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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

February 2, 2005

No. 146/10426


of January 11, 2005 No. 2

About approval of Industrial safety rules during operation of bulk distribution lines for transportation of liquid ammonia (ammonia lines)

(The last edition from 01-10-2007)

According to the Law of Ukraine "About labor protection", the Regulations on the State committee of Ukraine on supervision of labor protection approved by the Presidential decree of Ukraine of January 16, 2003 No. 29, I ORDER:

1. Approve Industrial safety rules during operation of bulk distribution lines for transportation of liquid ammonia (ammonia lines) (dalee-Pravila) which are applied.

2. To management of the organization of the state supervision in oil and gas and chemical complexes (Gerasimenko Yu. M.) the tax Governed on state registration in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

3. To provide to chiefs of managements and departments of Committee, territorial administrations and inspections, the state inspectors of Gosnadzorokhrantrud of Ukraine systematic control of observance of requirements of Rules.

4. To management of normative and legal and legal providing (Kubiyevich M. V.) to include Rules in the State register of regulatory legal acts concerning labor protection and to place them on Gosnadzorokhrantrud's web page of Ukraine.

5. To the state company "Main Educational and Methodical Center of Gosnadzorokhrantrud of Ukraine" for Bazhenov O. K. consent to provide:

edition and distribution of Rules;

Corrected studying officials of bodies of Gosnadzorokhrantrud of Ukraine, central and local executive bodies, chemical productions during the next training and examination concerning labor protection.

6. To the editor-in-chief of the Labor protection magazine (Yakovenko M. G.) to publish this order in the future issue of the magazine.

7. To general department (Dengin A. P.) in week time after state registration by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to bring this order to permission central and local executive bodies, territorial administrations and the expert and technical centers of Gosnadzorokhrantrud of Ukraine.

8. To impose control of execution of this order on the vice-chairman of Committee Pletnev V. A.

Chairman of Committee
S. Storchak

Approved by Gosnadzorokhrantrud's Order of Ukraine of January 11, 2005 No. 2

  Industrial safety rules during operation of bulk distribution lines for transportation of liquid ammonia (ammonia lines)

1. General provisions

1.1. These Rules extend to all companies, organizations, the organizations irrespective of pattern of ownership, departmental accessory and types of activity performing transportation of liquid ammonia by the bulk distribution line (ammonia line), maintenance, carrying out repair work and reconstruction of its objects and also on all other legal entities who are carrying out certain work types on ammonia line objects (construction, expansion, reconstruction and so forth) including based on works agreements, sub contracting, (further - the companies).

1.2. Requirements of these Rules are obligatory for all workers under the organization and performance of works connected with operation, servicing, adjustment and repair of the main ammonia line and also during the designing and reconstruction of its objects, constructions, the equipment and so forth.

2. Reducings, determination of terms

2.1. Reducings:

Gas station - gas station;

The PCS - industrial control system;

GPS - the main post of sectioning;

ECP - electrochemical protection;

KIP - instrumentations;

KS - terminal station;

LChMA - linear part of the main ammonia line;

NANOSECOND - pumping point;

PUE - regulations for electrical installation;

RS - the distributing station;

Union of Right Forces - satellite post of sectioning;

CCC - special strakhovatelny means;

SUOT - management system labor protection;

The CCP - central control;

TsRB - the central repair base;

In these Rules the terms below are used in such value:

the main ammonia line is the technological complex functioning as single system and which the separate pipeline with all objects and constructions enters (underwater pipelines, main and relay pumping points, terminal station, distributing stations and other engineering constructions), related single engineering procedure, several pipelines which perform transit, interstate, interregional supply of liquid ammonia to consumers, by other pipelines designed and constructed according to departmental construction regulations for transportation of liquid ammonia and other legal acts on labor protection;

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