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It is registered

in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

August 7, 2007.

No. 902/14169


of July 4, 2007 No. 370

About approval of the Qualifier of distribution of injuries on severity

In pursuance of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 25, 2004 N1112 "Some Questions of Investigation and Accounting of Accidents, Occupational Diseases and Accidents on Production" (with changes) PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve the Qualifier of distribution of injuries on severity it (is applied).

2. To heads of bodies and institutions of health care irrespective of patterns of ownership and subordination:

2.1. Take in application the Qualifier of distribution of injuries on severity.

2.2. Exercise control of observance of the Qualifier of distribution of injuries on severity and use it in case of development of departmental regulating documents.

3. Consider the Scheme of determination of the weight of industrial injuries approved by the Ministry of Health of the USSR on September 22, 1980 which is not applied in the territory of Ukraine.

4. To the population of MZ of Ukraine of Zhdanova M. P. to provide to the deputy director of Department of the organization and development of medical care state registration of this order in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in accordance with the established procedure.

5. To impose control of execution of the order on the deputy minister of Bidny V. G.


Minister Yu. O. Gaydayev

Approved by the Order MZ of Ukraine of July 4, 2007 No. 370

The qualifier of distribution of injuries on severity

Determination of severity of the injuries got on production is carried out for the purpose of reference of accidents to it which entailed serious consequences, including with possible disability of the victim which according to the Procedure for investigation and accounting of accidents, occupational diseases and accidents on production approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 25, 2004 N1112 according to the decision of state supervision bodies behind labor protection are subject to special investigation.

1. The qualifying signs of weight of the injuries got as a result of labor accident (further - Injuries), are nature of the received injuries, the complications and consequences connected with these damages.

2. On severity of injury are distributed on 2 categories: heavy and easy.

3. Treat severe injuries:

3.1. On nature of the received injuries:

- the open getting craniocereberal injury;

- skull fracture;

- intra cranial injury of heavy and medium-weight severity;

- the wounds getting into gleam of throat, throat, trachea, gullet, and also damage of thyroid and vilochkovy glands;

- the getting backbone wounds;

- injury of vertebras of cervical department of backbone, including without dysfunction of spinal cord;

- unstable injuries of chest or lumbar vertebras;

- the closed injuries of spinal cord;

- the thorax wounds getting into pleural cavity, cavity of pericardium or cellulose of sredosteniye, in particular without internal injury;

- the stomach wounds getting into peritoneum cavity;

- the wounds getting into cavity of bladder or intestines;

- open wounds of bodies of zabryushny space (kidneys, adrenal glands, pancreas);

- gap of internal body of chest or abdominal cavity or cavity of basin, zabryushny space, diaphragm gaps, prostate gland gaps, gap of mochetochnik, gap of pereponochny part of urethra;

- changes of back half ring of basin with gap of bedreno-sacral joint and violation of continuity of pelvic ring or double changes of pelvic ring in forward and back parts with violation of its continuity;

- dislocations and perelomovyvikh of big joints of extremities;

- the closed and open fractures of long bones of extremities;

- multiple fractures of carpal and plusnevy bones;

- injury of big blood vessel: aortas, sleepy (general, internal, external), subclavial, humeral, femoral, popliteal arteries or veins accompanying them;

- thermal (chemical) burns of the IV degree with the area of defeat exceeding 1% of surface of body;

- burns of III degree with the area of defeat exceeding 10% of surface of body;

- burns of III degree of brush, foot, sites of big joints, necks, genitals with the area of defeat exceeding 1% of surface of body;

- burns of the II degree with the area of defeat exceeding 20% of surface of body;

- burns of airways with burns on the face and hair part of the head;

- electrothermal defeats (it is low - and high-voltage) with damage of skin and subfastsialny structures of body;

- freezing injuries of the III-IV degree, general chilling of organism;

- radiation defeats of average (12-20 Gr) and heavy (20 Gr more) severity;

- termination of pregnancy;

- damage of peripheral nervous system with functional violations;

- long disorders of health with temporary disability for 60 days and more;

- persistent disability (disability);

- injuries of organ of vision which are followed by sight violation.

3.2. Injuries which during the sharp period are followed:

- shock of any severity and any genesis;

- coma of various etiology;

- sharp heart or vascular failure, collapse, heavy extent of violation of brain blood circulation;

- sharp renal or liver failure;

- sharp respiratory insufficiency;

- disorder of regional and organ blood circulation which leads to heart attack of internals, gangrene of extremities, embolism (gas and fatty) vessels of brain, thrombembolia;

- sepsis.

3.3. Injuries which entailed serious consequences:

- loss of sight, hearing, speech;

- loss of any body or total loss of its function (at the same time equate loss of the part of extremity, most important in the functional relation (brushes or feet) to loss of hand or leg);

- mental disturbances;

- loss of reproductive capability;

- irreparably disfigured face.

4. Treat slight injuries:

- the damages which are not specified in item 3;

- disorders of health with temporary disability lasting up to 60 days.

5. The health workers providing to injured person first aid do not issue the conclusion about weight of damage. Determination of nature of further treatment of the victim (out-patient or stationary), and also ascertaining of lethal outcome is within their competence.

6. The medical certificate about severity of industrial injury is drawn on request of the employer and/or commission chairman on investigation of labor accident by the medical commissions of experts (MCE) of treatment-and-prophylactic institution where treatment of injured person till 1 days from the moment of receipt of request is performed.


Deputy director of Department

organizations and developments

medical care to M. P. Zhdanov's population


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