention.

11. Means of active defense are forbidden to be applied:

- against juvenile persons, expectant mothers, citizens with children, disabled people (with strong indications of disability), except as specified attacks from their party, the employees and other citizens menacing to health, group or armed attack;

- in the rooms occupied by diplomatic persons or other representations of foreign states. These means can be applied at the request of the above-stated persons;

- in the rooms or productions connected with production, storage of explosive flammable substances.

The measures providing delivery of health care, to injured persons in the shortest possible time shall be provided in each case in case of application of special means. The customs officers applying means of active defense shall be trained in acceptances of first aid. Health workers shall be involved in cases of use of means of ensuring of special transactions.

12. After application of special means rooms, the area for the purpose of detection of the injured, possible centers of fire, damage of critical infrastructure, and also collection of not worked special means are examined. If necessary decontamination is carried out.

13. The customs officers who applied means of active defense and ensuring special transactions report the official report on management of the State Customs Committee or UGTK, informs prosecutor's office, local authorities with indication of: when, where against whom and under what circumstances they were applied.

III. Training of staff

14. Special means are applied by the staff of Customs Services who had the corresponding training.

In personal records of the customs officers who were trained the certificate of delivery of the corresponding offsettings is located.

Training of staff and training of specialists of customs authorities in use of individual protection equipment and active defense is performed in educational institutions of the State Customs Committee or UGTK, training centers and in system of office preparation. From trainees offsetting is accepted.


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