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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

of 23.02.2007 No. 241

Approved as Tadzhikstandart of February 16, 2007

Procedure for carrying out checking of measuring instruments

This Procedure is developed according to Articles 15, 20 Laws of the Republic of Tajikistan "About ensuring unity of measurements" and establishes requirements to the organization and procedure for carrying out checking and calibration of measuring instruments.

1. General provisions

1.1. Checking of measuring instruments - set of the transactions which are carried out by bodies of the Public metrological service (other authorized bodies, the organizations) for the purpose of determination and confirmation of conformity of measuring instruments to the established technical requirements.

1.2. The measuring instruments which are subject to the state metrological control and supervision are exposed to checking and calibration by bodies of the Public metrological service in case of release from production or repair, when importing on import and operation.

The standards of bodies of the Public metrological service, and also measuring instrument which are not calibrated by them are exposed to checking and calibration by the state scientific metrological centers of the CIS countries.

1.3. According to Tadzhikstandart's decision the right of checking and calibration of measuring instruments can be provided to accredited metrological services of legal entities. Activities of these metrological services are performed according to the current legislation and regulating documents on ensuring unity of measurements.

1.4. The calibrating activities performed by accredited metrological services of legal entities are controlled by bodies of the Public metrological service for the location of these legal entities.

1.5. Calibration of measuring instruments is performed by the physical person certified as the verificator according to the procedure, established by Tadzhikstandart.

1.6. Result of checking and calibration is confirmation of suitability of measuring instrument to application or recognition of measuring instrument unsuitable to application.

If the measuring instrument by results of checking acknowledged suitable for application, then on it and technical documentation is applied verification mark or "The certificate on checking" is granted.

The Certificates on Checking form is given in appendices 1 and 1a.

In case of the checking of standard and model measuring instruments which are turning on more than one autonomous measuring block in structure and allowing replacement in use of one block another issue of the certificate on checking on each block is obligatory.

Verification marks apply on measuring instruments in all cases when the design of measuring instruments does not interfere with it and conditions of their operation ensure safety of verification marks during all intertesting interval.

If features of design (or operating conditions) measuring instruments make impossible drawing on them verification marks, then verification marks apply on the certificate, the passport or the form of measuring instruments.

If the measuring instrument by results of checking acknowledged unsuitable to application, verification mark is extinguished, "The certificate on checking" is cancelled, written out "The notice on unfitness" or the corresponding entry in technical documentation is made.

The Notices on Unfitness form is given in appendix 2.

For the purpose of prevention of access to nodes of adjustment or to elements of design of measuring instruments, in the presence at measuring instruments of places of sealing, on measuring instruments it is established the seals bearing on themselves verification marks.

1.8. Responsibility for inadequate accomplishment of testing and calibrating works and non-compliance with requirements of the relevant regulating documents bears body of the Public metrological service or the legal entity whose metrological service performs testing and calibrating works.

1.9. In case of accomplishment of testing works with departure to the place of operation of measuring instruments executive bodies shall render to verificators assistance, including:

provide them the respective rooms;

provide them with the corresponding personnel and transport;

inform all owners and users of measuring instruments on time of checking and calibration.

2. Organization and procedure for carrying out checking

2.1. Measuring instruments subject to primary, periodic, extraordinary, inspection and expert checking and calibration.

2.2. Measuring instruments of the approved types in case of release from production and repair are subject to primary checking, when importing on import.

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