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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

of 16.04.2007 No. 258

Approved by the Order of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Republic of Tajikistan of March 28, 2007 No. 6

Rules of creation, giving and consideration of the request for registration of topology of integrated chip

These rules of creation, giving and consideration of the request for registration of topology of integrated chip (further - Rules) are published by National patent information center (further - Patent authority) the Republic of Tajikistan according to article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About legal protection of topology of integrated chips" (No. 218 of December 22, 2006).


List of reducings

Rules - Rules of creation, giving and consideration of the request for registration of topology of integrated chip.

Law - The law of the Republic of Tajikistan "About legal protection of topology of integrated chips".

Request - Request for registration of topology of integrated chip.

IMS - Integrated chip.

Topology - Topology of integrated chip.

Register - State register of topology of integrated chips of the Republic of Tajikistan.


Chapter I. Creation and application

1. Persons having the right to application

1. The author of topology, the physical person or legal entity which is the employer of the author (in the presence of the conditions provided by part one of article 11 of the Law), physical person or legal entity to which the author or the employer transferred on contractual basis the right to application, person who is the author's representative on other legal causes or to which it devolved (further - the applicant) has rights to application according to part one of article 13 of the Law.

2. Confirmation of the right to application by any document is not required.

2. Procedure of application

3. The application is submitted to Patent authority directly or goes by mail.

4. According to part two of article 13 of the Law the request moves in Patent authority the applicant or through his representative.

5. The physical persons who are constantly living outside the Republic of Tajikistan and foreign legal entities, or their representatives submit the application through the patent agents registered in Patent authority. If applicant is the citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan who is temporarily living beyond its limits, application is possible not through the patent agent provided that for correspondence the address within the Republic of Tajikistan is specified.

6. In compliance to happiness of third article 13 of the Law if use of topology took place, the application can be submitted in time, not exceeding two years from the date of the first use of this topology.

3. Structure of the request

7. The request shall belong to one topology.

8. According to part five of article 13 of the Law the request shall contain:

- the statement for issue of the certificate on topology with indication of the owner, and also the author if he did not refuse to be specified as that, their location (residence), date of the first use of topology if it took place;

- the deposited materials identifying topology including the paper;

- the document confirming payment of obligatory payment in the established size or the bases for exemption of obligatory payment, and also for reduction of its size;

- the power of attorney (in case of application through the representative).

The power of attorney on representation can be provided both in case of filing of application, and in the course of clerical work. If the power of attorney is issued addressed to several representatives of the applicant, then business on registration of topology on the request is run by any of them.

4. General requirements to registration of materials of the request

9. Documents of the request are submitted on Tajik or Russian. If documents are submitted in other language, their translation on Tajik or Russian is applied to them. The translation can be certified by both the applicant, and his representative.

10. Request materials (except for the paper) are represented in one copy.

The paper containing the data intended for the subsequent publication in the statement of Patent authority is submitted in duplicate.

11. All documents of the request are processed so that their direct reproduction in any number of copies was possible.

12. Documents of the request shall be printed on sheets of white paper of the A4 format (210 x 297 mm). Each document shall begin with the single sheet, and the second and the subsequent sheets are numbered by the Arab figures.

13. Each document sheet shall be used only on the one hand in book orientation, except as specified uses of photos and forms of the established form.

Sheets of documents of the request shall have the following minimum sizes of fields: the upper, left and lower, 20 mm, right - 10 mm.

14. The text of documents of the request is printed through interval 1,5 by font of black color with height of capital letters of at least 2,1 of mm.

15. Graphical representations of topological drawings are carried out on smooth white paper of the A4 format (210 x 297 mm). If the sizes of the drawing exceed the sizes stated above, then sheets are represented in folded form.

On each leaf of drawings the name of topology shall be specified and the signature of the applicant which is sealed if the applicant is legal entity shall contain.

16. Images in photos shall be contrast.

17. On all copies of drawings and photos the scale of images shall be specified.

5. Procedure for execution of the statement for issue of the certificate

18. The application is submitted in form 1, given in Appendix to these rules.

The columns located over the word "statement" are intended for introduction of details after receipt of the request in Patent authority and are not filled in with the applicant.

19. The filled-in application form shall contain all the necessary data in it concerning the registered topology. When data on some of columns of the statement are absent or the answer when filling this column is supposed negative, it is filled in by specifying of words in it "is absent" or "no".

20. The statement and amendment to it are signed by the applicant or his representative.

21. Filling of columns of the statement:

a) the information about all applicants is provided in column 1:


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